Game of Thrones vs مسلسل عمر

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مسلسل عمر

Check out both intros.

Game of Thrones

Thanks Mbahrani

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  1. bokhaloodie says:

    I loved the way how arabs reached the westerns level.. lets say they copied The Game of Therons but at least they moving forward in the good way. these stuff need more experience.. who knows.. maybe one day they copy us ;)

  2. Tariq says:

    Hey Baba aby entaa sawi SamE SamE…

  3. n19 says:

    Why did GoT copy mosalsal 3mr?

  4. T says:

    I knew it was too good to be true.

    Either way, it’s still miles ahead of typical Arabic series intros, and for that I’m grateful. Actually, quite a few series’ intros are shockingly good this Ramadan.

  5. Al-Marzouq says:

    It is disgusting how lack of originality is abundant in the arab production. This is PURE laziness. I dont want to lose my fast over this, but cmooooooooooon, seriously???? that stuff does not go over people’s heads any more! smh…..

  6. Lucky_boy says:

    Typical Syrian production, everything is copycat and without perfection (Just like their world’s most silly TV ads). But never the less, its quite entertaining series to watch :p

  7. Heisenberg says:

    i kinda like omar’s one more than the G of T.. ok they copied it but they actually made it much better..

  8. LFreeze says:

    I don’t really see that much of a similarity.

  9. OS says:

    At least the production quality seems to be pretty good for an arabic show…Did they finally crack the sound engineering nugget??

  10. zap says:

    I’m sending GOTs an email about this. Lol if they sue them..

  11. italianman says:

    how would omar be copying GOT if it is based on real events lol

  12. MoBo says:

    I barely see any copying ? Big deal

  13. anonymous says:

    Did a journalist xcopied this post at al watan news paper on july 24, talk about true copying lol

  14. Xzaby says:

    The story of Omar is to like GOT , Omar is based on real event , it’s based on the dawn of Islam , and the profit Mohammad , and Omar .
    So how could they copped GOT , I have’t seen GOT yet but I’m sure that the story doesn’t go around the dawn of Islam or the profit Mohammad and omar

  15. Xzaby says:

    Sry i kent not like ” The only simlirty is the clip design in the start of the show
    Everything els is different .

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