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Official iPhone 12 Prices in Kuwait

The official iPhone 12 prices got published today and you can check them all out below:

iPhone 12 Mini
64GB – 256.900 KD
128GB – 274.900 KD
256GB – 310.900 KD

iPhone 12
64GB – 289.900 KD
128GB – 309.900 KD
256GB – 345.900 KD

iPhone 12 Pro
128GB – 359.900 KD
256GB – 395.900 KD
512GB – 469.900 KD

iPhone 12 Pro Max
128GB – 404.900 KD
256GB – 439.900 KD
512GB – 510.900 KD

How do the prices compare to US and UK iPhones? If we take the iPhone 12 Pro 256GB as an example then Kuwait is slightly more expensive than the US price but a lot cheaper than UK prices:

iPhone 12 Pro 256GB
Kuwait – 396 KD
United States – 377 KD (including US tax and shipping to Kuwait)
United Kingdom – 451 KD (including shipping to Kuwait)

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Does no-one else think it’s ridiculous and disgusting and completely unethical to be paying half a thousand KD for a phone that you’ll replace in 2 years anyway?

1) It’s just the spending power in this country. Whether they have the money or take out a new loan.
2) everyone is caught up with having to put out the latest phone on the table when meeting others. Part of the larger problem of everyone being judged by their car, dress, makeup and latest design pouty blowfish lips.

Sad result, when the phone falls and cracks, most dont have the cash to repair it for months and walk around with it! Companies are happy to take advantage.

Bottom line why is anyone paying more than they have to for a device that makes calls, for whatsapp and FB. Better off buying Gen-1 if keeping up with a platform is that important.

It has nothing to do with the spending power in Kuwait, the same phone costs KD560 in the UK, does that mean the UK have a higher spending power than Kuwait?

You’re not getting my point. Upgrades don’t happen in the UK and US every year as it does here at the scale here, unless you’re on some free upgrade plan. Most of us upgrade when it breaks, is out of updates or 3-4 years whichever is later. Out here upgrades are happening just because they can or have to, out of peer/societal pressure. Not judging, just stating the mindless wastage of resources – also that there’s nothing else to do with that money here so..

You don’t have any data on the percentage of upgrades that take place here or why people upgrade so what are you basing this on? It’s just your opinion so don’t make it sound like a fact.

I was once withdrawing 20KD from an ATM machine because I was getting a PlayStation game delivered and needed to pay for it. There was a low-income worker there and asked me if I could help him using the ATM, he wanted to check if he received his 60KD salary. I was there withdrawing basically a third of his salary to pay for a stupid plastic disc that I’d use for a few hours and then shove in a drawer when that guy could use the 20KD to survive on.

If you’re going to start thinking about the ethics of how the world economy works you’re gonna want to just move to a farm and live off the land. Let everyone spend whatever they want on whatever they want. I don’t get envious when someone can afford a Ferrari F40 and I can’t nor do I find it unethical when someone is willing to pay a million dollars for it. To each their own, it’s their money.

Well said. What is one man’s expenditure on entertainment for a day, could be all the cost of another man’s one meal a day for the next 1-2 months.

Your comparison is misleading. You are not paying 20KD for a plastic disk. You are paying 20KD toward the living wages of hundreds, or perhaps thousands of people who made the game possible: Developers, musicians, designers, voice actors, factory workers, etc.. who are also feeding their families, paying their education debt, and spending their money on products that others made. So, as long as your income is legitimate, you should never feel guilty on what you spend it on. Your spending no matter on what, sustains the salary of some other person in this world. It is how capitalism work, and how things should be.

Or a year if your name is Mark 😉

And no I don’t. Often the year (or 2) old phone is sold second hand for a good price.

I get a 50% discount on the iPhones so I sell the iPhones for the same price I bought them and rebuy new ones. If I don’t get that deal I don’t change phones, not worth it year on year.

I’d say considering the expensive exotic cars I see on four flats covered in dust, the trash-to-street cleaner ratio, the sorry state of the roads, the crumbling buildings, the wasteful use of water, and the gross beaches and run-down public playgrounds, no one here really looks beyond two years. Buying a 500KD phone and getting rid of it for a 600KD phone next year makes perfect sense here.

I’ve got some interesting math. So say 25% of the population- 1 million – upgraded iPhone every 5 years that would be 5x500x1Million Kd in Kuwait and not outside (2.5Billion Kd) . You could water the factors down, lesser ppl, less expensive phones, etc but the number is still large. Again, not hate, just perspective. Factor in more expensive annual upgrades like cars.

