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Post by Mark

Whats the best way to get to New York? I checked out British Airways and Qatar Airways, both are similarly priced. I then figured I would check Kuwait Airways since I assumed they had a direct flight to NY but turns out they don’t. Emirates is like double the price of everything else for some odd reason. So whats the best airlines to get to New York with? Do any offer direct flights from Kuwait?

Since I’m asking, whats a good hotel to stay in? Last time I was there was back in 2003 and I stayed in Milford Plaza which I read isn’t that great now (and it wasn’t great back then).

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  1. h_arc_h says:

    radison on lexington ave, a very good and well priced hotel

  2. Do_Od says:

    try american airlines maybe? United american airline i think

  3. Bood says:

    Kuwait airways do fly to NY directly 3 times a week sun/wed/fri

  4. carrera says:

    i’ve been there last summer, i traveled through the united airlines it was good but not direct you have to go to DC first then pick other plane to ur destination, we stayed in Brooklyn city in Marriott hotel it was woow very nice hotel and the subway you can go to where ever you want to and the subway is cheaper then the taxis, i wish to go there this summer too.

  5. Gimmie Back My Wig says:

    Try Etihad via Abu Dhabi. Great service and reasonably priced.

    Hilton or Westin at 42nd (in the heart of Times Square).

  6. brownsuger says:

    Oh mark your breaking my hart NY is my favorit city last Nov. i was there mayby u saw my US posts. Anyway if ur not going business class its a very long journy so rest in a transet best it BA or KLM if ur taking the business class go United its direct to Washington the a 20 or 40 mint flight to NY.

    As fot hotils will i stayed at the Milford in 2006 it was ok nothing impressive but if you want a really good hotil to “London hotil in NY” the best in twon ;)

  7. AIC says:

    try Expedia.com it will show you all possible flights to New York from Kuwait on any given date

  8. Mark says:

    If I was taking business class I would go with BA but I will be traveling cargo.

  9. Pediatric Dentistry says:

    kuwait airways has 6 flight to new york JFK everyweek,, 3 of them are direct,, it takes about 13 hours from kuwait ti JFK and about 11 hours from JFK to kuwait,, I used the direct service about 15 or 17 times..
    I also tried United airlines they have amazing DAILY direct flight from kuwait to washington DC , the timing is great,, depart kuwait at 1 am kuwait time, arriving at 6 am DC time so you can catch all connecting flight to NY,, it is about 40 min flying… ,, if u suffer from jetlag use united airlines. if you really care abut great service and u don’t mind a 1 or 2 hours transiet,, then use qatar airways

  10. Realist says:

    Try DHL so Nat can track your flight.

  11. Mark says:

    With my weight its cheaper to use MyUS.com

  12. wi-fi says:

    NO one way flights to Newyork there for either you stop in London Heathrow or die .. lol

    If i were you i would stop in London and fly to Newyork with virgin airways .


  13. anony says:

    whats ur budgets for the hotel?

  14. Mrs F says:

    NY is full of really good, reasonably priced boutique hotels. You have 6 columbus and Hudson next to the time warner building, you have the Thompson in Soho (favored by many celebs) the london NYC is also good, it houses Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant.. The list is endless, but bare in mind rooms are TINY! It really depends on your needs in terms of room amenities and location.

  15. xeonali says:

    cheapest are KLM + Etihad

  16. zaydoun says:

    What many people overlook when flying to JFK in New York, is that BA has its own terminal. This means that when your flight lands, there will be no other flights unloading their passengers at the same time and therefore you spend MUCH less time in line at immigration.

    For that reason alone, BA is the best bet. I simply refuse to take any other airline to JFK.

    Of course there are other airlines that have their own terminal there but they won’t take you all the way from Kuwait because they don’t come here.

    Hotel: Try the Ace Hotel

  17. Mark says:

    anony: I would love a EasyHotel like rate

    Mrs F: It can’t be tinier than EasyHotel Paddington… I hope!

  18. Mark says:

    Zaydoun: BA have their own terminal IN JFK?

  19. Mrs F says:

    Lol no! if you didn’t have a problem with the size of the easy hotel room then you’ll be more than ok with the ones in new york. Check out tablethotels.com they have a great selection of boutique hotels.

  20. FYI says:

    PS you can steal all the hotel pens, soaps and other amenities had have your own monogrammed memorabilia.

  21. jaja says:

    Emirates fares change through out the day. Check every 3 hours, specially midnight.

  22. Precious says:

    location interior best rate good service and 15 %if you book by the 21 Jan

  23. TweeZ says:

    check out http://www.fendeq.com

    they seem to have great deals all the time.

