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Looks like my post worked.

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  1. AlHindi says:

    If you are the only one who received the message then its no use!

    • Mark says:

      Ironically I haven’t received it yet, my brother this. My guess is either the SMS’s are still sending or my account isn’t affected.

  2. Dr Cathy Daniel says:

    When I received the message, I wondered if it was because of what happened to you. I have complained to them for YEARS about their lack of communication with customers about such things. Now if they can improve their Business Banking services, I will be happy.

  3. blarneyBoB says:

    bah… I received this message just now (I ignored this post a while back, lol)

  4. cajie says:

    Unless they have a list of “trouble-makers” who are targeted with the SMS messages, system maintenance just got a lot more expensive.

  5. Khozema says:

    It’s Good for a change but 15min notice practically, won’t help.

  6. blarneyBoB says:

    THAT bank is really horrible :-)

    Wife: dials their access numbers, inputs all her bank details, waits for a representative to pick up. after the usual pleasantries,

    Wife: I would like to ask if my Credit Card payment made it through to my account:
    CSR: Can I have your mobile phone number ma’am?
    Me: Frowns
    Wife gives out her listed phone number
    CSR: can I have your address in your civil ID ma’am?
    Me: wtf…. (shouts inorder to be overheard on the phone) just ask for the Civil ID number! She does not know how to read Arabic and it’s not like my wife is asking how much money the account has, the question is answerable by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. you do not even have to say the amount, just say ‘yes, the payment went through’ and that’s it!”
    CSR: can I have your Civil ID number ma’am?
    Wife rattles off her numbers
    CSR: yes, the payment went through


  7. me says:

    Perhaps they take their banking secrecy obligations seriously?
    Is that bad?

  8. ant says:

    Mark, you didn’t get the SMS because you complained about getting too many SMS’s and asked the bank not to EVER send you SMS’s. Remember?

  9. National Bank of Kuwait says:

    Dear Mark,

    NBK customers are our source of inspiration for our continuing success; they are the key component of the process of our development. NBK is committed to listening, learning from, and acting upon our customers feedback so that we ensure we deliver upon “The Bank You Know and Trust”.

    Have a great day! :)

    • ant says:

      This proves that NBK does not have “its head in the sand”… They are listening to Blogs and social media, to learn and improve.

      Thanks NBK!

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