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Post by Mark

I’ve been put in charge of our office’s redesign and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a company or studio I could call up for this job. If you do please post a name preferably with a website or phone number as a comment below. Thanks!

Note: My dad is an interior designer but hiring my dad for the job would look pretty suspicious to the auditors lol

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  1. a2b says:

    yep… Try AlMulla, Deco dpt :)

  2. ahmed says:

    Try Dahan, they are pretty good. dont go for Dia behbehani. they ll rip you off.

    good luck

  3. Mark says:

    I just checked the Dahan website and it seems like they’ve mostly worked on retail, actually everything in their portfolio was retail.

  4. Aglocogirl says:

    Hi Mark, pls forward your contact details on, i will ask my cousin to contact you, he does it and has done many projects for major companies, can’t put it here. Will ask him to contact you once i recieve your contact details. He will do it for the best competitive price in the market.

  5. Daddyz Girl says:

    Hi mark i have sent you an email with my recommendation

  6. d'fined says:

    Dear Mark,

    We are a small office in Sharq who provides Interior/Architectural design for both Private and commercial projects. When it comes to build we have good contacts both cheap and high end.
    Give us a pling.

    Info@dfinelines. com

  7. S E 7 E N says:


    1/2 the girls in kuwait is into Interior Design no recommendation from my side sorry just look for the cheapest cause i heard some do ask for alot

  8. says:

    Check P&E, they had billboards plastered all over Kuwait.Their website

  9. The ones who did our offices in Kuwait are called Forum interiors, pretty good in pricing, finishing and time frames. On the other hand there is Kynn, they are located in Tilal in free trade zone, a good friend of mine, Dalal Al-Nafisi is one of the co-founders and interior designer < very talented, she did Burger Boutique’s interior and other well known places. If you are interested ill pass you the cell numbers privately. Good luck.

  10. ilsul6ana says:

    Dezine !

    look at there clients…see global..i like what they did

  11. Mark says:

    P&E’s work looks pretty cool.

  12. Nand says:

    Ashkanani does a neat job and are pretty reasonable.
    I got our office done through them.

  13. girl says:

    The best in Kuwait SSH international,,, call this guy,
    Faisal : 4746322 ext:438
    Not sure if you can afford them

  14. Randy says:

    I think you should just go to IKEA :-)

  15. Shoosh says:

    I was about to recommend Dfinelines, but appearantly they’ve already posted a comment.

    I’d definetly go for them.

  16. kassem says:

    try m-design, the guy is good. he did fastelco and wataniya offices
    his name is mounir (the owner), he works on his projects and his number is 97950589

  17. kassem says:

    its not interior design office its architectural

  18. salem says:

    hi mark, i think u’d love this company

    P.S: i never worked for them, neither hired them! i just like there works shown in there website! :)

  19. Mark says:

    I heard that most of the creative people at brainstorm left because they werent getting paid and that most of the work now they are subcontracting out. don’t know how true that is though.

  20. monichum says:

    try Rayyan design . the guy in charge called mohammed he is amazing

  21. khaloody says:

    i tried resonable price from low to high fitting all budgets and really good work not good i mean excellent work …i went higher then my budget but its now i feel like i what i paid was really cheap cuz its still all da same

    u can ctc dem from there website but i guess dey r modifying there website.

  22. Frankie says:


    I know an interior designer who used to work for Dia Behbehani who had recently left and started his own interior design company "Indesign".

    They had worked recently worked on several of our office projects and can done quite a good job at resonable price.

    Contact Info: Claude- 97672789

  23. Farah says:

    Try out Dalal AlNafisi, she owns Kynn in AlTilal Center, i saw her work shes amazing, contact her and see how it goes..

    Location : G48 Al Tilal Luxury Living , Shuwaikh, Kuwait
    Telephone :+(965) 2254568

  24. Bu Yousef says:

    Ask your dad Mark.
    We run companies – not auditors!

  25. Tarek says:

    Hey Mark,
    We’re an interior design firm located in the Kuwait Free Trade Zone.
    The name is Al Jawad. Anyway I won’t go on about how good or creative we are, just give us a call on 00965 461 3 461/2/3.
    Good luck with your search.

    Tarek Ziade
    Senior Interior Designer
    Al Jawad Design

  26. Khaled says:

    forget about arcade! They are the biggest rip offs ever and horrible to deal with. . Plus they steal all their ideas from italian deco magazines!

  27. Nobu says:

    Try Sadiq in Hawally. They have a roundabout named after them. Their plastic furniture is in a class of its own. AND, they will throw in a couple of ironing boards for free.

  28. Bu Yousef says:

    You’ve just ruined my idea for our house.
    Now everyone go to Sadiq :)

  29. details says:


    small studio..fersh ideas
    eng jamal

  30. Bu Jasem says:

    There is a design company called “Presentation Art” in the dasman complex (5th floor) in Sharq, you should try them out they are really good..

