Online-only Dubai visas for GCC expats starting from October

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Starting October, GCC expats will no longer be able to get a visa on arrival to the UAE. Instead, GCC expats are required to apply for a visa online before the trip. The idea behind this is do reduce long queues for on-site visa applications and payment at the airport. They’ve already started the online service and a friend of mine just applied for his visa online and the total amount he had to pay was AED230 (around KD19).

Although the graphic above has been making its way around whatsapp, according to online news sources [1,2] it’s not accurate. Applying for an online visa became possible starting May 15th but visitors will continue to be able to get visas on arrival until October. You can apply for visas online at []

Thanks Fahad

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  1. Never knew that I was able to get Visa on Arrival in UAE >.<"

    I always have done my Visa in Kuwait then travel to UAE.

    • George says:

      Can we apply thru this site for family? I tried it’s asking profession for my children. Not sure what to put and moreover itd a mandatory box.
      Can you please help?

      • Madeeha says:

        Did u get an answer to this

        • andy says:

          Yes you can. But you need to ensure that you fill separate applications for your family members.
          There are Wife and Child as professions in the drop down. You should select as appropriate.

          • Janani says:


            Me and my husband applied for visas separately, he got his visa, however I am yet to get mine. The status says Documents needed for processing. I am not sure how to proceed as no where in my application does it ask for my husband’s details. Any idea how the system works. Will all applications that have profession as house wife or child get approved. Response is much appriciated

            • yasir says:

              Docs required:
              1 your photo
              2 your residence I’d.
              3 your passport copy first page
              All the above are required fields

              4 ur husband iqama ( in place of ur passport page 2)
              5 ur husband pasports first page (in place of passport page 3)
              6 ur husband e-visa if he already got it or ur husband application form.

              I found this info when I had the same problem.
              Note: plz go to replied docs tab and upload the above forms.

              I have also up plied this way and my application status is “under process”

            • Yasir Malik says:


              me and my family want to travel via road from riyadh to uae.
              my application is submitted succesfully.
              but when i try to do it for my wife or kids , it is not showing option of housewife or kid or accompany once i select emirate “abu dahbi”…but if i select dubai, it is giving me the above options..

              but we have to travel though Ghuifat boarder which’s option is only available if we selsct “abu dahbi”

              any help or suggestion??

              • Yahya says:

                Yasir Malik

                Ghuifat border look for CHILD or CHILDREN then WIFE / Housewufe

                • Yasir Malik says:

                  Tried…but unable to do so..submit a complaint to moi system..let’s see. .

                • Yahya says:


                  I feel you Bro. I did the same thing for my son. Their online system really sucks. Sept-2015 application for my wife still “Application Posted”. We got her visa on arrival at the border. We had fun tho. Next year will be returning to Dubai so hopefully my wife will get her visa lols

            • Yasir Malik says:


              if we apply for dubai visa and select port of entry as dubai airport, but later on travel via any other port , for example via road or sharjah airport, will we be able to pass immigration on that visa?

              • Yahya says:

                Yasir malik,

                Better Ghuifat Border since you will be accessing thru Abu Dhabi by road. 250+8 AED you need to pay. Including road tax.

              • kashif says:

                hi yasir,

                i have the same problem, how did u finally appy for your family?
                i cant select house wife and i am traveling by car too!

                • hassan says:

                  apply as “none”
                  your profession counts because you are the mudeer.
                  your kids and wife offcourse don’t.
                  As long as you get the visa for roadtrip via gouifat, that’s ok.

                  I also tried for my wife then I decided that the same amount of money agents will take but without any hassel, so i have applied for her visa through agnency.

