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Radiant Guy emailed me to tell me that my blog was mentioned in the new brownbook urban city guide on Kuwait. brownbook is an urban lifestyle magazine focusing on middle eastern lifestyle agendas, events and developments. The magazine is available internationally (even on Amazon) and the city guides should be available everywhere soon. This is what the article says about the blog:

This is a kind of strange selection for shopping, but when doing our research we found out that 248am.com offer an aerial perspective towards the shopping as well as the social development in Kuwait. With the blog constantly updated by Mark and Nat, a couple who are living in Kuwait offer an in depth perspective towards Kuwait.


The brownbook magazine is very stylish and trendy and the guide is also designed beautifully so its a really cool thing that I am in it. I am also the only blog in there. Here is a larger scan of my page from the guide. [Picture]

Thanks Radiant Guy!

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  1. radiant guy says:

    You are welcome :)
    Congrats :>

  2. Rakan says:

    Congrats Mark and Nat, ur blog will only get better. Well done :)

  3. lfc-q8 says:

    nice people nice blog :) congrats

  4. Salah says:

    Dude, good for you!

    I just really hope that you will start adding more pictures for the posts.

    Great job man.

  5. TripleM says:

    Nice…congratulations…just so happy for you guys

  6. FourMe says:

    Congrats, well deserved!

  7. rafiki says:

    Congratulations!!! Keep going!!!

  8. Amjad says:

    that’s actually kewl ;)

  9. note says:

    Too bad they don;t know the whole story

  10. Nand says:

    this is my favorite blog site!!!!

  11. M says:

    congratulations Mark and Nat.

  12. Explorer says:

    Good stuff Mark

  13. D says:

    Credit goes to your silent readers that recommended your blog to brownbook owners

  14. Hanoda says:

    HI congrats they are totaly right if I dont check your site when I`am travelling I feel I`am further away from home ,WELL DONE

  15. Z District says:

    Well done buddy well done!

  16. cajie says:

    Well deserved congrats.
    The book mentions Mark & Nat – and the blog would be even better if Nat posted at least once a year :)

  17. Khalid says:

    Good effort.
    A pity because the sentence could have been slighty better structured as it doesn’t read very easily. Why is there a gap in the word ‘well’? Also the last ‘Kuwait’ doesn’t have a capital K.

    See if they can change it.

    Anyway congrats, great blog!

  18. Atif says:

    in the 2nd line they domain name as 248.com ! ! !

  19. Atif says:

    in the 2nd line they mentioned* your* domain name as 248.com ! ! !

  20. Dear Mark – My name is Laila bin Shabib part of brownbook magazine

    I just wanted to say the brownbook team are all fans of your blog and keep up the good work.


  21. Pink Moon says:

    Where is the new urban city guide? Is it on sale yet?

  22. Abstract says:

    mabrook mark n nat!

  23. not yet, but you can order the guides at:

  24. pearls says:

    good job and keep it up

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