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A redditor started a list of online shopping websites in Kuwait and I decided to add a few more and share the list here. I’m sure there are a bunch of places I’m missing so let me know about them in the comments. To qualify on the list below they need to be locally based websites.

Games Q8
Game Center Kuwait

AAB World

Q8 Quadra
Cameo Computer Services
Want it Buy it
Personal Computer Center

Food Products
Gourmet Shelf
Gourmet ME
One Stop
Prime Cuts
Kuwait Fresh Fish
On Cost
Sultan Center

Ready Made Food
Alshaya Delivery
I Eat Online

Variety of Products
Mr Babu

Yacob Behbehani Sons Co.
The Yard
Pink Moon
Shop #4
Soccer Scene

Sheeel (Daily Deel)
Beidoun Online (Perfumes + Cosmetics)
Timeless Baby (Baby Stuff)
K7L (Cosmetics)
Pet Zone (Pets)
Pet Pal (Pets)
Pet House (Pets)
Oleana Boutique (Baby Stuff)
Boutiqaat (Cosmetics)
Dowa (Pharmacy)
Craft and Company (Lifestyle)
Bleems (Flowers, Chocolates, Gifts)
NHE Group (Satellite Receivers)
ProSports (Sporting Equipment)
Page Turner (Books)
Cavaraty (Phones)
Mobile 2000 (Phones)
KWT Cover (Phones)
Digits (Apple Products)

Update: I’ve reorganized and updated this list under a new post [Here]

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52 comments, add your own...

  1. pickles says:

    Groceries >

  2. GNLT says:

    You missed:
    (I think they were your sponsors)

    And the Fashion category

  3. Chuck says:

  4. Sam says: – Watches & jewelry – Misc – Fashion

  5. Justyna says:

    I know this one, for cosmetics mostly:

  6. Vi-Vi says:

    Hi Mark!

    how about adding “Just Ask” service to your list. Its a service at TSC (SALMIYA and SHARQ) they order, they ship and the they deliver from US and UK based websites (fashion, books, some electronics, cosmetics etc…


  7. shaknon says:

    Kshmsh online book store:

    This is a local bookstore which sells kids books.

  8. ray says: cosmetics

  9. Sam says:

    Send only via P. O. Box but half the price of Mr. Babu; takes 2 months approx. though.

  10. M4 says: (Not sure if they’re Kuwaiti based though, they deliver to Kuwait, Qatar and UAE.)

    Cool list, a lot of websites I didn;t know about. Also I eat online links you to Talabat (lol).

  11. Orion says:

    For the sake of everyone in this country, remove Taw9eel. They’ve turned to shit and have awful delivery times of +12hours, and their excuse? It’s always something broke (They told me this on 3 different occasions).

  12. anon says: has been under maintenance for over a year now i think, it simply asks you to go to Talabat.

    i would remove it from the list (shame, they used to have awesome 25%-50% off offers)

  13. meh says:

    For catering restaurants.

  14. Rami Bedeir says:

    hey there,
    We have an online store as well :)

  15. tsj says:

    you missed out

  16. Reem says: is an online baby and maternity boutique

  17. Yaqoub says:

    online pharmacy

  18. NM says:

    Natural and organic skincare

  19. Farah says:

    We are an online lifestyle store based in Kuwait

    Instagram: @Craftandcompany

  20. KobonKW says:

    Hello, we are an online experience gifting platform in Kuwait.
    Instagram: @kobonkw

    Appreciate to list us as well! Thanks!

  21. Ahmad Hassaan says:

    the site (e-Have All) is not there anymore

  22. aresto says:


    Just want to give a feedback on 1 of the stores listed.

    I ordered from Jamalon last week and I noted that even now my order status is still ‘Processing’. I raised a couple of tickets in their CS system but received no response. I also tried FB message but again no response. I tried to call their CS number, but it was a never ending hold music.

    In summary, the worst experience I had with an online bookstore.

  23. Hello there

    Would it also be possible to include these fabulous handmade accessories from Europe on the list too please?

    Thank you in advance

    Warm regards


  24. Naser says:

    There is

    They sell (Goldblack) leather accessories

  25. Hatem says:

    Ubuy Kuwait is the worst place to buy anything from, i had the worst experience with them, they provide misleading information and very bad costumer care and now i’m having a problem with getting a refund back.
    I don’t recommend to buy anything from them.

  26. PBCKUWIAT says:

    You Forgot the PBCKUWAIT … PBC Kuwait is one of the best Pakistani Product Store in Kuwait.

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