                • hassan says:

                  The proble I have is my kids visa has come with “none” as their profession which really is the case. lol
                  but now my application requires me to reupload documents. I have no idea whether i should rescan and then upload or simpley reupload what i already have.
                  God knows

              • Irfan says:

                I have typed wrong email id and given hotel telephone no and also didn’t write my mobile number can I rectify the same now.
                If anyone can help me please reply

            • hassan says:

              mine is showing same
              Documents needed for processing
              how did u solve and what was the problem


        • Yahya says:

          George : for ur son/daughter profession look for CHILD or Children. good luck

      • deepak says:

        You may choose student as profession

        • hassan says:

          i did have the same issue
          i applied for my kids “None” as profession although it will take you ages to grab this option.

          for wife, if you find problem, do also “none”. As long as you get your visa for the border you request for, i think its ok

      • pa says:

        Hi guys, I really need your assistance. Can you please share how you got your visa.I applied for a week already, the status was “Application Approved” now but unfortunately I still dont have the electronic visa. I would highly appreciate your help

    • Deepak says:


      I am from Oman,
      I applied for myself and my son visa.
      it is 5th day and I have not received visa yet.
      for my son, visa status shows “Documents required for further process”.
      I had uploaded,
      1. son’s photo
      2. Oman visa page in passport and
      3. my resident card copy.

      Today I also uploaded Oman visa page of my passport.
      Any clue do I need to upload any more document??



    • razia says:

      I have a problem that we are applying for Abu Dhabi but the housewife or child/children or none,no option is coming even housewife so what to enter as profession?
      And the second problems is that we have to travel on Saturday so my husband has visa so can we get on arrival visa as my husband has it?
      And the third problem is that I have to go to abudhabi but as the professions r not coming so if we apply through Dubai as port of arrival so we have to go through road so will we be allowed to travel through abudhabi if our port of arrival is Dubai?
      Thanks in advance

    • razia says:

      If the whole family has got online visa and one person did not and her visa is under process so can she get the visa on arrival?

  2. OSC says:


  3. Kuwait says:

    Dubai and Sharjah VoA is AED 220, however its much quicker in Dubai (several open counters). Sharjah stinks.

    So this in fact is a blessing!

    • DeReD says:

      Woah Sharjah used to be 100AED a few months ago but a cab to dubai would cost about 120aed .. so it usually worked out the same.

      Don’t think anyone will go via Sharjah now.. not worth the hassle even though Air Arabia has some ridiculously cheap flights sometimes.

  4. Jmt2009 says:

    I’m flying there next week. How long does it take to get a visa online? This article would have been more useful if information was included. Why just post “car wreck” and not list the details? Is this what blogging is becoming.

  5. Karan says:

    I just applied for the visa and it is 237 Dhs, the company charged me 7 dhs more as i paid with a credit card i suppose.
    The visa was emailed me within 1 hour. Woohooo

    • Riza says:

      Kindly share to me where you applied online visa. My husband is coming to dubai on eid holidays. Kindly send details on my email. Thank you so much in advance

  6. sala6a says:

    The initial cut date for visa on arrival was May 15, then they made it 1st September. I called Emirates last week and they confirmed, but from your post it seems to be October now.

  7. crazyq8 says:

    It looks like when you start filling in your details (, you also need to type in your name in Arabic… That’s a hurdle for me since I cannot write/type in Arabic.. ;-) or am I doing something wrong?

  8. Ali Sleeq says:

    I’m traveling tomorrow so when I heard of this news last week I immediatley applied online; couldn’t take the risk.

    I got the e-visa (it took one week, no email received. Manual check) but if I knew earlier it was till October I wouldn’t have applied.

    Anyways, I’m not sure what they gain from doing this.

    • Mary says:

      Could you help please! I applied for a visa throw Gcc individual. In “Status inquiry” is “Application Approved”. But how can I print my visa?! Where can I find it?? I didn’t get any email.

  9. Sleek Alley says:

    The next wave would waive visas for expats (on short duration stays) with valid GCC residence permits, altogether.
    Will be interesting to see if this ever happens across the GCC. Never mind
    the Govt of Dubai will be impacted the most by being deprived of a fat cash cow by way of the ludicrous visa fees which they charge.

  10. foshisan1992 says:

    For example, someone from Egyptian who’s want to go dubai for comic con or he’ll buy manga volumes at kinokuniya dubai mall. & he has Egyptian passport. What he do? What will happen, when he’s arrived in dubai? Write a comment.

