Cheapest Way to Ship Lightweight Packages from the US to Kuwait *UPDATED*

Post by Mark


UPDATE: There have been major changes to the service since this post. Edfa3ly are no longer the cheapest option to ship, they no longer charge by the 100grams and they are now more expensive than PostaPlus.

A couple of weeks back a US mail forwarding company called Edfa3ly contacted me to let me know about their service. Since I had already reviewed countless of similar shipping services, I really wasn’t interested in reviewing another. But, turns out this shipping company had one feature that caught my attention. While services like Aramex’s Shop & Ship and PostaPlus’s MyBox charge per 1/2kg, Edfa3ly charges per 100grams, so I decided to try them out.

If you haven’t used a service like Shop & Ship before, they usually have a minimum weight they charge which is 1/2kg. So if your package weighed 50 grams you would still be charged 1/2kg. The charge varies from company to company, I use PostaPlus currently and they charge KD2.5 for the first 1/2kg while Aramex charges KD3.250. Both PostaPlus and Aramex also charge KD1 on top of that as a customs clearance fee so the cheapest you could ever pay with PostaPlus is KD3.5 and KD4.250 with Aramex. So if your item doesn’t cost much and doesn’t weigh much, it’s not feasible to order it all the way from the States.

I have a bunch of stuff on my Amazon wish list that I need but don’t bother ordering because of this very fact. For example there is a rubber eyecup for my camera, it’s a tiny rubber piece that costs around KD3 so it wouldn’t make sense to order it and then pay at least KD3.5 on top of that for shipping. But since Edfa3ly charge by the 100grams I decided to order it. Unlike other forwarding services, you don’t need to sign up to Edfa3ly. You just go to the website, enter the URL of the item you want to buy, fill out some information and then pay for the item and they will order it for you and ship it to Kuwait. So I did that and this is what the total came out to be for my order:


Item Price: $10.7
Customs Fee: $0.54
Edfa3ly Fees: $0.54
Shipping Fees (1.33 dollar(s) per 100gm): $1.33 (0.05 kg)

Total Price: $13.11

So shipping from Amazon to Kuwait cost me just $2.41! You don’t pay US tax, you don’t pay US shipping and you don’t pay a local custom clearance fee. Instead you just pay the cost of shipping from the US to Kuwait plus an Edfa3ly fee which is 5% of the item cost. I had a package shipped to me and delivered to me in Kuwait within 10 days and just paid around 750 fils for shipping. Thats insane! I’ve got so many tiny cheap stuff I need to buy now like a new Dremel wrench since I lost mine or these tiny plastic rivets for my Datsun. Suddenly so many more things seem accessible.

So if you’re looking to order items that don’t cost much and weigh under 1/2kg, I can’t think of any better alternative. Here is a link to the Edfa3ly website [Link]

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  1. Kickstq says:

    how do they deliver it to Kuwait?to your door?

  2. kooks says:

    my comment did not go through

    Would you recommend this method to ship 1/64 diecast?

  3. mpostp says:

    No knet?

  4. Ipsom says:

    Looks very good

    But it’s weird that when I just calculated for an object at 400g the customs fee was $1.5 not 0,54

  5. Yousuf M says:

    I needed something like this too! Damn this is good.

  6. Dun says:

    I don’t care if they ship everything for free and give you a foot massage on delivery. I will never ever use a company with such a retarded name.

  7. handy says:


  8. Yousef says:

    I don’t see how this company is breaking even, considering the man power and time involved to go to a website and order the time, manage a USA office, the international air shipping, manage Kuwaiti customs, then manage a Kuwait office, and finally deliver door to door across Kuwait. It is too good to be true! (somebody pinch me)

    Either that or, the amount of profit that BorderLinx and Aramex receive is handsome indeed.

  9. jean says:

    Its an Egyptian website/company I think –

    and the website is too good –

    “NOW you can buy anything, anytime, without paying customs, customs sales tax, shipping or pay 85% of its online price only” <- what does this mean?