We just ended up borrowing 3.3Billion and rated the 2nd worst country in terms of debt after Azerbaijan at 35% of the gdp compared to Saudi at 10%. These habits are not sustainable. Yes they won’t go into the country’s coffers but wiser ppl will see the connection, larger picture, and action needed.

Mark posts something informative and relevant, people get mad, angry and express their hatred at Kuwait, their frustrations at others and in general anything else but a thank you for doing all the work for us and posting in a user friendly way.

The comments section always amazes me, ppl are way to angry

2020 has been worse ….but ppl are always angry day1 in any comment sections of any topic…but I saw the least in topics related to old school heavy metal:)

Lol people in Kuwait have so much oent-up frustration that even an innocent post about iPhone prices elicits an angry response.

Take a chill bros

I phones are actually way better than Samsung in the stand against age and time, I tried Samsung and Blackberry, and both literally suicided on me on the 4th year.
Now, I own an I-phone 7 since 2016 which still operates just fine but the screen & the battery been changed which costs 20KD [cheap 3rd parts is an upside].

So yes, I phones are expensive but it’s definitely a worthwhile investment into your peace of mind, unlike rivals.

I guess it’s about time for an upgrade to another I phone since there are so many upgrades in this model [Mainly the speed, 5G, battery life, Camera, screen durability] and the price point isn’t that high if you look at it for the period of service time.

but I still wonder if the prices will be lower a month later just once we get over the hype of the first batch release?!

‘DxOMark’ published its iPhone 12 Pro  camera review’ and the verdict is in. The new model offers ‘marginal improvements’ over last year’s iPhone 11 Pro at just the right places which resulted in a 4 point improvement over the 11 Pro.
•If someone is buying only for the ‘Camera upgrade’ from 11pro max .. its not worth it 😐

‘marginal improvements’ is basically the phone industry for the last 5 years, it’s also basically why people now (don’t know about Kuwait) hold on to their phones longer than before.

Here the Apple Store price in UAE:
iPhone 12 Mini

64GB – 2,999 AED
128GB – 3,209 AED
256GB – 3,629 AED

iPhone 12

64GB – 3,399 AED
128GB – 3,609 AED
256GB – 4,029 AED

iPhone 12 Pro

128GB – 4,199 AED
256GB – 4,619 AED
512GB – 5,469 AED

iPhone 12 Pro Max

128GB – 4,699 AED
256GB – 5,119 AED
512GB – 5,969 AED


I bought my (iPhone 12 pro 256GB) from US through MyUS website and the total to my doorstep was 361 KD

The iPhone 345 KD
Shipment with fedex 13 KD
Customs clearance 3 KD

Hi Mr. Nasser, Your phone works perfectly with our Kuwait carriers? heard 5G bands from us is not working here in kuwait…

3KD for shipping? Possible. But you would have paid ~10% of the phone price extra because of the NY address of Aramex.

So its not a good idea to ship via SNS!

Hi Mark,

I want to buy I phone 12 pro Max from and ship to Kuwait through

My Questions does ships and delivers to This is my first time would you please advice.

Hi Nasser,

I am planning to buy iphone 12promax from US is it safe to ship and phones are working perfectly in kuwait please advise

Previously what I was told is that Apple Kuwait is required to purchase the phones from Apple UAE office who in turn have to purchase them from Apple France office. If everyone has to make a bit of money along the way its why the prices are the way they are. This was around 6-8 years back so might not be the same procedure now.

xcite prices are similar to whats above. but I just understood your question though.

If the prices you’re finding aren’t similar to my list that’s because the place selling them isn’t an apple reseller and are selling grey market iphones.

Best Electronics are selling it less than the market rates by 15 KD, I bought the iPhone 12 – 128Gb – Black for 294.9 KD whereas Xcite, Eureka and Lulu is 309.9 KD.

P.S the Pro model is also cheaper than the market by 15 KD for those who want to go for the Pro & Max [Limited colors options tho].

That’s probably because they’re not official resellers and so are importing the phones. I bought my Apple AirPods from Blink for the same reason, they were around 10kd cheaper I think but they were Thai imports.

Hmm, it could be, I thought about it but then again it’s risk-free since they offer a warranty Etc, Any risks you could think of?

Cool, thanks a lot for your valuable takeaways on this particular topic Mark. made the decision-making process easy breezy.

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