  11. Moey says:

    1- Go to
    2- Select “GCC individual” from the menu
    3- Select “Residence”
    4- Fill information as written on passport and follow next steps
    5- Have scans of your: Passport first page, Residence permit copy & QID
    6- Pay online using credit card
    7- Processing time is 2-3 days (majority will be granted immediately within a day or two – depending on title, nationality, many other factors)

    See you all in Dubai soon.

    • Mary says:

      Could you please tell me, where can I get my visa on My application was approved, but I can’t find my visa. Thank you!

      • George says:

        Hi Mary
        You can email them at with your Application number and passport number or call them on +971501899188 or +97147075402

        • Mubi says:

          Dear I applied for online visa on 27-06-2015 and is still in process, I tried calling them but they keep on transferring to other Dept where the line is never answered. I even email on the above address but no reply yet. I have been to Dubai a lot many times by taking visa on arrival. Can you please help

          • Hasnain says:

            I am facing the same issue, how did it resolve ?

            Dear I applied for online visa on 27-06-2015 and is still in process, I tried calling them but they keep on transferring to other Dept where the line is never answered. I even email on the above address but no reply yet. I have been to Dubai a lot many times by taking visa on arrival. Can you please help

      • Ivy says:

        Hi Ms. Mary,

        I have the same problem, were you able to find solution on this?have u got your visa? Appreciate your assistance.tnx

  12. Rp says:

    That is really convenient. Well done Dubai.

  13. George says:

    For expats when we click GCC Residents, its asking for UAE Address details on the 2nd page {Address/ Accompany details}

    Do we need to apply individually for each applicant(passport holder) or can apply all together ( Wife and 2 kids)

    Please revert urgently..

    Thanks in Advance

  14. Tester says:

    I have noticed that they dont have Al-Maktoom International Airport listed there. What if i’m flying Jazeera to Al-Maktoom?

  15. Sami says:

    I have applied since 5 days now, but when I want to check status I enter the correct passport/reference # and it says no data found. Same thing when I call amer, they’re saying they have no records for this application. what can I do ?

  16. Ivy says:

    Hi, Can you please also help me. I have the same problem with Mary, how can I print the visa?i did not received anything in my email.I tried to send my application details to amer and they just give me the Dubai Immigration nos to call and unfortunately nobody is answering the call. Appreciate your assistance.

  17. Ivy says:

    Hi guys, I really need your assistance. Can you please share how you got your visa.I applied for a week already, the status was “Application Approved” but unfortunately I still dont have the electronic visa. I would highly appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. houda says:

    i applied for Dubai online visa , my application returned with missing documents required .. i don’t know which document is missing and am trying to contact them but no answer

    can any body help

    • George says:

      You can go back to the site, dnrd there is a link to upload documents. Once you click that it will show you which docs to upload.

      • Riane says:

        Hi George! I have the same dilemma as Houda. When I go to the “document reupload” section, the further documents required are just Passport Page 2, 3 and 4. Any ideas what that means? Does that mean I need to scan the stamps I got from my previous entries to UAE? Or Schengen Visas perhaps?

        • George says:

          Passport pages need to be uploaded separately. First the photo, then the residence page, then the first page and last page. Please do not attach all together in one attachment

          • Nishad says:

            Hi George’ i applied for me n ma family Jun29, mine status”application approved” but no visa mailed.For my wife n kids, status showing further documents needed, uploaded all required documents.As any one know which document either than passport 1,2,photo & ID…….

            • George says:


              Please use amerchat link during normal ramadan working hours and send them ur passport number and application reference number.

            • xeeali says:

              Hi Nishad,
              What happened in the case where further documents needed, were you able to get the visit visa in this case.

  19. Anwar says:

    Can anyone help me.

    i applied visa for my wife through ednrd GCC individual. first i put my son and my daughter in the application. I checked and they asked to make separate application for my son and daughter. it is approved and i received the visa for my child and me. the problem now for my wife application, that they ask to remove my son and daughter from the list. how i could remove them from the list. there is no option in the site. only for uploading document. could anyone can assist me.

