Do they still make these?

Post by Mark

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  1. K says:

    I remember playing this as a kid. Also played the fishing game and the one with the screen filled with water and rings. Good times.

  2. maged says:

    this was the best gift i ever had, we were so simple not like the young complicated generations :)

  3. Yousef says:


  4. mario says:

    I used to play on that for hours when I was a kid! Think it’s still lying in the attic somewhere back home. :)

  5. Nezar says:

    I really miss this one… u brought tears to my eyes.

  6. Marron Glace says:

    OMG !

    I remember playing with this , It called
    Tomy Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard

    Well there is no GAME OVER with this
    I think its more of knowing the driving basics
    than a game !!!

    Really it’s nice to see something from the past

    Check out this list :

    penguin race

    SNAFU Screwball Scramble

    Tricky Traps

    UNO commercial [1981]

    guess who!

    Hotel commercial

    Kroko Doc Werbung


    rubix cube

    Cadbury’s Chocolate Machine Money Box:

    vintage electronic speak & spell:

  7. Mathai says:

    My brother and I had one of these! I loved those popup headlights :D

  8. Mathai says:

    Now that I think about it I recall that ours wasn’t a Tomy. It was called ‘Learn to drive’
    Looked like this

  9. Yeni says:


  10. mEL says:

    nice post Mark. brings back memories.

  11. PFunk says:

    I still have mine and it still kinda works. (the blub is so dim u can barely see anything lol)

  12. 3absy says:

    WoW that’s amazing… I used to have one, I probably learned how to drive from one of these… Miss the old toys, there’s an excellent show called James May’s toy stories, he features all the amazing classic toys that kids these days don’t appreciate

  13. AJ says:

    ..then comes the ATARI :-)

  14. 7ammoud says:

    The designers at Honda who were in charge of the CRV’s interior must have loved this game.
    I was discussing it with my friends last week!

  15. Burhan says:

    :”( i had almost forgotten this game ! i remember i got this as a give when i was 6… ahh when i think about old times automatically the Godfather theme songs starts playing in my mind and i just feel like crying when i think about old glorious times when my parents where younger and we had a happier time :””=((

  16. Abdulaziz says:

    WOW… i had one… i totally forgot about this toy. haha…

  17. Jacqui says:

    That game used to keep me entertained for hours! Seriously loved it!

  18. Ali Sleeq says:

    80’s toys were awesome; I still have my He-Man collection.

  19. Boca Moca says:

    Damnnn, that brought me back right there! Right after seeing that I thought about my “Speak and Spell” which then I remember when I was rocking the He-Man and I had obtained the only female toy that is acceptable for a male to ever own, She-Ra. I was in desperate need of She-Ra’s horse and due to high demand around christmas my parents couldn’t find it…so what do I find under the tree….a “My Little Pony”. I know, I know, heresy, but what’s a kid to do, so here is how a conversation would go with the fellow kids from the block while playing some He-Man,

    Kid: “Is that a my little pony?”
    Me: “No, it’s She-Ra’s horse”
    Kid: “No it’s not that’s not what Swift Wind looks like”
    Me: “Daaaad”
    Dad: “Yes”
    Me: (Holding up my little pony) “What is this?”
    Dad: “She-Ra’s horse”
    Kid: “…?”
    Me: Silence is golden

  20. Fahed says:

    * wipes tears* man thats like taking a walk down memory lane… thanks for the post!!! i bet we all had one who were in kuwait in the 80’s…

  21. axed-gamer says:

    No, but they’re still making the Penguin Slide.

  22. Pinot says:

    Welcome back to the 80s!
    (sorry only Indonesian language)

  23. AMZ says:

    I still remember the smell of it :)). reminds me of ages ago.

  24. Amar says:

    I think the most amazing thing about all this is that no matter where in the world you are from, or grew up we all happened to grow up playing with the same toys. I think thats amazing…and yes this was in the 80’s early 90’s before the internet boom drove globalization.


    P.S. Yes these toys were the best!

  25. Hassan Dabbagh says:

    I spent the 80’s in Kuwait and I can remember all those games, brought back such emottion and just reminded me I haven’t been back in q8 since the first invation :( love the blog by the way and love most of all the old pics of Kuwait you have up I’m sure we have millions dad was an avid photographer.
    We are in Ireland at the moment and I’m sure I hid the water game in my back pack when we were bused out of Kuwait.
    Keep up the good work.

  26. Hafsa says:

    OMG I so want this for my son…plz tell me where can I get one…he will LOVEEE it!!!!

  27. Aliman says:

    Mark I actually have one of these up in my chalet in Faqra :)

  28. Pete says:

    Any one remember the game you clipped onto your tv and it had a car on it and you chased a bandit around somewhere like California or you were the bandit . Was so long ago

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