No More Volumetric Weight with MyUS


Just an FYI for those of you who use mail forwarding companies to ship items from the States. MyUS which I’ve previously posted about [Here] now no longer calculate volumetric weight, instead they calculate the cost of your shipment based on actual weight. What this means is you now pay a lot cheaper for shipping since if your box is huge or tiny it doesn’t matter anymore. [Link]

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Thanks a ton, Mark… Just registered with my amex and got the freebies….

Using actual weight step could be a game changer for them in the ME… tired of borderlinx and aramex ripping me off….

Its not really a game changer. It used to be like that. Then all of a sudden they all got greedy and started charging you for shipping empty air. Good to see a return to sense.

If I wanna ship a bowling ball. say 16 lbs. you have any idea how much it would cost to ship it? is it insured? it’s a 5k bowling ball so ama need to know if the ball is gonna come in 1 piece.

Viabox is much better, Free registration, free assisted purchase, free repacking, free product images and they offer the following couriers DHL, UPS, TNT, USPS, Toll, Aramex, Yamato, SPSR Express

But they have volumetric weight which sucks for people who order big things that weighs little, and bro they are expansive so expansive i don’t recommend them at all high rate + volumetric weight.

viabox sucks

I love MyUS, its excellent. Been using it ever since you posted about their MasterCard offer many months ago.

Thanks Mark!

If ministrybof communication fix thier stupid mailing service, these companies will be messed up ! And government will be making good profits. But as its quoted ” Kuwait mailing service is the best to send and thevworst to recieve” lol

Hi All, I have a query for different topic. Kindly let me know if you know of any cheaper cargo services in sending household items to Australia.

They can help you (Inchcape Shipping Services) but they aren’t the cheapest in the market. Aussie shipments are tricky due to the complicated import customs regulations and paperwork so choose wisely 🙂

email: [email protected]
Add: Al Qibla Area, Opp Al Seif Palace, Gulf Street

Thank you viper for the information. I will check it out with them. I am not able to find the exact list of dutiable items for that country.

Still very expensive, 10kg shipped with myUS is around 55kd with their new system. with postaplus its still 39kd.

To be honest, I just hope posta does not mess with their pricing system, anything less than 1 meter in any dimension (width height or depth) is done by actual weight. and if your shipment is like 5.05 KG, they give you up to 60-70 grams crossed so that you dont pay the next weight bracket.

If posta dies, then all my future hopes in ordering online dies, its the last real breed, forget about aramex thieves and their delays, or borederlinx and their volumetric scam. if posta dies, or hike their prices, there is no where else to go.

Is the premium account on MyUs worth paying the monthly $7 fee and one time $20 setup fee? Or should I stick to the basic account with no monthly fees & just a $10 one time setup fee?

Postaplus seems very interesting too..

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