    • Ramesh says:

      Hi Anwar,
      I am also facing same issue. First, I created my application and added my daughter and son in Accompanying list and also I made separate application for my wife, son and daughter also. But, I revived message from ednrd GCC saying that “Please disconnect the accompanying request for the father or mother and provide them with separate applications such as ordering the sponsor”. How can I remove my daughter and son from my application. There is no option in the website. Please help me asap.


  20. Ashwin says:

    Hi guys,

    Is there any field to add spouse in the online application form or do i need to fill a seperate application?


  21. `rachel says:

    hai guyz,

    I applied for my visa through ednrd .i received a message in my Gmail saying further documents need to be uploaded .Nothing is specified .So i try to go to document re-upload but when i enter my reference number,they saying no document found ,so i tried to go status enquiry they saying application in progress.could anyone help me .

    • vijay says:

      Hi Rachel, Has your problem solved. I entered everything and when needed to pay the site went blank, probably due to firewall settings in my office PC. Now the status shows the aaplicaton and document re-upload does not, what to do…

    • Vijay says:

      Hi, afte my above post a couple of hours earlier i was wondering how to solve the issue. I waited for 2 hours in which my application which was showing in the status enquiry got removed. immediately i applied again thru Google Chrome (not thru Internet explorer which i tink blocked the paypal site, for whatever firewall settings)and seamlessly paid the amount. i received my entry visa another coule of hours later. An anti-climax!!

    • Vijay says:

      Hi, The above two posts pertain to my visa. Following my initial application, I applied for Visa for my wife also, which, like mine, I could not pay due to Internet explorer fire wall settings and the application status was showing but could not pay mt fee. I waited for couple of hours wherein the application was no longer showing in the Status Enquiry. I reapplied using Google Chrome web browser and i could pay the fee successfully. This was 1:00 OM Kuwait time. at 7:30 PM i received mail from UAE MOI asking me for “Document Re-Upload” with a comment on what to upload. They were asking my VISA to be uploaded which I did this morning at 9:00 AM . I just recevied my wife’s VIsa at 12:00 noon. Posting just for everyone’s information as i struggled to apply for one whole day before everything went smoothly. My planned visit stats on 30-Aug-15

  22. Nourk says:

    I am supposed to be traveling from Kuwait in 2 days and I won’t have time to apply for a visa. Will I be able to get a visa upon arrival if my job title is : مسئول مبيعات?

  23. Anjum M says:


    I applied on line at end i used my Credit card site get error massage
    i have reference number how can i pay Again ??

  24. xee ali says:

    This online system does not work properly. I had applied online and status shows “further documents required”. When I go to re-upload documents remarks it says ‘application with head office’. I called them up it seems customer service does not know and requested me to travel to Dubai and obtain visa on arrival. I am lost and it seems have to pay twice the visit visa fees since already paid online.

  25. WAQAR says:

    I applied online visa on Tuesday 28 July 2015 in the morning after 5 min my status change from submit to application in progress from Tuesday till right now on Sunday 2 August 2015 status still same ” Application in Progress” even I called them they ask my passport # as per my passport # they. Could not find any record in his system .

    Last. Month I went Dubai I applied same online process I got visa on same day.

    Now I decided I will applie on arrival visa from KSA.
    What your recommendation pls

    Pls reply on my “”


    • Mubi says:

      I also applied online on 27 june 2015 and my application is still under process. its already more then a month

  26. Mohamed says:

    Dear all

    I applied for visa and they returned and the remark said : Application in the head office . what it is mean ?

    need your advice urgently

  27. xee ali says:

    Dear Mohamed,
    My application is also having the same remark for past few week. No one answer your calls. Spoke to someone in the immigration he said you will get visa on arrival till 30-Sep-15. This online visa system does not work properly. Complete waste of time and money. Request all users to apply visa through Emirates Airline or avail at arrival till 30-Sep-15.

  28. WAQAR says:

    I am GCC Resident, I applied online visa there are 3 documents to be uploaded,
    1. Passport Copy
    2. Resident (IQAMA) Copy
    3. Photograph

    What is the 4th (ID Copy)? which is appearing in the online form.

    Kindly advice pls….