  24. Projectile Mayhem says:

    Qatar Airways and Etihad are great economy airlines… excellent film and food choices and comfortable seats (I should I know I’m quite overweight)

    I would choose Qatar over Eithad

  25. M says:

    I think Kuwait Airways have the best price, The tickets cost you around KD300, but before you travel ask them for a special menu because they usually serve spicy “indian food”

  26. ar53nal14 says:

    Roosevelt Hotel, it’s right on 5th Ave,

  27. Mark says:

    M: BA is like KD254

  28. hotels!!

    Marriott Marquis a7laa mawqee3 eb n9 el times sq o 7adda netheef

    o etha tabeeey mokaan wayed 7loo o se3raa arkhaaa9

    try millenium broadway

    ham yo3tabaar bl times sq o se3raa wayeeed zain bl nesbaa 7ag el fanadeeq ele 7olaa ..

    ana mjarbaa wayed netheeeeef o khedmaa momtaza !!


    i always prefer BA !! 7etta lou leq8yaa ar5aaa9 .. ham maraa7 asafeer 3lihaa darb 6weeel !!

  29. Mohammed says:

    Don’t know if it matters for you, but Kuwait Airways is ‘dry’. I prefer a carrier where I can get a drink or two.

  30. enigma says:

    BA really suck now and they are charging for everything

  31. Nabil says:

    Delta Airlines via Amsterdam (dont worry nobody will bomb the plane!) (:

  32. Eddie says:

    Hey Mark;) you should try United Airlines Via DC,non-stop flight and save a day:), shoot me an e-mail with ur dates and I will make you experiece Our Economy plus seats;p

  33. Eddie says:

    Hey Mark;) you should try United Airlines Via DC,non-stop flight and save a day:), shoot me an e-mail with ur dates and I will make you experience Our Economy plus seats;p

  34. Dj Hams says:

    Kuwait Airways flies from kuwait to JFK direct. I flew with them once and NEVER again! They treated the Indians like maids. The crew automatically assumed that all “Hindiyas” should be treated the way they treat Indians in Kuwait. I was flying from NY to Kuwait, so I didnt want to tell them what I thought about their attitude. American or not, I am a “hindi” in their eyes and they may have caused problems for me in kuwait. lol. Pay a little bit more and fly another airline. Emirates is good, and so is United Airlines. NEVER fly kuwait airways! Horrible service !

  35. KSA prisoner says:

    If flying Economy, go Qatar Airways. Flew from Doha to Houston this past summer and was pleasantly surprised re: the seating, food, & service.

    As for the hotel, I stayed at SoHo Grand Hotel in 2007. Gorgeous building and surrounded by shopping galore. Just a 10 minute taxi to Times Square.

  36. BMA says:

    Take the emirates airways due to the fact the have the airbus 380 i guess is its name..this is th eplane with the full 2 floors !! in addition, i last time stayed in sheraton manhattan which was aamaaaazing

  37. KA fan says:

    If you want cheap take Delta non-stop to Atlanta, then fly to NY

  38. N says:

    I highly recommend AKA Times Square, I’ve stayed there this summer and its great.


  39. Desert Girl says:


    I just tried Qatar airways (see my post on the experience). I wasn’t happy. Qatar Airport is a MESS.

    I have tried Kuwait Airways direct into New York. Keep in mind that the entire fleet is a disaster waiting to happen; ageing aircraft, poor maintenance, etc. It was also full of (being diplomatic) poorly paid foreign laborers. I literally had a guy sitting behind me who had his dirty bare feet on my arm rest for most of the trip.

    I like United. You can upgrade to a larger seat from Economy to Economy Plus for around 30 KD at the airport (can’t do it prior to the flight unless you have a mileage club card). They fly 777s: Choose row 17 (behind the bulkhead so no one is sitting in front of you. I try for 17A (window) or 17B (aisle). Dulles Airport has just finished upgrading their customs facilities and it is new, clean, and easy. Easy flights to NY.

    Have a nice trip. You are going to freeze your ass off. Bring warm clothes! :)

  40. Mix says:

    IF BA is around KD 254 to NY thats a really good price. Tickets only to London are around KD 220.
    Plus the connection will be at Terminal 5 which has to be one of the best – the other airlines are in crummy T3.

  41. B_G_T_R says:

    Emirate Airlines is alwas the most expensive and really for nothing….if I wanted to save, i would use kuwait airways. and the good thing its direct

  42. Triple-A says:

    like some people said kuwait airways have to flights to jfk, one is a direct flight, and one with a short layover in london. you can check horizontrvl.com it will give u the best routes and sort from cheapest to more expensive as well as other options.

