Not Working Today

Post by Mark

Unlike Kuwaitism, I don’t have work today.

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  1. Q says:



  2. cute chakli says:

    we are!! some kind of sadistic pleasure

  3. Marzouq says:

    If there was I wouldn’t have wen’t!

  4. Q says:

    dude! I love how much the number of visitors went up bcz u linked the post! lol

  5. cute chakli says:

    seriusly…! i mean, why dont a lot of companies declare their holiday calendars up in advance, so people can plan their lives. cos do it abroad all the time. and there is no concept of leaves beyond sick leaves and unpaid leaves…so there u go! am saving up my sick leaves to take a trip out of town :)

  6. jaja says:

    btw, they posted about the running man you tried to talk to in the newspaper today (Al-anba’a). He’s going to climb the liberation tower in Kuwait, it’s going to be aired on TV i think.

  7. TweeZ says:

    whoa…climb the fuckin building?!

  8. jaja says:

    yep, right to the top, using the emergency stairs

  9. Happy Wolf says:

    Workin…. Overtime…

  10. A.G says:

    Whoever planning to see GhostRider for Nicolas Cage in this 2 days OFF. DON’T EVER DO THIS MISTAKE. the movie makes u sleepy and thinking IS IT POSSIBLE UR LIFE TURNED THIS LOW!!!! it sux guys

  11. LeP says:

    haha…i fell asleep durin that movie too…its not BAD..prty entertainin…i jst needed a nap during t first part

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