Amn wa al salama

Post by Mark

For some reason I’ve had this opening theme song stuck in my head all day. [YouTube]

Update: Fixed the title

Update2: Here is the Salamatak song [YouTube]

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  1. Mr.pedro says:

    Allaaaah Ayaaam :P

  2. Ducmania says:

    eeee wallah, good old days .. lol … anyone remember the show on KTV2 titled ” You and the Law ” ? classics

  3. Mathai says:

    how do you find this stuff ? ah good times ! lol
    yep I remember “you and the law” :)

  4. Zuno says:

    WTF!?! Ahahaha

  5. Holla says:

    this is al amn wa al salama for the MOI, not salamatek, that is the one for the min. of health and the one with the a worse (more awesome) song.

  6. (0:25) aah my Middle School in Shuwaikh B,,, that’s really old mark ,,, thanks for shearing such a memory : ‘ )

  7. mm hmm says:

    is the radio weird?

  8. vampire says:

    i always thought that last second the merc’s tire is on the edge of a cliff,, and i find it scary :(

  9. TweeZ says:

    ayam when people used to care and give a shit….kila minik ya Mark!
    wallah….killa minik!

  10. Conrad says:

    OMG…..brings back so many memories….
    Roving Report….You and the Law….
    Good Lord…..KTV was so much better back in the day….they had better cartoons…..

  11. Heba says:

    Well this song has been stuck in my head for over 20 years, I used to hear it when i was a kid living in Kuwait, and now a mom of 3 and sometimes I find myself singing it while in the kitchen!
    it’s really weird!

  12. Hielda says:

    What happened to Kuwait !!! Look how good and advanced this country was !! It was a leader in the region !!

  13. Hal says:

    I had to hold back my tears, really Hielda I agree.

  14. bboy_beat says:

    i gotta say even though the images of the crashing are supposed to be disturbing i did not feel a thing when i was young ! it must be the effect of the music ! i feel like it was so so much simpler times before !! n_n amazing :)

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