  43. nemo says:

    i hated flying with Kuwait airways to NY last summer, 2 reasons:

    1- flight is at 9am!! you won’t be able to sleep (unlike delta and united at 12 am, (i slept for 8 hours))

    2- the plane is NOT CLEAN!

  44. nemo says:

    you can compare prices thru expedia for hotels … we stayed in park central hotel, it was ok not great

  45. G. says:

    The Chambers hotel – New york

    Kuwait Airways has a direct flight 3 times a week to ny

  46. Mark says:

    Mix: Tickets to london are KD157 with tax.

  47. Rawan says:

    Kuwait Airways fly to NY, direct and thru London.. i travelled last year .. and it was a good flight despite of the other kuwait airways flights, NY is totally different. JUST KEEP THIS IN MIND, don’t be shocked if you were surrounded by Indians.. first i thought we were off to India, and it turned out that most indians fly from india to NY thru Kuwait Airways!! regards the hotel, i stayed at Crown Plaza and its AWAFUL!!

  48. Eddie says:

    KA; Delta stopped flying from Kuwait since the 2nd of july 09. Mark stick with United:)

  49. 1001Nights says:

    Whatever you do don’t stay at The Hudson. It’s got the “hip” factor with the interior decor and the prices are reasonable considering it’s walking distance from 5th Avenue but the room/bathroom, or at least the one I stayed in, WAS TINY! I’m not super picky about hotels and I’m not a big person by any means and even I felt uncomfortable in that room.

  50. Daddyz Girl says:

    I suggest the direct flight to JFK so Kuwait Airway is your only option for direct flight plus it’s not that bad if you are planning to sit business or 1st class ( it sad but true). For hotel I personally loved the London NY hotel and I will definitely stay there again .

  51. Meshari says:

    Flying to NY in Februry the fairs are:

    Kuwait 300 KD
    Qatar 250 KD
    Emirates 550 KD
    Ethihad 250 KD
    Unites 1200 US “Only a couple seats remaining fly to IAD (DC) .”
    All prices are after taxes– Give and take 5 KD

  52. Meshari says:

    Ooopss Unites = United I meant :)

  53. AndyQ8 says:

    If you’re looking for a good Economy experience at a good price try Virgin from Dubai to Newark via Heathrow. Quick transfers at Heathrow and cheaper than the JFK option too.
    Does mean going via Dubai though!

  54. Imtiaz says:

    American Airlines fares starts from KD 235 Via London

  55. Zohak says:

    Why not stay outside of NY. Got to Hobboken NJ (birth place of Frank Sinatra), you can get into the centre of NY in 10 mins on the subway. It is a great place to eat and drink.

  56. Namz says:

    Do you need to be in a hotel by shopping area, financial district, or downtown??
    I personally like Soho, it has a fun vibe and its filled with restaurants and stores! Check out Soho Grand.. its a bit pricey but worth it in NY!

    Kuwait airways flies to NY. If you have to fly a certain date there are direct and one that stops in london for 2 hours. I just recently flew via london and it was nice being out for 2 hours (just enough time to pick up a few chocolate bars :P)

  57. desertsky says:

    I wouldn’t fly with Kuwait Airways even if the flight was free.Have you seen the latest incident in the news about the plane’s engine that caught fire while leaving Cairo.

  58. holla says:

    don’t take Kuwait airways whatever u do. I had to tae it to paris on a govt mission and one of the chairs broke and started flapping the whole flight!

    they tried to fix it in frankfurt but they couldn’t so they taped it up with duct tape!!!
    KA is a catastrophic crash WAITING to happen.

  59. KSA prisoner says:

    Namz: I too believe SoHo Grand is definitely worth it. SoHo has plenty of shopping and restos to keep you busy and is only a short ride Uptown.

  60. monera says:

    Hi mark
    We stayed in sheraton manhattan it was nice but tooo expensive but hey I guess that is nyc

    U have to try this rest. when u go

    Great food and service

  61. saud says:

    definitely “Le parker Meredien” or “royalton”
    while you are there, you may wanna try Blue smoke coz you gotta love their brisket sandwich..
    and if you are a fan of mac n cheese, look into S’MAC

  62. AndyQ8 says:

    Just a thought, but if you’re flying Economy, BA started charging to select your seat a few months ago. It does mean that as a lone traveler, you tend to end up in a crap seat unless you pay up.
    If you want an Exit Row seat in Economy, it will cost you £50 per sector (£200/92KD for KWI-LHR-JFK-LHR-KWI)
    Just to select a ‘regular’ aisle seat costs £20/9.4KD per sector.

