Lego Store Opening in Kuwait

Post by Mark


There’s a huge Lego store opening at 360 Mall on the top floor opposite the bowling alley. No idea when its set to open up but the first store in the Middle East just opened up in Abu Dhabi earlier this year.

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  1. Nasser says:

    As a guy who LOVES Lego, I really REALLY hope their prices are reasonable and close to the original price set by Lego. Lego sets in Kuwait at toys stores, literally cost double the price of what they are on the official Lego online store. I went to a Lego store in Mall of the Emirates (not sure if its an official one), and they sold the Lego Tumbler for around 120 KD, which is total BS considering it actually costs around 60 KD.

    If the prices are close or the original, or even just reasonably marked up, this store will be a hit, if not, then they would have messed up big time.

    • Mark says:

      Since it’s the official store everything should be retail price so I’m crossing my fingers as well

    • Nawaf AL-Rudaini says:

      I went to the official lego store in Abu Dhabi and the price on some items was double what you will find on their online store. I bought an item from the US this summer for KD80. The same item was sold in Abu Dhabi for KD150.

    • Zeus says:

      Hey man, You can buy the Tumbler From the blink (the website), they’re selling it for 91kd, whilst it’s still overpriced but atleast the price difference is not that significant from actual retail, especially since the shipping costs would cost around the same if you buy it and ship it via MyUs or Borderlinx (around 30kd), Hope this helps (:

  2. Antoni says:

    Fingers crossed!

  3. BraveArc says:

    I usually buy my LEGO stuff from the official store in India. Even though they’re priced quite high there because of the import taxes, I don’t mind it because it is still cheaper than the prices here.
    The prices of Lego in Toys R Us and the toy store in Avenues phase-I is just pure madness.
    I hope they get their pricing right, Life will become a lot easier for me.

  4. FYI says:

    nice to see other grown men excited about lego.

  5. Kuwait says:

    Lego IS for grown-ups dude :D

    VERY VERY excited here too and I second all the above thoughts on the pricing model.

    • Kuwait says:

      Btw proud owner of 2 of the most massive and complicated Lego Technics:

      1. 8110: Unimog
      2. 8455: Backhoe

      • BraveArc says:

        Sorry man, But, These are massive:-
        1. 10189 – Taj Mahal
        2. 10221 – Super Star Destroyer
        3. 76023 – Batmobile(Tumbler)
        4. 10225 – R2-D2
        5. 10220 – VW Van

        • Nasser says:

          I have R2D2, and that was so much fun to build! I really want the damn Tumbler, but the prices man. Hopefully at this store.

          • Mark says:

            how long did it take to build? i went to get a model the other day to put together and couldn’t find any at My Toy that I wouldn’t be able to finish in an evening. I’m looking for a complicated long term build.

            • BraveArc says:

              In my collection, the VW Van is the smallest and takes about 5-7 hours of build time. The biggest is the Taj Mahal and it takes close to 24 hours.

            • Nasser says:

              R2-D2 took me about 9 hours to build, I broke them down about 3 hours per day. It’s bad ass, and the third leg that comes out is so cool, as well as the “laser” and cutter that come out of is center.

              If you want something even more complicated, theres the Super StarDestroyer which is insane, and the Deathstar. I know they’re all Star Wars, but those are my favorite.

        • Kuwait says:

          BraveArc, you noticed I said TECHNICS? The models you listed are probably fun to make and once complete are just stared at wondering ‘now what?’.

          The 2 technic sets are working models having a complicated pneumatic system with powered compressors.

          • BraveArc says:

            True. I used to only buy Technics prior to my last five purchases. I got bored of the build style and let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly all that great to look at. But, I’m actually considering buying the mobile crane(42009) next.
            I was only referring to the ‘massive’ part. None of them are all that big let alone massive.

      • Zeus says:

        You should try sets 42009 & 42043, then you’ll see what a real complex Technic Set has to offer.

  6. Ahmed says:

    FINALLY! Something cool to look forward to in Kuwait! But too bad its on the top floor :/ Why not place it in that area that used to be the Exhibition Hall?

    • Mark says:

      That’s gonna be Bloomingdales supposedly plus rent is cheaper that high up which means they don’t have to double their prices so they can pay their rent

  7. gzl says:

    i think that kids nowadays are so not interested in using thr imagination to play LEGO but its cool to have grownups into it :D

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