  31. d'fined says:

    Dear Mark,

    As far as I know Dahan only build, they dont design. Unless they changed, since last time I spoke to Mr. Dahan.
    If you need any help or tips rewamping your office, let me know. You might be able to help me out designing our website?
    Shoosh thanks for your recommendation.

  32. ali says:

    Al Sarraf Decoration
    Sun City Complex

  33. RTrade says:

    Correction: Burger Boutique is done by George Chidiac in Lebanon

  34. Equalizer says:

    Burger Boutique is designed by George Chidiac and any other claim is false. You can check the pics of Burger Boutique in his portfolio at He is the same designer of Waterlemon, Casper & Gambini’s, Crimson Garden, Cafe Blanc etc. The concept is conceived by my self and any other design features are done by me alongside with George.

  35. Delicious says:

    Try Farah AL-Babtain.. shes the best..

  36. Hi Mark…

    I do recommend Dezine Company.

    Check their website: :) If you decided to work with them, let me know.. I know the owners :)

  37. Duckey says:

    Dahan do design, they have a new design department open almost 9 months ago, and the pictures shown in the website are project done by the construction department not designed by them.

  38. Tekyyak says:

    They’re contractors, but can do design-build ..

  39. ATL says:

    Try DeLite engineering, I always see office/retails locations under construction all around kuwait with their work signs on….


  40. shoo says:

    presentation art’s website

    they did a couple of offices
    really intresting

  41. I would like to clarify a misconception regarding Burger Boutique. Design Squared (Kynn) worked closely with architect George Chidiac and contractor Dahan on this project and was responsible for the project management, specification of all lighting, interior finishes, furniture specifications and orders, as well as exterior seating area layout and design. For other examples of some commercial work done solely by Design Squared you can visit Artecasa’s top floor in Sun City Shuwaikh, Dentxpress, Pink Moon Boutique, Brush Salon, and our Kynn showroom in Al Tilal complex. For more information you can contact us at or Tel: +965 2254568

  42. Dear Mark,
    We would like to invite you over to come and visit BrainStorm, to meet our team and see our work. You will be a much better judge than the rumors you are hearing. We can also send you a list of clients to talk to them directly to check on the quality of our work. We are not doing this to pitch for your job but to correct the misconception that you have about us. I also challenge anyone who is a client, an employee, a subconsultant who can claim that we did not pay them. Both our doors and books are open. All design work is done in house, we only subcontract engineering work which we do not offer in-house, which is standard for design studios.

    I will be out on a business trip till Sunday, feel free to call me anytime to schedule a visit my number is +965 99 77 0444

    Our new website is due to be launched November 1st, meanwhile you can visit us at

    Waleed Shaalan
    Managing Partner

  43. equalizer says:

    Burger Boutique is designed by George Chidiac with my personal input. This can be verified easily by contacting him directly. Any other claims has to be verified in documents, communications, drawings, and invoices.

  44. Hussain says:

    Concept Interior Designs
    Contact 65051515

  45. Hussain says:

    We are specialist in office desiging/execution .. we do any thing can add beauty to your live :)

  46. AbdulAziz says:

    You sgould pay a visit to Group Xen… they are this great local bunch who, as i was told, do their manufacturing locally… they are the same young women who own the Cupcake Boutique your wife posted about .. I think paying them a visit at Al Tilal wouldn’t hurt. 2256120/30

  47. s says:

    I also recommend m-design. I know the owner and have seen his work.

  48. Zuzu says:

    The One ,,, Ask for Maryam Abul ;)

  49. Abdulrahman Al-Hathran says:

    Dear Mark..

    We have an expert and accomplished team of architects and designers who could transfer your vision into reality.

    We have a full building capabilities.This enables us to offer you a full turnkey project service committed to quality and a high level of finish.

    Art Deco Co.
    Building with an artistic touch under construction

    Free trade zone
    The premiere executive center
    Tel: 4610073 / 4

  50. Dear All,
    the guy asked to recommend a corporate interior designer. I don’t think that he imagined to start a debate regarding interior design in this part of the world!!
    It is intresting to see how many people/designers can claim the same project!!

  51. Hanie says:

    We have designed the company’s offices by interior designer his name is Ghiath, I think he is one of the best designers in Kuwait .
    Ghiath Mobile : 6666 73 01

  52. joyce says:

    try JUDY INTERIORS CO. one of the nice corporate designing offices in kuwait. they did jobs for wataniya and mtc offices .

  53. john says:

    i am artdealer,art consultant. i deal on master paintings,sculptures,artifacts,paperworks and general artwork supplies.
    i supply artworks to big interior companies,architects,museums,galleries and private art collectors.
    i great african art works. i will be in kuwait by before next month. please any interested persons or companies should contact me on+2349021334830

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