  63. zaydoun says:

    Mark… yes they do!

    And if you want a cheap and fun hotel in Times Square, try Grace Hotel

  64. Sumi says:

    Howard Johnson’s in Manhatten…make your reservations online to save a bundle.

    I (heart) NY

    Check it:


    (open to full screen to get full effects)

  65. bu ziad says:

    The London NYC Hotel. Amazing boutique hotel. Spacious rooms, Gordon Ramsey Rest, and best of all, the concierge service in provided by Quintesentially so you basically can get reservations almost anywhere. Enjoy

  66. az says:

    last time and only time i flew to ny i went via london…dubai-london-ny (i was in dubai at the time) i flew virgin…and really enjoyed it.

    as for hotels….i stayed at the waldof ..but thats coz i got a ridiculously good rate….but i guess like anywhere it all depends on ur budget…i heard the roosevelt is pretty nice and fair priced and the penisula is amazing but i think that is on the higher scale….personally if next time i go i would liekt o stay in the soho or greenich village area..very very cool…or the hotel chelsea also known as the chelsea hotel….very boheman plce with alot of history ranging from the death of sid vicious’s nancy and andy wahol dylan, leonard cohen and janis joplin….apprently blonde still lives there….

    finally if ur into jazz defo visit the blue note! u wont regret it…

    enjoy and sorry for the spelling

  67. bu ziad says:

    one more thing, its perfectly located on 54th between 7th and 8th which is walking distance to many places such as central park, MOMA and shopping

  68. Daddyz Girl says:

    @ bu ziad true i love the location !!! 7ada amazing

  69. Ralph says:

    Take Air France from Beirut

  70. abdullah says:

    the cheapest KLM ,
    but for direct you may check Kuwait AW, United.

    for the hotel i recommend one of the following (price about 350$ to 400$ per night)
    W Hotel
    Westen TS
    Four points TS

  71. Hamza says:

    KLM would probably have the best offers at the moment

    As for hotels, The Palace New York (opposite Saks) is my favourite there. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about The London. If looking for ultra luxury, do NOT go for the Waldorf Astoria – complete rubbish, Jumeirah Essex House instead. Westin at Times Square is reasonably priced.

  72. i don't think it's requierd says:

    The Paramount Hotel
    in the middle of square , amazing location , newly renovated and affordable .

  73. Orange says:

    I read EasyHotel Paddington and remembered I had to write to you.

    I read your review and booked 2 rooms, one for me and the other for a friend who hadnt heard of the place an was trusting me with the accomodation arrangment. And was it embarassing or what !
    The rooms, the bathroom, the damn corridors ! We cldnt spread our arms sideways in any of them ! The place was too tiny for human accomodation no matter how cheap it’s offered !

    Needless to say, am not going by your reviews anytime soon.

  74. Mark says:

    Maybe you should actually read my reviews before going by them. In my review I clearly stated the rooms are extremely tiny and I showed a very clear picture of the size of their large room which was super tiny.

    Here is a link to refresh your memory

    Here is a quote from the post:

    “Yes, the room is very tiny but it was spotless and bright. There was barely enough room to fit two bags side by side on the floor at the foot of the bed but even without any bags two people can’t move around the room very freely.”

    So the fact you were surprised to find the room tiny says you didn’t even look at the pictures or read the post.

  75. q8teacher says:

    “The Marcel at Grammercy” is a great hotel! We LOVED it —- great rate, great location, big rooms for NY, and a wonderful staff — free internet in their loounge and a lovely roof-top lounge to hang out.

    Trust me — you’d love it.

  76. Hama says:

    I always take the direct flight (Kuwait Airways)!
    Its the best! You’re there in 12 hours and you arrive mid day (3pm).

  77. jackie chan says:

    my fav hotel is W time square ..

  78. Omran says:

    How about these prices.

    5,300 Eco
    13,232 Business
    18,600 First

    I have learned something with airline tickets and would like to share it with you guys..

    The trick is to buy the tickets online and start the journey from Colombo using Emirates. That is dead cheap for Business/First compared to Dubai/NY for 54,000AED..

    When I know I have a trip coming soon. I go to Colombo over the weekend (Thursday) and come back at the same day, transat can be up to three months. Then enjoy the massage seat. Plus, if you do that often, you will get huge rewards with Skyward miles & benefits, London Eco for free..

