Off to Madrid!

Post by Mark

I am leaving to the airport in a bit. Going to fly out to Madrid for some work and should be back Saturday. I am taking both my Nikon FE and my Sony W300 cameras. My posting habits should be normal although they will now be either late in the evening Madrid time or early in the morning. I don’t know what to expect in Spain, everything I thought was Spanish I realized was Mexican which means no Jarabe Tapatío for me!

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  1. Peony says:

    I am 1/8 spanish :)

  2. desertsky says:

    I’m 1/9 Mexican

  3. xxx says:

    luck you can I come toooo?

  4. Brandon says:

    Always somewhere or the other eh mark :P ?

  5. blue*q8 says:

    seriously where do u work !!!
    can i send u my CV ?

  6. Realist says:

    Go have the best mushrooms at Cisne Azul and checkout the Roy Lichtenstien sculpture at Reina Sophia.

  7. Mr.pedro says:

    Have fun its a nice place been there :)

  8. nyx says:

    Safe Landings and God speed Mark. Enjoy yourself.
    Dont miss trying out Bulls testicles. And make sure you eat them only on the day the matador has won; not vice versa! :o)

  9. K5 says:

    Try if you can to catch a Real Madrid Match, but i think its interenational matchs next weekend, GO TO THE STADIUM!!! and bring me a away real madrid shirt ill pay good money from one from the stadium (A)!

  10. funeralopolis says:

    hey mark when you’re taking photos with your nikon make sure the film is developed before you leave the airport if you can, either that or when you pass through security don’t put your camera through the x-ray. it seems to be alright with unexposed film but when it gets exposed and it passes to the x-ray machine then theres a big chance that your film might fuck up.

    one other thing, the x-ray machines they use for the carry-on luggage is weaker than the ones they use for the luggage you dump at the check-in counter so make sure you take your camera and films with you on the carry-on luggage

    this has happened to me with 2 good rolls of film, more info here

  11. 3azeez says:

    ok maybe u ppl will find this funny, i don’t feel like translating all of it, but its talking about the link Mark posted the other day, and it says that a new website called flickr was just created to host pictures of Kuwait!

  12. Mark says:

    funeralopolis i’ve taken film through airport security before and never had a problem. the majority of airport scanners today are film safe.

  13. funeralopolis says:

    alright cool, i had to mention it just in case cuz i’ve read and heard about it and i’ve had problems just once .. its good to take precautions anyway, have a good time in madrid!

  14. Mark says:

    i read the kodak article, going to keep my eye open for the film safe sign just to be safe!

  15. Holla says:

    Dude Mexicans speak Spanish.

  16. Giggles says:

    Make sure not to say cono when you are there. Puerto Ricans and other caribbeans use it lightly, but it will get you smacked in spain.

  17. fadibou says:

    I am 1/21 japanese

  18. Ahmed says:

    You might recognize this one :P

    El mariachi loco

  19. interrupt says:

    and this is a little off topic. anyone having problems with ushopweship lately? i had to click the ship now button three days in a row for it to ship, i pressed it first time on the 18th and the website says it was shipped on the 21st. ok so it was shipped on the 21st, thats like 18 days ago? and every time i call them, the same cold lady answers the phone and talks like she cant wait to hang up and tells me that they received no info about my package from skynet and that she cant do anything about it ok sir bye. and when i call skynet they tell me they didnt receive anything from ushopweship regarding my package. their service is shit as this isnt the first time that happens with me. like its not enough that nothing on their useless piece of shit that they call a website works. i miss my aramex days.

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