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Vintage Breitling & Heuer Watches

I wasn’t planning on posting about this until I bought a watch for myself, but I don’t need another watch so I need people to go buy everything and not leave anything for me to impulse buy.

Al-Batel is an old watch store that was established back in 1959. Back then they used to carry a number of watch brands including Breitling, Heuer (before they were purchased by TAG), Nivada, and Zodiac. Incredibly, they still have unsold watches available for sale (New Old Stock) dating back to the 60s and 70s. They have some of them listed up on their website but they have more on display in their shop in Mubarakia next to AlFares (Google Maps).

If you’re into vintage watches then definitely check them out ASAP. Their prices are pretty much the same compared to online prices for used versions of these watches except the ones they have are all new. Link

12 replies on “Vintage Breitling & Heuer Watches”

Omg, those TAGs and Bees are immaculate.
Vintage watches are so cool.
It’s a pain though, every morning deciding to strap on my vintage Speedy or apple watch.
Sometimes I go full Maradona, Speedy left, apple right wrist πŸ€ͺ

I’ll bite. Ppl are helping more health conscious and want trackers on them. At the same time ppl like me want a nice looking analog watch which 1) I don’t need to charge every week, 2) don’t need to tap or click to tell the time and date. So having both on either hand works. Of course you accessorize your digital hand and you’re in vogue. Try it out. I won’t judge you like you just did others πŸ˜‰

You can get a small and unobtrusive tracker, it can even go on the same hand as your real watch. One on each hand is such a Kuwait thing to do lol.

That’s really cool, except I might need to sell my kidney to afford them .. probably will end up doing so anyway to afford plane tickets these days .. might as well keep some money for a vintage watch lol πŸ˜€

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