Stranger Things LEGO Available in Kuwait

I spotted the very cool Stranger Things The Upside Down LEGO set being sold at the LEGO store in Avenues last week. They’re selling it for KD80 which surprisingly is cheaper than the price on Amazon (KD100). I guess the whole selling sets for double the price of Amazon didn’t work for them.

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They have recently revised their prices, which is an admirable move. They are also a good place to get those limited or potentially rare in the future sets since little people care about legos here except buying them for kids.

I got My Nasa Saturn V from Kuwait Lego Shop when it was double the price and really rare in USA it was like 20KD over the Original price which is decent if we factor in the delivery and customs

They’ve got the new ultimate collectors edition of the millennium falcon just sitting there. It’s like for 350KD but in a few years this thing will double.

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