The iPhone 8 is Out in Kuwait

Post by Mark

The iPhone 8 just went on sale a few days ago in the States and its already available in Kuwait. Since it hasn’t officially been released in Kuwait yet the prices as expected are pretty ridiculous at the moment. Here are some of the current prices:

Best Electronics
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: KD400

iPhone 8 256GB: KD315
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: KD400

iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: KD300

Mobile 2000
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: KD300

The official Kuwait prices in comparison are as follows:

iPhone 8 64GB: KD245
iPhone 8 256GB: KD297
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: KD278
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB: KD332

A bunch of places have pre-orders for the official release including Xcite and Jarir. The expected release date is September 30th.

If you’re hoping to get your hands on the iPhone X then you’re going to have to wait a bit longer since the iPhone X is scheduled to be launched in the US on November 3rd.

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  1. Teqleed says:

    i’d advice everyone to wait for the iPhone X since the difference is around 70KWD or 100KWD.

  2. Kuwait says:

    Please elaborate, what is “Official Kuwait Price”?

  3. Maz says:

    Guys, I understand the hype that comes from a new iPhone. But its simply impractical to get it just now. Wait until the official release (a week or two) and see those prices slashed. As a point of reference. iPhone X is going to be around 350KD. No more of this silly 400KD for an 8+.

    P.S. You know when it is officially out when telcos start selling them.

  4. Aziz says:

    And here I am waiting for the phones to be released so that the prices of the S8 might drop. Broke my screen once and KD 55 to repair it. Dropped it a month later and the knockoff screen went dead. Note to self: pay double for an original screen if you don’t plan on upgrading your phone… if yo are clumsy like me

  5. Shebi says:

    I think the phones thats available now wont have Face Time working?

    That will b available only after the official launch? I doubt

    • Mark says:

      FaceTime is dependent on the telecom and so would work here

      • Frink says:

        Isn’t that set by the App Store country? How can a telecom stop you from downloading something available on your country’s app store?

        • Mark says:

          U don’t download FaceTime it’s on the phone but it can be disabled. For example whatsapp audio doesn’t work in UAE but you can still use whatsapp.

      • Reham says:

        It’s more based on the country you buy it from e.g. getting an apple device from UAE won’t have facetime, when you’re in Kuwait using it with a Kuwaiti sim card, it still won’t be available and it can’t be downloaded either.

  6. DeReD says:

    Hey Mark, as someone who knows a thing or two about design, doesn’t the iPhone X notch bother you? It’s really bugging me!

  7. Ahmed says:

    this is crap .. the hell with iphone dumb phone

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