    • Xee Ali says:

      I advise you not to apply online. Either get it on arrival till 1st October or apply through Emirates Airline portal.
      This online Visa application is not working properly.

      • WAQAR says:

        I already visited and came back from Dubai got visa on arrival, but my online application which I paid the amount still in progress, I received the 2 time email from GDRFA they required re upload the documents, I uploaded twice a time but application still in progress.

        It’s only luck, this is my 2nd experience for online process, first I got the visa same day with same documents uploaded but this time I don’t know what going on…..

        • Abhishek says:

          Did you get on arrival visa easily in Dubai? I am computer programmer and want to know that there are no challenges at Dubai airport for getting a on arrival visa. I am travelling in Sept’ 15 end.

          • WAQAR says:

            Yes, that was my 3rd visit within the 2 months, in 1st visit I get visa on arrival, on 2nd time I get online and third time on arrival without any issue.
            My office colleague he also has same Computer Programmer profession, he visited same along with me all 3 time no issue.

            But I would recommand try to apply online with below instruction I am 100% sure you can get visa on same day.
            Because there is too much delay on airport.

            Fill the online form first and then upload the documents from this following sequence.

            1st upload: your Photograph
            2nd upload: your Residence (IQAMA)
            3rd upload: 1st page of Passport copy
            4th upload: Last page of Passport copy
            5th upload: ID card (Same IQAMA)

            All documents size should 99.9KB or near for more clarity picture.

            • Xee Ali says:

              Matter sorted out. If your application is stuck with application in head office means you have not mentioned your full name including that of your father if mentioned on your passport.

              I arrived at Dubai and was asked to cancel my application through an immigration office within airport premises and then got visa on arrival.

              • WAQAR says:

                I did not mentioned my application was stuck in head office, please don’t be suppose what I mention what I didn’t.
                without correspondence to me don’t be try smart.

                • Xee Ali says:

                  My sincere apologies if my response has hurt you. I was just helping othes so that their application does not get delayed. No browny points for me, just helping others.

              • Anees says:

                Hi Xee Ali,

                I have same problem, my name is incorrect in the application. But I can’t find a way to correct it or cancel the application.

                I will travel next week, please guide me how can I get on arrival visa.


              • Faisal says:

                Hey, I have also the same problem. They required further documents to process the VISA, and now I don’t know what they exactly want.

                Is it possible to cancel the application through an immigration office ? please guide me thanks

              • Faisal says:

                Xee can we cancel our application through an immargration office wihtin airport permises ? Can you please guide me on this.

                Because my application is also stuck in Head Office since last two weeks.

                Thank you

                • Xee Ali says:

                  Dear All,
                  There is no way one can cancel their application. This has to be done by Immigration office in UAE. My application was deleted at the airport and issued on arrival visa in August 2015.

            • Lodhi says:

              Waqar…is it ok to upload the “IQAMA” twice under both the categories? did u manage to get the visa by doing so? Please share your feedback. Thanks

              • Andy says:

                Yes.. It is ok. I got mine that way.


              • WAQAR says:

                Online Dubai Visa request site is not TRUSTABLE so don’t waste your money, some time you get thru some time not.

                Better try to take on arrival visa from Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, if Dubai has totally stop or not issuing on arrival visa.

        • Jhen says:

          What’s your profession?

          • thara says:

            hi. i am under husband sponsorship. my husband’s visa got approved online. i applied for the family all at the same day.
            our flight is on friday already

            • Rehman says:

              Iam in the same situation, Is that possible to take visa on arrival in uae for my wife and child as their visa is under process!!

  29. Hasnain says:

    Dear All,

    Guys my wife got visa instantly however me and my child application is in process. I have paid for it . I receieved a mail saying that documents ar emissing however when i put my data in documents upload it says no data found. Worst part is nobody is taking the call .
    please advise.

    • Thiyagarajan says:

      Dear All,
      I submitted the Document and they debit the Visa charges. After i checking in the application status, it says “No Record Found”.

      Can anybody help me whom to contact for this problem?

