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Post by Mark

This is a pretty random post but its a slow news day so whatever. I’ve slowly started replacing all my bulbs at home with LED ones as the old incandescent light bulbs burn out. I’ve been hesitant so far mostly because the popular Philips LED bulbs found in supermarkets are too cold colorwise and so would make my place look like crap.

But, I decided to try the IKEA LED bulbs and surprisingly their color matches my old incandescent bulbs pretty closely. In the picture above I’ve got the three different bulbs in use to show you the differences. In reality though the color difference between the IKEA and regular incandescent is barely noticeable. Can you figure out which are the incandescent, IKEA or Philips bulbs in the photo? Once you’re done guessing you can find out if you were right by clicking [Here]

Not only do the IKEA bulbs have an accurate warm color, but they’re also around half the price of the Philips LED bulbs. So if you’re interested in LED bulbs, IKEA is the way to go.

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  1. K- says:

    Got it right :D You mentioning Philips as “too cold” really gave it away.

  2. Mudassar says:

    How bright are these? The LED bulbs I’ve used are so bright, they are blinding without covers or shades.

  3. 1215 says:

    Cool post!

  4. Buzz says:

    They have them in our coop (Adailiya coop family center). They come in two “flavors”: “cold” and “warm” and they only cost KD 1.620 for the 90 W (900 lm) version which is the highest in price. They’re made in China, but so is Philips and probably IKEA too.

  5. Dun says:

    LEDs change color temperature after a few hundred hours for the cheapo brands and 1000 hours for the best brands. Nonetheless they all change color temp over time and therefore you will still find yourself replacing them often (or you won’t and you will get used to crappy blue light overtime).

  6. anonymous says:

    Half the price of the Philips bulb? I could find a pack of 3 7-watts for just above 3 KD. But I only use spot lamps in my place.

    Also I hope you’ve not accidentally bought the cool daylight color of Philips. You need to buy the warm daylight ones.

  7. meh says:

    That’s a REALLY slow day

  8. Animatedude says:

    NNNNNNNo! this is a VERY important post! I couldn’t agree more!

    I never purchased Philips LED ones though.

    I’ve always purchased old incandescent light bulbs made by Philips, and they always burn out, especially during cold weather.

    But when i decided to try IKEA LED ones, i had low expectations, but i was pleasantly surprised.

    Just the other day, i was thinking how come the one i have in the bathroom is still working? i think i purchased that one 2-3 years ago.

    It’s really worth it to invest in IKEA LED bulbs, but i find it a bit confusing to know the equivalent to the incandescent bulb watts we are used to…

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