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Friday night I passed by with a friend to the Alshaya Staff Shop in Shuwaikh. The shop is located inside the Alshaya headquarters and its only for Alshaya employees, their family and friends. The store sells heavily discounted leftover stock from previous Alshaya sales, and my friend told me there were a ton of items left over from Harvey Nichols which is why I HAD to pass by.

For those of you who’ve been to the Villa Moda discount store when they were open, you’ll feel right at home at the Alshaya Staff Shop. The place is packed with luxury items but packed on top of each other and you basically need to flip through the items one by one to find anything. The first section I tackled was the shoes and for some reason it felt like Black Friday, so I started flipping through everything as if there was a crowd behind me fighting over the shoes. In reality though, the shop was empty except for me and my friends but I kept getting the feeling that if I didn’t go through the shoes fast enough they would quickly disappear. I panicked, I was all over the place and I was in heaven.

Once I was done with the shoes section I started flipping through the clothes. According to the employee there, the last time the mens section got restocked was three months ago and I was flipping through the leftover of the leftover. That didn’t make sense because I found a bunch of gorgeous Alexander McQueen shirts just sitting there, three of which I had my eyes on when they were still displayed at Harvey Nichols. How those shirts were still available at the Alshaya Staff Shop I have no clue but better for me. Not only were most of these items being sold at 70% at Harvey Nichols when they were on sale, but once they get moved to the Alshaya Staff Shop they get discounted even further and then on top of that discount there is an additional 30% off if you’re an Alshaya employee or you’re with an Alshaya employee.

I ended up leaving with a couple of sneakers and shirts. Just to give you an idea of how ridiculously cheap the prices were, I got the pair of hightop sneakers pictured above for just KD17.5 after discount. KD17.5 for really soft leather sneakers that are more comfortable and look better than my Loubs. Their original price at Harvey Nichols was KD220 and they’re still selling for nearly KD200 online. So if you have a friend that works at Alshaya, force them to take you to their shop. Women are supposedly getting a restock this week.

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  1. lfcq8 says:

    buy stuff from them and resell it on ebay :)

    • Abdul says:

      thats a great idea

    • aaa says:

      Yeah after shipping and customs and delays you’ll end up with no money anyway

    • 3azeez says:

      It wont be any good deal since Alshaya is already overpricing what they sell. You could get the items discounted from the main shops abroad.

      • Mark says:

        You’re talking out of your ass. Unless of course you can share with us links showing where I could get a pair of Gianvito Rossi’s for KD17.5

        • 3azeez says:

          I don’t know that brand, but if you’re talking about harvy nichols, check on boxing day… thats the 26 of December.

          • Mark says:

            So you don’t know the brand and you don’t know how much the stuff actually costs yet, you come in here and pretend to know what you’re talking about while trashing everything. Such a typical troll. Thank you for telling us about boxing day, black friday and the fact that shops make offers. None of us here knew that.

            • 3azeez says:

              What I know is when something is regularly sold in HN (or Debinhams) for £200 it ends up in Kuwait for KD200.

              During this season, the £200 item can get up to 50% discount, along with offers such as buy one get one free…

              So regardless what brand your buying… as long its from a franchise brought to you by Alshaya, rest assured that they are selling it £1=KD1 plus you’re missing on all the offers and sales.

              What confuses me is… in Kuwait you’d get “end of season sale”…. while here you get sale on items for the season!

              I am not trolling your post or the deal you got on that particular item. My response was to the person who suggested you’d buy the items from here and sell them online… hence my comment that you will not make much profit bcause most items are already over priced in Kuwait.


              • Mark says:

                I don’t know how often you go shopping at HN but majority of the items are priced similarly to prices abroad. Of course there is going to be a slight difference but nothing and i mean not even close to £1=KD1. I’m talking about a few KD difference and thats all. I got a bracelet for example that would have cost like KD48 in London for KD50 in Kuwait as an example. Again this is Harvey Nichols not Debenhams, I have no idea how much the items at Debenhams sell for.

