I’m off to Geneva

Post by Mark

In a few hours I’m heading to Geneva courtesy of the watchmaker Audemars Piguet. The local dealer is sending some of their customers to the main Audemars Piguet headquarters in Switzerland and I was lucky enough to be invited as well. I’m a huge AP fan and I’ve always wanted to visit the Vallée de Joux area (pictured above) where all the prestigious watchmakers are located so this trip should turn out to be amazing.

Once I get there I’ll be getting a local sim card so I could continue to post pictures on Instagram whenever I find anything interesting. As usual you could follow me by adding me on instagram, my username is mark248am or you can check out my pictures with your web browser by clicking [Here]

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  1. teenum says:

    you get a d800, then a mclaren to ride, now you are off to geneva? let me jinx your amazing life for you. :D have an amazing trip. take a lot of pics.

  2. Ahmed K. says:

    Wow, that’s amazing.. enjoy and good luck to you..

  3. BaderB says:

    Hey, Mark

    I happen to live there!! so if you need anything feel free to contact me :)

  4. LWDLIK says:

    Have a great time.

  5. BaderB says:

    sure thing!

    one place I always take my guests is a restaurant called “Le Corail Rose” 10 Rue de Montbrillant – 1201 which is behind the main geneva train station it’s famous for it’s all you can eat Shrimps with garlic sauce and fries all unlimited

    but for Swiss cuisine you should try
    “les armures”
    1, rue Puits-St-Pierre – 1204 Genève
    it’s in the old town which is definitively worth a visit

    if your after luxurious restaurants there is one called le chat botte in a 5 star hotel it serves french cuisine and has won Michelin star last year

    La perle du lac is famous for it’s fillet de perche ( fish lake)

    it’s on rue de lausanne 126

    it really depends on what you’re after. It is an international city so you’ll find all kinds of restaurants.

    • Mark says:

      i’ve never tried a Michelin star restaurant so if there is a trip to try one it’s this

      • BaderB says:

        it’s in a hotel called “beau rivage”
        the address is
        Quai du Mont-Blanc 13 1201 Geneva

        I hope you enjoy it.
        enjoy geneva !

        • Mark says:

          how convenient, thats my hotel!

          • Mark says:

            i wonder how much a room service burger costs at a hotel like this hmmm

            • BaderB says:

              Oh if you’re a burger fan you should try a sport bar called “the club house” it’s where you will find an English speaking community and it’s also really close to your hotel I think it’s safe to say most of the locals would agree that the have an exceptionally delicious burger menu.

  6. Marzouq says:

    You Bastard Guy! lol

  7. N19 says:

    MashAllah! Have fun!

  8. ! says:

    Hope u enjoy ur time over there ;) so which AP do u cuttently own?

  9. Blaise Braganza says:

    Mark you are one of the lucky few.I wish you a safe trip and have a good time

  10. Chris says:

    Have a safe trip! Enjoy your stay :)

  11. Danderma says:

    Though I don’t like geneva they have this AMAZING Mexican restaurant with the best freshest sour cream I’ve ever tasted. I’ll get out its name for you.

    Oh and across from the lake there is this little ITalian place, maybe the only one with tables over looking the street that overlooks the lake, and the old man there will stand over your head and tsk and complain if he sees your plate not finished quickly. But he has a killer cream of mushroom fettucini thing and he didn’t have to worry about us scraping the dishes. One of the tastiest ever.

    I’ll look up that Mexcian name and location for u, maybe with a picture or two…

  12. Yousef says:

    Have a safe trip MARK. Enjoy it there ;)

  13. AR says:

    Great news ! So do you own an AP purchased from Behbehani…in Kuwait ? or do they just love your blog ? How many customers go with you ?

  14. AR says:

    Mark – Pls do take some Hi Res HD Qual Wallpaper usable snaps of the beautiful countryside and city , AP atelier’, and put them on a site where we can download and admire them ! The wallpaper of the Tire Scrap is starting to depress me a bit and needs a change !

  15. N3VER2LATE says:

    Enjoy and have a great trip!

  16. D says:

    Dude. its Swiss. anything you eat there is fab. even department stores like Globus lunch buffet is superb.. even their Mcdonalds food is amazing!

  17. ! says:

    Well it seems like u answered part of the question ;) so if we want a good deal for one we can come to u right? :)

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