The Breakfast Buffet

Post by Mark

I am going to order an iBook this week and was planning on using my old Waterfield Design Vertigo bag of mine which Nataly is currently using. But I was talking to Nibaq earlier and we were discussing bags and I remembered how fun it was to shop for my last bag iBook bag. This is why I decided my new iBook would deserve a new bag. Nibaq and I both have different requirements when it comes to bags. As he puts it he is “technical” when it comes to bags. Meaning, they must be big, ugly and fit his laptop, 20 cameras, 2 desks, his favorite blankey, half his wardrobe and 2 book shelves. Me on the other hand, I like bags that look good, are compact, simple and barely fit my stuff.

Its like the difference between a 60GB iPod and a 4GB iPod mini. One allows you to carry all your songs with you, while with the other you only carry the songs you need. So basically, I like to be choosy when it comes to deciding what I need to carry with me since this will be more of my everyday bag and not my “I will travel the world and need to take all my stuff with me” bag.

I just started my quest for the ultimate bag today but already I have a qualifier. I first checked the award winning Cargo bag at Waterfield Designs but I found it looking too much like a regular boring laptop bag and it was also overly priced. My second stop was at the Crumpler shop. I previously purchased the Budgie Smuggler for my Nikon D70 but got mixed results. The bag looked really good and was of excellent build quality, one of the best I have ever seen, but, it was a bit too bulky for my needs. I guess this comes with the territory of purchasing stuff online, you can’t try the stuff before you order them. But, the Crumpler bags are great and the companies personality is really down to earth. This is why I now have my eye on The Breakfast Buffet. I am thinking of getting the blue one and its priced nicely at $95. Its small, enough to fit a 12inch iBook and still has enough room to throw in my PSP, iPod, PDA and notebook. So, until I find something better, it seems this will be the bag I will be getting.

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  1. - snookie - says:

    hi mark. i just wanted to know since im thinking of buying a 12inch ibook myself, does it tend to over heat quickly?

  2. nibaq says:

    Bags main purpose is to carry things and I make sure the bags that I use are made to be used and abused. Before I picked up my last bag I made an excel work sheet listing all the bag’s mesaurements, weight, volume and their accessories.

    Basing something how it looks before its function is just asking for trouble with bags. I’ve made that mistake many times and hurt my back from it. So I learned the hard way to always get bags from places that make their bags to be used and abused.

  3. Mark says:

    snookie no they dont.

    nibaq thats why i am going with crumpler, excellent build and quality.

  4. Jackie says:

    My sister just got an iBook for school :D

  5. Dyxio says:

    I like the messenger bag from Tom Bihn, but for my laptop I just use a normal black Eastpak messenger bag (it has no protection or anything but it looks good) Like you, Im all abt the looks

  6. Mark says:

    Hey Dyxio, someone recommended me the Tom Bihn Cafe Bag but I didn’t like it. They look too normal. I am looking for something different and stylish. Nibaq recommended and although they are sytlish the bags themselves are regular looking messenger bags.

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