                But again I might be wrong so as I mentioned previously if you care to share anything with us, maybe you could pass by HN take a photo of a price tag and then share with us a link where the exact same product is being sold for £1=KD1 equivalent that would be great.

                • Gsus says:

                  I don’t know if he just protecting it shaya friends. But if u want an example just go to Starbucks. A simple cup of brewed coffe costs 1 kd. I get the same exact coffee in the states for $1. The same goes for hot chocolate and fraps.

                  This trend continues throughout all their stores. People say u may save money from taxes here but u are spending 2x to 3x the price.

                • Mark says:

                  Well look at it this way. They’re selling coffee for KD1 and people are buying it. If the price was expensive people would be going to Caribou, Costa or any other competitor but the fact that Starbucks continues to flourish in Kuwait means they priced their coffee right.

                  The reason Starbucks cost more in Kuwait than the States is because people are willing to pay more for it here. Basic business 101.

                  This applies to all brands btw, have you check McDonalds prices around the world? Because there is a big difference from the cheapest place to the most expensive place.

  2. Nicolas says:

    annnnnd.. the secret is ruined.

  3. Sara kiwan says:

    Can anyone from the public go and shop there?

  4. sad jay says:

    Goal of the week : Finding an Alshaya employee for friendship

  5. ahmed says:

    my friend is a manager over there and he never mentioned any idea about it

    there will be some Duse to pay

  6. Abdul says:

    i hope they dont shut it down or try an alternative till i find an employee

  7. Akbar says:

    Mark, how many shoes you own?

  8. Ashraf says:

    Why did you have to put it on the Blog :/
    no wonder my friends have been calling me since morning :/

  9. My sister’s ex is working there and he never said anything about that when they were still married but he’s like 350 pounds so he can’t fit into most if anyways. This is why all the little Filipinas are dressing to the nines, aha busted. Funny thing, I was just talking to recruiting today, good to know their secrets but their Shuwaikh headquarters is crowded with limited parking, time to find an Alshaya employee and car pool.

    • terrence says:

      soooo what you’re saying is, they’re dressing this good because stuff is discounted – and that they can afford it? that along with the starbucks barista comment is the typical racist bullshit that kuwait is so full of.

      • Jason says:

        speaking the truth is racist ? Terrence just live someplace that has no racism . oops its doesn’t exist your out of luck .

  10. 3azeez says:

    You can get similar deals from Harvey Nichols by shopping at their UK stores… Alshaya Kuwait is absolute ripoff.

    • Mark says:

      Ummm not you can’t get these sneakers for 40 pounds at the UK Harvey Nichols. They cost 398 pounds in the UK, check the online stores

    • Gsus says:

      I agree with u completely. They just change the $ to KD. It’s annoying but they have a monopoly and that’s what u get when u have no competition or your own store r the competition

      • Mark says:

        Except in this case Alshaya have a ton of competition… unless you consider Alshaya the only company in Kuwait that carries fashion brands…

  11. Chai Al Shaya says:

    I am even prepared to change my sexual orientation if it means I can bf or gf my way through to the Al Shaya discount store. Paul Smith, here I come!

  12. Nunya says:

    Use of the word “Gorgeous” – Man foul.

  13. AndyQ8 says:


  14. ABE says:

    Great find Mark. You shoulda got a leather jacket :P

    Why dont we have an outlet store in Kuwait which sells leftover brand name cloths ?..

    I think there is a market for this type of business in Kuwait.

  15. fatami says:

    If anyone wants to take me I wouldn’t mind :)

  16. K2 says:

    KD 25 to the Alshaya employee who agrees take me to the staff shop!

  17. Divyansh says:

    Can u take us sometime plzz !!!

  18. Wajda was Here says:

    Let us know if Harry Winston and Chopard are also thinking to have a discount back store for staff.

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