LEGO Store Now Open

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LEGO have just opened their first shop in Kuwait at The Avenues. According to my friend whom I stole the snapchat screenshot from, he spotted the LEGO Architecture, Star Wars, Friends and Elves series all on display at the shop along with the regular LEGO sets. They also sell LEGOs by the bowl where you get to pick different LEGO pieces and colors like you’re buying jelly beans. If you’re interested, the LEGO store is located in Phase II near the That Al Salasil bookshop.

Thanks @xxmrfarixx

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  1. sami says:

    Great addition to the Avenues. Finally something new and not fashion of food related.

  2. teenum says:

    Finally! A place where I could hangout in Avenues when my family takes hours to shop for clothes.

  3. Neo says:


    Was at the 360 and they still haven’t opened the Lego store there , Wonder Why ?

  4. James says:

    This is great news.

  5. clare says:

    this is why i regularly check your blog bro :D you post all the right stuff, props to ya. cheers x

  6. Ali K says:

    Would be really great news if the prices aren’t like those of Toys`r`us (ie double, sometimes triple normal prices). Being an official store, I hope they took that into consideration.

  7. Aziz says:

    Whilst it is really awesome to have an official Lego store in kuwait, it’s still fairly overpriced </3, I checked the price of a specific set In the Lego store (UCS Slave 1 if anyone is Curious) in the Dubai branch and it costs 109kd, here in kuwait the exact same set costs 144kd, Keep in Mind that BOTH Lego stores in Kuwait and Emirates are owned by the same person (Majjid Al Futtaim).

  8. Kuwait says:

    Any cool technic sets?

    And yeah, anyone with confirmed info on the pricing? Are they replacing the $ sign with KD?

    • Essie says:

      The Simpsons House costs 60 KD online and 135KD in the Lego Store. That’s a 125% price increase!

      I guess the only pro (despite the price jacking) is that you get sets right away as opposed to waiting for them to arrive in the mail.

    • BraveArc says:

      Didn’t check for any Technics. Walked out as soon as I saw the prices. What a waste.

  9. Ali Sleeq says:

    Remember when Legos were just toys and not a luxury item?

    (either that or I’m too poor to know)

  10. Ali K says:

    I was just at the Store. Mindstorm ev3 250KD here vs 109KD Amazon = Outrageous

  11. James says:

    This is ridiculous. All the stores are ripping people off in a bid to tap a certain segment of people. Sadly this is economics. I’m sure they’ll come to their senses as this is a non-essential and people who want to get the expensive sets would go the Amazon way – still a major saving with shipping costs.

  12. sami says:

    I visited the shop and the prices are a total scam. Items are at least double the price on amazon. For example ewok village on Amazon is $250 and here it’s 180kd. Avoid if you value your money.

  13. AndyQ8 says:

    Why do so many people use the word ‘Legos’?
    The company is called Lego and they make Lego pieces or Lego bricks.
    Seriously. Just don’t!

  14. Leego says:

    Anyone know those the agent is for the Lego store?

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