  10. Nnnn says:

    Hi Mark
    I want to order few christmas decorations on amazon but people here say that the customs might hold the items back and not hand it over to me .Is this true?
    Have you ever ordered anything for christmas and have the customs refused to release the same?

    • Mark says:

      You need to check with the shipping company.

    • well if for any reason you didnt end having your product in the same condition you requested or within the service level
      its your right to have your money back
      because edfa3ly adds a free insurance on all the packages so you will end up either having your product or your money back
      so i guess you should try an order it

  11. Kuwait says:

    “A couple of weeks back a US forwarding mailbox company…”

    You mean US mailbox forwarding company?

    Also, is it US based or Kuwait based? I see Kuwait phone numbers and even a picture of the Kuwait Towers.

    Btw, I think something is wrong since the server migration – I see the name Adrian (with an email address) saved where my details should be when I post a comment.

  12. am7 says:

    Was checking that Dremel Wrench. You would have to pay $4.71 + $5.25 Domestic shipping correct?

    • Mark says:

      So it’s $4.71 for the wrench and then shipping to Kuwait should cost similar to the rubber eyecup i ordered, probably a little less since the item costs less so say $2.25.

      • am7 says:

        I just tried it. At first it told me only $4.71 + Customs + their fees and intl shipping to be determined later.

        I paid the $4.71 in KD and then it said I still need to pay the balance $5.25 domestic shipping. Only after that the order will be processed.

        So basically we have to pay the shipping the seller quotes as well.

        As per Edfa3ly – “Domestic shipping is the cost of shipping from the merchant to our office in the US.”

        • Mark says:

          So I guess in this case order an item on Amazon where Amazon fulfills the order, they probably have an Amazon prime account which is why I wasn’t charged a domestic shipping rate

        • Sherif Essam says:

          Well if you can see shipping cost charged on the amazon item, then ed3aly will charge you the same amount.
          For first time purchase, you can use “welcome” CODE which means you won’t be charged for the first 3 kg shipping cost to kuwait

  13. Nasser says:

    This is brilliant! I wonder if you can buy the iPhone 7 from Apple through them from the US store and have them ship it to you

  14. Rickstove Stunic says:

    Is it not possible to buy the item on say Amazon and provide a Kuwait postal address for delivery?

  15. Ithink says:

    I paid for a small item this morning and two hours later I got this confirmation saying the item has been purchased! Wow … impressive. The website, although it looks boring is very user-friendly. I wish they had a name that even the non-Arabic speakers could remember. Other than that – really impressive.

  16. Sherif Essam says:

    I have used the website before and to help clarify things up for people intending to use it
    1- the website will place your order after you have paid the amount for the items you want to order e.g. if the product you buying cost 20$ then that all you have to pay upfront
    2- website will then proceed with your order
    3- balance remaining can be paid after you receive the item

  17. mannyp says:

    How long does it take for the item to arrive in Kuwait? I have placed an order today morning and the last update I got from them is that the “item has been ordered successfully”

    • Mark says:

      took around 10 days

      • slaymaan says:

        I had an order that was done on aug. 16th, and delivered within two days. I got a message that it was forwarded to kuwait just 3 days ago. The website is down now for some reason, when I click on order details I get

        This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.

        I did make another order 5 days ago (from best buy), and it was delivered within a day, last I checked, was still at their warehouse. I think I’ll just stick to postaplus and amazon direct shipping for now.

  18. Legit says:

    Looks legit!

  19. Legit says:

    mark you have come post back cache cookie problem, request you to test your comment pform

    • Mark says:

      I’ve been busy migrating all my websites from the old server to the new one. Just finishing up now. There is still a bunch of optimizations to be done to the blog which will start soon, I’ll let them know about this.

  20. Zeez says:

    I ordered and it took 10 days to deliver to my door plus 2KD delivery charge and an extra 5KD for clearance. If you need something fast it’s probably not the best option.

    • Mark says:

      Yeah I mention in the post it takes around 10 days to deliver but what are the KD2 and KD5 charges??

      • Berry says:

        they are very slow now! been 2 weeks (14 days) and havent heard from them… and no one answers emails of calls!

        they now state KD2 for home delivery!

