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I found a store the other day that sold a variety of different sized kites. Since the weather is still bearable I thought some of you might be interested in flying them on the weekends. The store had a variety of kites ranging from small cheap ones that cost just KD5 to more proper and expensive ones that start at KD26 and go all the way up to KD170. I took a few photos of the kites they had for sale which you can check out below.

The store is called Wind Rider and it’s located on the Mezzanine floor of Al Muthana Complex in the back near the praying area. They’re open from 10AM to 1PM and 5PM to 9:30PM except on Fridays when they’re open only in the evenings. Their phone number is 2474788 or 6707010.

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  1. Sumsang says:

    Great find. Nice store. Horrible picture. Nasty post processing.

  2. Bo asker says:

    Nice i love the speed kite or stunt kite’s i will be checking the store, btw decathlon in marina mall has also a nice collection of different kind of kite’s

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