      • Faisal says:


        I faced the sane issue after my credut card deduction no data found

        Please thaiyagarajan update us wht u have done after tht

        Waiti g for your reply ir call me plz 99890102


  30. Anees says:

    Hello Everyone,

    My application is stuck in from past 14 days, they neither giving me visa nor cancelling application. While application in system I can’t apply visa from any other system. Can anybody help me how can I get my application cancelled?

    I call following numbers of everyday several times, but no one answer.

    00971 4 707 5375
    00971 4 707 5357
    00971 50 1899188

  31. ken says:

    hi all, same problem here. is there a way to cancel the visa application online and apply for a new visa via agent?

    • Faisal says:

      If you get your application cancelled please let me know. I also need to cancel the application. Thank you.

      • Xee Ali says:

        There is no way you can cancel your application if you have submitted and paid the fees. This can only be done by the immigration authorities in UAE. My application was deleted by immigration office at Dubai Airport and issued visa upon arrival in August 2015.

        • Andy says:

          Guys… faisal ken & Anees can you update on the status of what happened to your cases ?? PLZ

        • H says:

          Xee Ali, Appreciate your feedback. Did you go straight to immigration counter with new visa application before being re-directed to cancel the online application or did you first proceed to the immigration office to inquire. My application is currently showing similar status for sometime now and am due fly in on the 30th.

        • Leah says:

          Hi xee what is the problem you faced with your visa before?I paid it online and still 4days already no visa still. Please help. I’ll be flying after 4 days

          • Xee Ali says:

            Hi Leah, My application was stuck documents required for further processing for one month back in July. At that time visa on arrival was issued by authorities. They cancelled my application at the airport and issued new visa for me. The reason given to me was that I should have put my fathers name along with mine. Anyways I feel better to pay some extra amount and apply through emirates airline or through any travel agent in the GCC country you are residing. Most of them do it and charge you extra amount.

  32. Ajaz says:

    Hi; Pls guide port of entry to be filled for getting children visa as online application considering dubai doesnot show any profession for . pls guide.

  33. Dubai says:

    Please let me know how to cancel this online application.
    I have uploaded all my documents but it still says ” please enter address outside the state”.
    I have paid the money as well.
    Honestly, it is not a user friendly website. Atleast there should be an option to edit the form rather than just uploading documents.

    • Andy says:

      Hi There… what happened to your case. Do share your feedback on what happened so that we can understand the processes clearly.

      I am kinda going through the same issue.

      Help me please.


  34. Jhun says:


    I applied my dubai visa only today thru ednrd and got a reply saying that I need to re-upload the documents attached, however when I go to the link and fill up reference number it showing that no data found. can anybody help me to resolve this issue? thank you in advance.

  35. Yahya says:

    I have the same problem, i apply thru online, 10 days now still no reply. How long to get approval?


  36. Yahya says:

    Xee Ali, thank u so much for the info… do we need to re-pay again after cancellation? Thanking u in advance.

  37. Abdulrahiman says:

    I would like to share my experience here for the sake of all future visitors.

    I applied onlline for visa for my wife in the morning.

    I got a confirmation with reference number by email.

    I also got a mail saying that I need to provide additional documents and I was instructed to use the document reupload feature on the website.

    I tried to do that but i got the error message that “No Data Found”

    Like many other people, I panicked, started googling for solutions, called up a series of numbers.

    By 8 PM the same day my visa was issued and I got a copy my email.


    once you get a reference number goto the website and check the status, if you can see your record and it says under process, then there is nothing you can do than wait.

    like me if you got a message to upload more doucment and you got the error msg, No Data Found, I think it simply means that you dont have to upload anything. So again I suggest that you wait and give it a day or two.

  38. Farzana Azizuddin says:

    My application no. 1150053800 has not been approved yet. I have to reach Abu Dhabi on 18 Sept 2015. Please advise me on my visa status.

    I will be travelling by bus along with my husband who already got the visa. His application reference no. Is1150049349 and entry permit no. Is 104/2015/49/21803

    Your early reply is appreciated.


  39. Farzana Azizuddin says:

    My application reference no. is 1150053800. Visa not received yet. Have to reach Abu Dhabi on 18 Sept 2015 along with my husband who already received the visa. His application reference no. is 1150049349 and entry permit no. is 104/2015/49/21803.

