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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about TV shows but since I’m watching a few really good ones at the moment I figured it was time I do. This isn’t a large list, it just a small one of shows I want to highlight.

The first show I would recommend is UnREAL. I binge watched the whole first season earlier this year in one go on the plane when I was on my way to Vegas and the second season is currently running now. The show takes place on the set of a reality dating show and gives you an insight on all the manipulation that takes place behind the scenes. It’s heartless, brutal and I love it. My favorite show on TV right now.

First season is already out and I binge watched half of it yesterday. The show stars Damian Lewis (from Homeland) as a billionaire hedge fund king and the extraordinary actor, Paul Giamatti as a U.S. Attorney who’s trying to take him down. It’s really entertain from the get-go with great acting by the two.

The Night Of
Only one episode of this new HBO show is out but I’m already hooked. It’s a crime drama that follows a Paskistani-American student who ends up in a middle of a murder investigation. I love crime dramas, especially ones that don’t try to solve a crime per episode. Speaking of which if you haven’t already, watch The Killing, the first season is probably the best thing you could ever watch on TV.

One to look out for…

Vice Principals
This show comes out today so I haven’t watched it yet but it stars Danny McBride (Kenny Powers) so it should (hopefully) be funny.


Kill Tony
Ok this isn’t a TV show, it’s a podcast but instead of making a separate post for it I’ll just mention it here. Kill Tony is I guess a reality show comedy. The show is run by the hilarious comedian Tony Hinchcliffe and the audience members are all striving stand up comedians. Tony randomly selects a name of an audience member from a hat and they have to come up and do stand up for 60 seconds. Although many of the stand ups aren’t funny the show is actually incredibly funny since Tony and his guest celebrity comedians tend to roast the stand ups (while also giving them feedback and tips on how to improve).

Have a show you’re currently watching and like? Share it in the comments.

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  1. Riba says:

    Most of the time I don’t have discipline or time to watch the shows, but Penny Dreadful was an unexpectedly great ride, but probably not for everyone.

    Mad Dogs also had its good moments.

    I’ll check out your recommendations, got some extra time on my hands these days.

  2. I love unReal! Haven’t seen the rest.

    On a related note, I’m so glad The Americans is finally getting the recognition it deserves. At one point, it seemed like I was the only person I knew who was watching the show.

  3. Xtina says:

    How to get away with murder + Orange is the new black

  4. Patrick says:

    There’s a new, amazing show on Netflix called Stranger Things.

  5. Kuwait says:

    No big names, probably not even known by many:

    Tyrant (currently season 3 going on)
    Quantico (season 1 recently ended)

  6. k says:

    saw an ad for “the night of” while binging on GOT last night. it looked really really good. i will probably wait until the whole season is out on hbo now before i start watching though.

  7. Hamad says:

    Interesting picks.. Gonna check’em out soon.
    I recommend Preacher, The Expanse, Silicon Valley, Man Seeking Women, Outcast, 12 Monkeys, Marco Polo, The Last Ship. Those from my recently watched/currently watching stuff.

  8. Joya says:

    Tyrant…..Reign and the last kingdom ….

  9. Ahmed says:

    Mr. Robot season 2.

  10. Jad Alameddine says:

    I will add a few

    Bloodline (Netflix) first few episodes are slow but really a nice one
    Narcos (Netflix) 2nd season coming out very soon
    11.22.63 (Amazon or Hulu) not sure which but a really nice one again
    The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)

  11. Jay says:

    Making a Murderer

  12. 9ine says:

    Many shows , but only one i liked most was
    Person of interest. Sadly its over now :(

  13. Haaj says:

    Pakistani not paskistani

  14. Murrka says:

    Rick and Morty is life.

  15. Q8D says:

    12 Monkeys. Season 1 was easily my favorite of any show (I’m a huge fan of the movie so I might be biased here).

    Fargo season 2 was great.

    Narcos is really good too.

  16. Hakim says:

    My favourite shows are Supernatural,Flash,GOT,Person Of interest,Arrow,Gotham,The Walking Dead,Ballers.

    If you wanna watch something different you can go for Korean Shows (K-Drama) with English subtitles. They don’t keep on continuing seasons, every show has 16 episodes and then the season is finished they don’t release second season,the shows are awesome.

  17. Ahmed says:

    MR. ROBOT (Season 2) you got to add this to your list!!

  18. Kabamaru says:

    Stranger Things 2016 Netflix original, pretty good show.

    Preacher not bad, ZOO seemed interesting.

    Wrecked is funny show similar to Lost.

    yet only comedy I like is Last Man On Earth, that show is hilarious.

  19. vampire says:

    watched 1st episode of The Night of.. can’t wait to watch the 2nd later after work.
    anybody watched Horace and Pete?

  20. L says:

    YESSSSS! So much love for Unreal and Billions.
    How about some Ray Donavan??

    So good.

  21. I’ve been wanting to mention Transparent but had reservations about mentioning it since everything in it is considered haram – Jewish family with a transsexual father.

    Then again, what American shows are not Jewish? Pat Robertson?

    Anyway, here’s the trailer. It stars Jeffrey Tambor from Arrested Development.

  22. jameson says:

    The 100, anyone??

  23. zaydoun says:

    I’ve been raving about UnReal to anyone who’ll listen. In all my years (decades?) of watching all kinds of TV from high quality HBO shows to trashy soap operas.. I have never seen this level of nasty manipulation before! It’s addictive!!!

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