Things to do in Bahrain

Post by Mark

I am leaving to Bahrain for some work related stuff on Wednesday afternoon and coming back Friday night. Its my first time there so I was checking Lonely Planet to see what there is to do in Bahrain and I couldn’t find anything.

I heard Bahrain has good restaurants does anyone know anything about them? Any recommendations? How about malls, do they have like a shopping mall in Bahrain? Will I actually find something to do or should I expect to spend all my time in the hotel room watching TV?

update: just remembered Michael Jackson lives there now so it can’t be that bad

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  1. limited_edition says:

    * Seef Mall is the best!
    * Dana Mall
    * Bahrain Mall

    They’re all on one road.

    Well…the onbly thing you can do in Bahrain is go shopping in one of the malls above…GOD I LOVE BAHRAIN!! :D

  2. TwaiF says:

    Bahrain is too small , the only mall i know there is ALSEEF MALL , its big .
    i guess you could go old places and take photos on how do they make their popular sweet (HALWA).

  3. yeh it is too small.. I dont think that there is something to do there besides goin to the mall, just go to Moharrag and buy Halwa. When you see that infact more cars with Saudi Numbers plates than Bahraini, dont freak out thinkin that you are in Saudia Arabia by mistake :O

  4. Cuteberry says:

    MJ lives there being a woman undercover.. LOL! Yeah, it’s not that bad!

  5. J says:

    reputed as best restaurants in the region

  6. forzaq8 says:

    just remmber that thursday is not holiday like kuwait
    and they have quarter mile races on friday

  7. yo ghurt says:

    Some of the best restaurants are in Adliya (Mezzaluna, Monsoon, Upstairs Downstairs. You might like Zoe’s – the theme is ‘New York Loft’). Of course, all serve booze (and also numerous good bars around there e.g. ‘JJ’s Irish Bar’; many good Sheesha places there too; many nightclubs, but the funkiest is ‘Likwid’ at the City Centre. It’s owned by Akram Miknas’s (of FP7) son and often has DJ’s flown in from Europe. As you like cars and bikes, get down to the F1 track either just to look around or often at the weekends there are races on (I think drag racing at the moment? Check Best beach is the Ritz-Carlton (and they bring your cocktails down to the beach…) but maybe you’re staying there already…Finally, as an artist and designer, you HAVE to go to the Centre of Contemporary Art ( The location alone will blow you away. The Bahrainis are definitely the friendlist people in the Gulf. So, like most of the GCC, not much going on in Bahrain – if you don’t look for it! Have fun.

  8. Marzouq says:

    are there movies thier? I would go watch a movie in the theater! Whenever I go to dubai for work, I go to the malls for a bit then I go to the movies later in the night! Even if Im flying solo!

  9. TweeZ says:

    Marzouq, did you know that Bahrain gets invaded by Saudi every weekend and the whole country turns into one big Cinema-brothel-night club-bar?!

  10. DesertExpat says:

    I’m also going to Bahrain this weekend for work! There is a great restaurant called Jim’s, a Quran museum, you can visit the tree thought to be from the Garden of Eden, the pottery place, buy some cheaper rugs than in Kuwait, and supposedly there’s a really good mexican place too. I think it’s called Paco’s or something like that.

  11. TweeZ says:


    If you see Michael Jackson, please tell him to drop a fuckin album and enough of this greatest hits bullshit. Thanks and have fun.

    **Dont you dare ride the RED taxis! They have jacked up prices and they always take the longest way to your destination**

  12. bo9agr says:

    try Saj Express , a lebanese restaurant near Al-Seef mall, they have a branch here in q8 but it’s much more expensive here and the food isn’t the same.

  13. Mark says:

    wow seems there is actually a good bit of stuff i can end up doing there. i’m now looking forward to it. for some reason i thought there was nothing to do there at all cuz its such a small country.

  14. Marzouq says:

    TweeZ: wow now that turns into something crazy!

    Mark why the hell does your work always send you places over the weekend? why not weekday! hehehe

  15. Flippa X says:

    You HAVE to eat at bennigens (dun’ know how it’s spelled) it’s better than the chilis, applebee’s, and TGIF we’ve got here. Plus their movies are relatively new.

  16. No it isnt that bad, ull have something to do.

    We had visitors from ba7rain this 3id, and i quote: “Hathy ilq8 min ma63am lay ma63am”
    :/ lol he wasnt too pleased.

  17. fadibou says:

    check the race track to see if there are any races !

  18. CyberRowdy says:

    which hotel do u plan to stay?? Ritz Carlton has some great restaurants…

  19. RaZ says:

    TRADER VICS…. the best in the middle east

  20. bikeshed says:

    Dinner at Mirai is a must, visiting the souk is always worthwhile and you should try to get some local culture at the museum or one of the sights like the Bahrain Fort – look for the lighthouse out at sea.

  21. limited_edition says:

    Mark in al- seef mall there are 18 or was it 19 cinema screenS!! So yeahh..they do have movies! ;P

  22. gloria says:

    u crack me up people when u say “its small no place 2 go”…BAHRAIN IS BIGGER THAN DUBAI …so chill…
    the mexican place is called senior pachos and its a must ….mirai -japanese place…luv the food….blue elephant is cool …..but u should ,must ,have to visit coco’s cafe and the adjacent coffe shops in adliya like lilo cafe and try their mini burgers…..
    go to strabux in juffair …its next to the american base ..u will feel like ur in the states!!!!!…
    btw ur hotel is next to seef mall and al-aali mall…seef is the regular down town mall…but al-ali has cool traditional enteriors and u have 2 try their bandaira coffe shop…
    god l luv bahrain…espacially the ppl…so friendly …
    enjoy ur stay

  23. holla says:

    sit in the hotel and drink while watching tv. you can also play with yourself, but that’s optional.