        • Edfa3ly says:

          Hi berry
          We are very sorry for the delay you experienced.
          Kindly send us your order number to investigate your case and send you our feedback

          we are working constantly on improving our services to meet and exceed your expectations, we will follow up the improvement with each concerned Department Heads.

          also note that we waived any delivery fees from any future orders

          It was indeed our pleasure and honor to serve you

          • Edfa3ly says:

            also let us know your order number to waive any delivery charge paid from your side

            • Berry says:

              i call your call center every day without any one picking up, and the only time someone mistakenly did: they asked for my order number & mobile to call me back. 4 days passed without any change!

              last time to use your service.

  21. ali says:

    I ordeded and it took 10 days to deliver to my door plus 20 kd deliverty to charge and an extra 5 kd for clerance . if you need a someting fast it is porbabbly not the best option.#
    i mentioned in this post it takes around 10 days to deliver but what are the 2 kd and 5 kd charges ?? I dont get it to be honest with you. Thet are very slow now that they got all the attention from your blog post. It drew so much attention because you claimed it is free, while thats true, its not entirely free as you can see. One have to pay for the addtional fees not mentioned in this post, including the clearance and delivery charges. If you add these extra fee you will get very close to what other company are charging for the same product. Like if you see the galaxy S7, its said that its only for 210 kd thats for the 64GB version. While the delivery only on this company charges 180 KD and 20 for clearance. thats 200 kd in total which is very close to the orignal price thats is 200 KD.

  22. Edfa3ly says:

    Hi Ali

    We are very sorry for your bad experience.
    Kindly send us your order number to investigate your case and send you our feedback as we dont charge 5KD clearance charge so it might be a mistake done by the delivery courier, we also waived the 2KD delivery charge from any future orders and decreased our fees from 5% to 1% to serve you better

    we are working constantly on improving our services to meet and exceed your expectations, we will follow up the improvement with each concerned Department Heads.

    It was indeed our pleasure and honor to serve you

    • Emad says:

      I been waiting for my order since 18 AUG and so far nothing came :D

      so I check online through their website and it said order cancelled and amount refunded to the account.

      I did not receive anything or any email to notify me that it was cancelled!

      This is not acceptable on all customer service levels!

  23. Taimoor Fayyaz says:

    BAD BAD Service!!!!
    i placed an order on 19th Aug, paid in full and it was shipped from Amazon on 20. Delivered to US warehouse on 22nd and so far I have not heard from them. to expedite the process, i made all payments. Website shows UNDER CUSTOMS CLEARANCE for almost 8 days. I contacted customer service and they told me package is in their office for last 4 days and now customer service won’t answer. pathetic service! regret ordering from here.

  24. Fahad says:

    I second the post above.

    The cheapest way to ship comes with the cheapest customer service!

    I cannot recommend this less to anybody, stay away.

  25. Ashraf says:

    I just ordered. after reading the comments I feel like I shouldn’t have.

    in your post you’ve mentioned no US Tax. below is the summary I got after paying. I guess I still have something to pay but that’s after they receive the items in their US warehouse.

    Order Total: $34.98
    Customs: $1.87
    Sales tax inside US: $2.45
    Commission: $0.35
    Sales tax inside US: $2.45
    International shipping fees: $3.99
    Discount: 1.87
    Amount Paid: $45.09

    Order Total $45.09

    • Mark says:

      There is currently an offer if u use the code 248AMPS where u don’t pay shipping or customs

      • Ashraf says:

        Thanks Mark,

        I already got the shipping and customs off but in the breakdown it only shows the customs in discount.

        it was the same case when I used another code rcf100cs for shipping and customs off. but when you calculate the discount it’s never customs+shipping.

        same case when I just tried the code you mentioned.

        and we have to pay sales tax in US.

