I’m Selling My Nikon Gear

Since I got my Sony RX1 a few years ago, I basically stopped using my large Nikon D800 camera. Over the past few years I’ve only been using the D800 for taking photos of cars when reviewing them for the blog. The rest of the time it’s just been sitting in my closet gathering dust and depreciating in value.

Since I’m trying not to be a hoarder, I’ve decided to get rid of all my Nikon gear. So if you’re interested, I’m selling it for a pretty good price, check it out [Here]

Actually, since I got my iPhone X, I’ve even stopped using my RX1. But don’t think I’ll ever sell it, I just love it too much.

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wont be surprised if this is sold by morning time. that’s such a good price! with everything included and so well looked after.

The RX1 is a wonderful camera. However, I opted for its little sibling the a6000. It has a crop sensor, but to me that’s more than enough for Instagram where almost all of my pictures go. It also accommodates interchangeable lenses and has WiFi which is super convenient when posting on social media. I tried it many times in low light conditions, it’s surprisingly good.

Hey Mark, did you try the A7RII? Its what I am using right now vs. my D700 and other than the fact that the lens selection is limited (Sony G-Master lenses); the camera is above and beyond what I could ask for.

Just wondering if you had a play with it.

I still feel my D700 resolves better, but for sheer portability, and the fact that I can upload directly to my phone from within the camera, the A7R is my travel camera.

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