Kuwaiti Lego flag

Post by Mark

A friend of mine shot the picture above while he was at the Lego store in New York. Cute. [Link]

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  1. iNoor says:

    I took this in LEGOLAND Windsor, England back in 2006

  2. Adam says:

    Absolutely love Lego!!!

  3. Fahad says:


    Well we picked up again with great progress, and hope to be done before the end of the year.

    City will include 3 moving trains, 4 stationary trains, a moving monorail system, a business district with skyscrapers, a suburbs area, an industrial area with port, and an airport. I will also try to replicate a few buildings/sections after my favorite cities of Barcelona and Tokyo.

    Fiber optic lighting across street lights and within buildings will follow soon thereafter.
    See SandMan for photography rights :D

  4. : l says:

    3sh kuwait

  5. JST says:


    Just as an option for those wishing to fulfil their creative urges with Lego, but without the corresponding resources, :-), the Lego Digital Designer is great. I stumbled upon it, and have become an addict (blush blush)… It’s worth a dekko…

  6. Summer says:

    I think the lego is supposed to represent that big area in NY were a bunch of flags are raised! can’t recall the name!

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