    Give it a shot.. Colombo airport is better than Qatar.. From Dubai. 4hrs one way + first class loung in Colombo for 2 hrs, then head back. In your case, might be a bit difficult as you are staring in Kuwait.

  79. Mohammed says:

    i went with KLM through amsterdam (very cheap for eco)…. and came back with Direct Kuwait Airways (dont remember how much)
    i recommend Kuwait Airways…. i slept all the way back 12 hours :P

  80. Max says:

    In your face, dear Orange

  81. Mark says:

    thanks a lot everyone, thats a lot of good tips.

  82. nocturnal says:

    crown plaza is pretty nice. it’s right infront of m&ms world.

  83. wael NYC says:

    try the kuwaiti motel 6 aka the waldorf!

  84. shopa says:

    As a frequent traveler to NYC I would highly suggest you avoid kuwait airways!! I hate them!! KLM is usually the cheapest if you are flying economy…They do web offers that can be as low as 170 kd for JFK! United is the best yet it’s a bit expenssive…I also prefer KLM’s services….

    For hotels, I would say try http://www.priceline.com and gamble….I once got a 4 star hotel in NYC that had a rate of 400$ for only 120$! Just pick the location in the city and put your star, credit card info and cross your fingers….

    I would also stay away from times sq…too much noise….try upper west much quiter area and nicer….something few blocks away from the underground…

  85. Orange says:


    I dont need links to refresh my memory. Im a regular reader and was prepared for a ‘tiny’ room


    Here is another quote from the post:

    ‘The final score I would give the hotel is a 4 out of 5. Its a very very excellent value hotel, just be prepared not to expect much from it in terms of size and amenities. I highly recommend it and will definitely be staying there again myself.’

    You gave that rat hole of a hotel a 4 on 5.
    That’s called a crap review and rating.

    So, overall .. learn to take a little critisism and be polite to your readers.


    Umm .. nevermind !

  86. Mark says:

    I stand by my rating and highly recommend the place. You came complaining that you found the place tiny which like a big duhh since as anyone can tell from my pictures and review the place IS tiny. I don’t know what you were expecting to find once you got there, just read the quote you copied and pasted from my review, it clearly states what to expect and that is a tiny clean room with not extras of any sort for a very cheap price and a good location. If you think what I wrote is untrue or misleading then please point it out.

  87. Om Sheikha says:

    I always use tripadvisor.com which gives very honest traveller reviews on hotels plus prices.

    IMHO…Qatar Airways nice new aircraft flew with them to Maldives very nice..

  88. BoBader says:

    I am sure Kuwait Airways offer direct flight to NYC (Flight 117 I’ve just checked Kuwait Airport Schedule and it does exist). However, good luck finding a seat. If you don’t, then try United, they offer direct flight to Washington DC on almost everyday and you can get take a domestic flight to NYC. Also, try Best Western Presidential Hotel it is located 100 meters off Times Sq. we stayed their three times and we will if we go to NYC again. We tried the Milford Plaza back in 2005 and didn’t like it much either. Email me if you need more information.

  89. alex says:

    come through qatar and give me a call

  90. tat says:

    If you don’t mind B&B’s, they can be a very inexpensive option for NY. There are some great ones with reasonable prices in Brooklyn which offer great facilities, are near transportation and with great prices. Leaves you with money to shop and to go business class!!I stayed at this B&B for 10 nights at 110$/night on Staten Island. A short 15 minute walk from the Staten Island ferry which is free, takes 20 minutes to downtown Manhattan, the metro starts right at its doorstep and the views every morning and night on the ferry were incredible. Nice lebanese owned deli across the street!

  91. Seham.S says:

    Back in 1994 , I stayed in New York Palace Hotel. It is located near Empire state building and the central park, from the hotel you can walk to the 5th aven.

  92. SB says:

    The time hotel. strategically located, resonably priced in comparison to ny hotels. and very sleek and modern! and they have cool tshirts.

  93. Alia'a says:

    Wataniya Airways!

  94. moneera says:

    kuwait airways has 3 dircet flights to JFK nyc friday sunday and wednsday … with boing 777
    am not sure about the prices though
    have a nice journey

  95. blue says:

    Hotel On Rivington

  96. NMM says:

    The W Hotel on

    541 Lexington Avenue , gr8 location and hotel.

    Qatar air has the best prices and routes.

  97. Nasser says:

    Well i recommend the Hyatt, Ive stayed in it last summer and its great!

  98. Dove l'amore says:

    Actually Kuwait airways do direct flight but not everyday !! i am not sure which days but they definitely do direct flights you have to check the days :)
    and also there is united airlines

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