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Post by Mark

Page Turner is a local online based store that specializes in selling must reads books and bestsellers. Their collection isn’t huge by any means with their “Fiction” section being the largest, but you could look at it as quality over quantity. They also buy used books although I have no idea where they’re listed on their website. In any case if you’re looking to buy real books and don’t have a Kindle, this could be a good source. Check them out [Here]

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  1. Quintin says:

    Hey mark, any idea where i can buy a kindle paperwhite in kuwait

    • Mark says:

      no, no idea i was looking for one for a friend of mine and couldnt find any place locally. if u do find a place let me know

    • Gary says:

      I’ve been looking for ages, finally ended up buying one when I went on vacation. You can order it from Amazon although shipping may be expensive. As for locally, I am still unaware.

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