Must Watch TV: GIRLS

Post by Mark

Can we discuss the last episode? GIRLS, one of my favorite shows on TV right now is in its last season and they’re going out with a bang. The scene above was the saddest scene I’ve watched on TV since the finale of Six Feet Under (which is considered one of the best TV series endings btw). The acting was incredible, the subtle facial expressions and moments were so real, it reminded me why I loved the show so much, not that I needed reminding. GIRLS is real and raw in the same way The Wire was.

While some of my favorite shows like The Walking Dead, Homeland and The Americans have gotten pretty lame, GIRLS has not only managed to stay good 6 seasons in, they’ve actually gotten better. The current season is winding down all the story lines and there are only 2 more episodes remaining before the show comes to an end, and so far it’s looking like their best season yet. I don’t want it to end.

If you haven’t watched GIRLS then I highly recommend you do, it’s available to watch right now on HBO and OSN.

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  1. AR says:

    This season features some of the strongest writing we’ve seen this far in the series.

    The episode with Mathew Rhys was a masterstroke.

  2. Smee says:

    This season is also making me REALLY sad that the show is ending. Seriously, Lena Dunham – where was this two seasons ago?
    Marine is still the worst, though.

  3. Anwar Kh. says:

    I always believed i was the only male kuwaiti fan of this show …

  4. Tarek J says:

    I didn’t think we were allowed to publicly praise the show Girls, but I have to admit, Season 5 was almost perfect for me and season 6 is even better. I haven’t seen the last episode but I’m so impressed by how strong the show has gotten recently, especially since I remember almost losing interest somewhere around season 4.

  5. meh says:

    Is this the show about ugly ordinary people’s lives and how they fuck each other all the time?

  6. Foof says:

    I LOVED this episode it’s so real and raw! Heartbreaking scene! Also a must watch is Big Little Lies!!!!! Amazing show!

  7. fahad says:

    watched the first episode. too sexual for my taste. im usually eating something while watching tv shows :P

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