  26. Anon says:

    I needed a pair of wireless headphones that i thought it would be perfect to try their service. (I ordered from them the same week this post was published)
    First off, the whole weirdness of not explaining anywhere how they still have to add the local shipment and international shipment but whatever not a big deal.
    I also remember them promising they deliver in 10 days to 2 weeks. So two weeks after i ordered and i could still see that my order was still in their warehouse in the states so i contacted them and they claimed that the tracking of my order has a problem and they will fix it. A week later, i go to see the status of my order and it’s still the same so i contacted them again and this time they said that the shipment did come and they tried to call me twice to tell me that the shipment arrived damaged and wanted to ask if they should reorder it. But i could’ve sworn that no one has called. So i asked them to cancel it and send me my money back. They agreed and told me since it was a k-net transaction and it could take long for a refund, they will send someone with my money. This was agreed upon on Thursday or Wednesday before Eid.

    I waited during the 1-week Eid holiday and only contacted them back on Monday or Sunday after that and asked about the status of my refund. They asked: didn’t the delivery call you? Again, no one has called and then they assure me someone will be calling me and now it has been another week and nothing.
    Today I finally emailed the CEO and all he had to say was they’re sorry but the money was given to the courier and it’s their fault I don’t have my money back. It’s a minimal amount and I honestly can’t care less if I get it back or not but it’s the principal.

    I hate it when companies are not straight forward. And it’s obvious that this company is either not able to keep up with the amount of people that started ordering after you posted about them or they are just very poorly managed.

  27. Mariam says:

    I used edfa3ly right after I read your post about it. I purchased about 7 items confidant that they would be the best. It’s been more than 20 days and I didn’t receive all items yet. Other disappointing facts:

    * One of the items was a card game. It came in its original box, but some of the cards were torn.
    * Tracking system is not up-to-date, not accurate and isn’t clear.
    * International charges were the same for different items with different weight.
    * They call to inform you that the items are here in Kuwait, ask you if you want to pick it up or if you want to have it delivered. Delivery takes 1 – 2 days.
    * Not informing you of the international shipment fees, waiting till last minute then paying additionally to what you have paid at the time of purchase.
    * The fact that they buy the items for you, means they are getting rewarded by the seller for that many transactions. Not you.

    Conclusion: never, ever again. Such a disappointment!

  28. Dz says:

    After reading about this company I was so happy but my happines didn’t last long. I ordered two items, one arrived after a month and numerous inquieries. I’m still waiting on the second one to arrive!!! Horrible, horrible, horrible ….

  29. Hussain says:

    I Ordered on 8th of September, and fully paid by Knet, all items, ordered 5 items total, 4 items arrived and I had to go and pick it by my self, because the box is large and weight around 17 Kilos.

    The first item of the 5 which I paid for, still saying ordered! and still not tracking!

    I mean comon!! its almost a month! 4 days left… this item is sold and shipped by amazon, which is from their warehouse!

    First time I called them they wrote, estimated delivery to US warehouse is 20, and after i called them again, they wrote 25, and third time i called they wrote 30, and today I called them they wrote 6th of October!!

    I will never order or go through them again! No tracking, no evidence shows that they ordered the item.
    I’m very disappointed and will never use their service again.

    • Mark says:

      You’re lucky, I ordered an item on September 9th and I still didn’t get it. Once I get it I’ll be updating this post for sure…

      • Hussain says:

        Ok, just got an update before 10 minutes…

        Dear Hussain , in regards to Item # we just got a new update and we are sincerely sorry to tell you that the item got broken in the shipping stage from the seller to our US warehouse ,,, now we can either refund you for it or we can reorder it and you will not be paying anything ,,, if we reorder the item for you , you should get it in maximum 10 working days from tomorrow , please let us know your decision

        I leave the comments for you guys…

  30. Saaya says:

    we ordered a few things in August.By gods grace got the costliest one.The other two has been lost(we havent got our cash back yet) ,thats what they said.The third item ,we were asked to get it from their office.we went there.Then they announced after 1 hour of wait that it hasnt reached…beautiful service.Never in a million years will i ever recommend this company to my freinds or family.extremly poor customer service.

  31. khalifa says:


    Do you know an alternative (KWI to USA) cheap shipping service for small stuff?

  32. Abeer says:

    Is there any company you know that mails documents/letters from USA to kuwait with cheap rates.Thank you

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