  24. TweeZ says:


  25. bo9agr says:

    holla : no one plays with himself in a bahraini hotel !! why would he?? oh, i c , he’s married !!!

  26. mohammed says:

    resturent i recomend a fish resturent in shaleh bandar its absoloutley delicous there is also another chinese resturent which cookes absoloutley amazin food ill ask my bahreny freinds and il send u its name soon have fun my freind

  27. Mark says:

    mohammed if you can get me the name of the chinese restaurant that would be great, i love chinese food!

  28. SusieC says:

    Only 2 recommendations – Trader Vics at the Ritz Carlton, and Monsoon in Adiliya. Don’t go anywhere else!

  29. Mark says:

    ok it looks like i am going to have to either extend my stay or visit a second time. I was just checking out the menus of some of the restaurants and everything looks sooo appetizing.

  30. anonym says:

    MJ doesn’t live there anymore…

    A spokeswoman for Michael stated, “He’s just decided that with all of the projects he’s going to be involved with and all of the people he’s beginning to work with in the music industry, it’s easier (to live in Europe). He’ll be going back and forth to Bahrain but Europe will be his principal residence.”

  31. Ya I think Zoe’s, Coco’s and every restaurant next to it serve delicious food, great ambiance, that street is my favorite place in bahrain. It’s kind of like the Casper block with all the old houses turned restaurants/bistros/cafes, except a lot smaller and cuter, very european. They are actually owned by a Kuwaiti man, smart guy.

  32. mohammed says:

    Mark,i asked they think its called the Blue Elephant but theyre not sure,The other resturent that i totally recomend is a careibian resturent in holiday inn they have amazin vareity of drinks..i also have forgoten its name it seems i have big problem with places names..the thing that i totally recomend you to do is to go to muharag city and ask for halweyat shwaiter theres many of them but ask for the main branch when youre there ask for bahreny halwa..personally i think it is the best khalijie sweets..bahrenies are famous for it..Enjoy

  33. theaggressor says:

    I wish i read this earlier! Bahrain is like an onion, the more layers you peel off, the more there is to it! Check out the night life in Adliya Road, that’s all I can say!

  34. gloria says:

    best chinese place is hong kong….
    and 2 sum it up 4 u since u will not have all the time of the world:
    -adliya strip (coco’s,lilo,zoe’s,mirai)reservation needed for the last 2.
    – monsoon (thai food)
    – trader’s fix ritz carlton
    – hong kong
    – movie (the departed is playing since last week)
    and leave the rest for another visit…
    p.s the q8y guy owns lilo,zoe’s and monsoon only

  35. zaydoun says:

    Mark… the best advice so far has been Yo Ghurt’s post

    And Bahrainis are indeed very nice people

  36. Dado says:

    It’s embarassing, I went to Bahrain for 2 days and well, watched tv. Am glad to learn all this posted information. The more ya know huh? Cool!

  37. Nat_E says:

    looooooooooooooool it is not Zoe’s, Coco’s or Poco!
    the name is Cico’s Restaurant, +973 713 710. Open Sat-Thu lunch and dinner. Adliya (behind the CID police station.
    and Mark did you check the cinema website! enjoy the movies ;)
    I don’t know if you smoke cigar but if yes check the Burlington club in The Ritz-Carlton.
    if you do clubbing check:
    if NAT going with you, let her check the N style nails loung in Alaali Mall.

    heheheheh and no I’m not Bahraini.

  38. m says:

    Hi Nat_E ! Cico’s.Coco’s,and Zoe all exist in Bahrain !

  39. drop me an email when you’re down, if you’re up for a tour of the island.

  40. jajajaja says:

    Mark, go to the F1 track, you shouldn’t miss that, try a ferrari if they let you. I heard you can take your ride there for 2 hours or something for 80kd.

  41. JPM says:

    Though I believe in improving the economy of each country I go, I still have to recommend against going for the local taxis… want to get around? Take – Radio Taxis. Local Taxi Drivers will kill you with charges… i took a small trip from Airport to my place. Local Taxi – BD 5 plus plus. Radio Taxi – BD 2. Bahrain Limos (Merc Benz) – BD 3. You choose!

  42. MIMI says:

    wuzzzz upppppp?????????????

  43. MIMI says:

    Hi it’s me again.!!!!!!! :p
    I don’t know what’s all this about but:p
    Bas El wayh……………..
    Sha5bar El Rabe3

  44. rez says:

    hi, i am new to this site. can anyone tell me how’s the internet connection in bahrain? TQ.

  45. manoj pednekar says:

    hi buddy i just want 2 come 2bharin for work can any one help me plz

  46. MohdGasim says:

    Hi Everyone, i’m gonna be in Bahrain this weekend for a three month employee exchange program @ Zain Group……drop me anemail or something to get in touch….i love outdoor activites and don’t know ANYTHING about Bahrain….except it is a Kingdom and Zain has coverage there :P

  47. Saad says:

    Best Hotel: Ritz-Carlton
    Best Restaurant: Trader Vick’s
    go carting beside the F1 track…it’s fun

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