    Kindly advise the status of my visa.


  40. Andy says:

    Hi Guys,

    I am planning to travel with family through road from Riyadh to UAE.
    The entry will be through abu dhabi.

    My the problem.
    I applied online on 11th Sept and it is still showing “Application under process” For both myself, my wife and my son.

    I have a valid profession to obtain visa on arrival. I thought i will use the online service to save time at the border.

    I am due to leave on 18th Evening and today is 16th Wednesday and the status still remains under process.

    Now should i cancel my trip or go to the border and try and what happens to the money i paid for the visa if i am given a visa on arrival. Does the application get cancelled / does the money come back ?

    Total confusion. Please help out.

    • Yahya says:

      Andy : as per Xee Ali

      Dear All,
      There is no way one can cancel their application. This has to be done by Immigration office in UAE. My application was deleted at the airport and issued on arrival visa in August 2015.

      —- same problem of yours and same question… appreciate if you could tell us your exp. on Sept. 18…Good luck! Stay safe!

      • Nand says:

        I have applied for the visa on the 12th of this month and i am yet to get it. So you mean if i dont get it i will have to go and try on arrival visa citing the same application.

        • Yahya says:

          Hello Nand, That’s i’m gonna do. I applied Sept. 1 and until now no response. application posted. I’m traveling on Sept. 21.

          I hope Andy can give info since, he will be traveling tomorrow.

          Good luck to us.

    • Yahya says:

      Hello Nand, any good news? Thanks!!!

    • Yasir Malik says:

      Hi andy..

      How did you able to choose profession of your wife on abudahbi application. ? I m trying to do the same,,but whenever i choose abudahbi, option of house wife some how vanished away.but it remain available fir other options like dubai…

      Please reply

  41. Mash says:

    Dear yahia;

    Could u inform us if u were able to cancel the application at the airport. My concern is nt abt the money of the pending application, but i am anxious abt the chance to cancel my application in the airport and apply for a visa on spot. Is there any chance for nt allowing us to enter dubai. Again am an engineer n i have a residency in kuwait. Plz inform us what will happen with u. I appreciate ur help

    • Yahya says:

      Hello Guys, im here right now at ghufairat border. Waiting for wife visa application, they ask her to fill up the entry form. Retina iris scan finish….

    • Yahya says:

      Guys, in the border they will cancel the visa application online and you need to pay again cost me sar219. They are still providing visa on arrival . Nw, waste my 258sar online 😆😁😀 now here in dubai

  42. Yahya says:

    Ouch…me too… tomorrow night I’m driving to border…might arrive 6am (sept. 22) in the border. Update you then. Good luck to us.

    Noted Mash : I will update you Guys!

    • andy says:

      Well my visa is still in pending stage and i did not have the stomach to try out my luck at the border. So heading to Bahrain. Good luck people

      • Yahya says:

        Sad to hear that… my last option actually…but i got visa for me and my son. Only problem with my wife which still waiting.Nw, have fun in Bahrain.

  43. Mash says:

    Guys please help me. Can i for sure cancel my pending application in the airport n get upon arrival visa. Or i have to wait for a response online? The system is a total mess. I applied before 2 weeks n the status is ‘more information required for processing’ i just want to cancel the application. Plz advise me hw to do that. My flight is after tmw!

  44. Namsheed says:

    Hi Friends,

    I have applied for visit visa online on Sept 10th 2015 and today is Sept 22. Still the status is “Application in progress”. I was told that it will hardly take 3-4 days. This is almost going to be 2 weeks now.

    I had planned to visit my sister for this bakrid who is settled in Sharjah.

    I am a GCC Resident of Qatar and Nationality as Indian.
    My Profession here is Computer Technic.

    Could you guys tell me can I travel to Sharjah and get on arrival visa from there..??


    • Yahya says:

      As long as ur job title in the list, yes u can apply visa on arrival. Just bring ur application copy and inform them that your application is still pending bec if u wait and till the date of your flight sched u will not get reply. Good luck

  45. Ramesh says:

    Hi Friends,
    I have applied for online visa on 29-Oct-2015. In my application I have added my daughter and son in Accompanying list and also I made separate 3 applications for my wife, son and daughter. But, I received message from ednrd GCC saying that “Please disconnect the accompanying request for the father or mother and provide them with separate applications such as ordering the sponsor”. How can I remove my daughter and son from my application. There is no option in the website. I am travelling next week.

    Please help me.

    • Yahya says:

      If you get your visa approved…Just ignore that message… Just apply separately for your father and mother. Rgds.

      • Ramesh says:

        Hi Yahya,
        Thanks for your reply.
        I did not get my visa yet. message showing in remarks “يرجى فصل المرافقين عن طلب الاب او الام و تقديم لهم طلبات منفصله مثل طلب الكفيل”. But, I already applied separately for my wife, daughter and son. Now the issue is how to remove the Accompanying information from my application?

        • Yahya says:

          Ramesh : Sorry to hear that my friend…but there is no available option as far as i know. Or check your browser setting might blocking some pop up menu. Otherwise, you need to apply visa on arrival only and disregard your online application. Regards and Good luck


          • Ramesh says:

            Hi Yahya, Thanks for your reply. Can I solve my issue in UAE Embassy in Riyadh? Please advise.

            • Yahya says:

              Dear Ramesh :

              It’s hassle but that would definitely good idea and keeps you away from stress. Just bring all the necessary documents including the approved visas of your family members. You might apply new and forget about the payment you made thru online. Thanks.

              • Ramesh says:

                Dear yahya, I went to UAE embassy and explained my issue. They said, online visas are taking care by MOI UAE only. They don’t have any control to update the applications/documents. Moreover, they are not issuing any visa from UAE embassy except diplomatic passports. In my family members also no body got visa. Message showing “Please attach a picture of the sponser’s visa issued by UAE”. Now I am planning to cancel my dependents applications. How to cancel? And can I get my money back? Please advise.

                • Yahya says:

                  Ramesh : Ouch.. sad to hear that.. as expected…my wife application still in their system on hold in spite the fact that we already enjoyed our eid holidays there last week. If they are not issuing to embassy meaning, visa on arrival still accepted. Forget ur money, no chance you will get those amount unless you contact your bank and file a complaint but not 100% they can help you. Good luck Boss.

  46. Nauman says:

    I have applied separate 5 applications on 29th Sep. I got 3 visas very next day for my wife and two daughters. Mine was rejected and my son application status in “in progress”. We are traveling on 7th, and used to travel frequently. Called many times on given numbers with no success. Hopefully will be done on arrival.

  47. Nand says:

    My experience at UAE arrival was very simple. I explained the situation to them and the lady cut me off and told me that she is aware of the issue. All I had to do was to shell out another AED 250/- for each visa. As for the refund, I have sent several mails but all of them have gone unanswered. So i have written this amount off from my books. If i get it back, I will donate it for a good cause.

  48. WAQAR says:

    Any one confirm me, on arrival visa accepted in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai now a days?

  49. imran says:


    Just to avoid all this hustle n tussle, my father inlaw applied visit visas for my family of four..however, mine was rejected for unknown reasons..i applied online today morning, the application is under process..we’ve got to travel on 14th you guys think I might get visa on arrival?? Would I be allowed to board dubai bound flight without a visa with my family?? Any response will be greatly appreciated..thnx!!

  50. Margareth says:

    Hello, it seems that the system isn’t working properly yet; but does anybody know whether they’re still issuing visa on arrival through Dubai Airport to overcome the system? Thank you.

  51. rushd says:

    dear all
    please help me , the on arrival visa for dubai still can be availed??

    i will be travelling on 15th October 2015

    • imran says:

      Alhamdulillah, I got my visa on 13th and had no issues traveling with my family..i just inquired at Dubai emigration about visa on arrival, the lady shrugged her head saying it’s no more available, we have to apply online before’s actually a good service but we have to plan our trip in advance.

  52. Rayan says:

    Are they still issuing on arrival Visa at airport?
    Does any body know?

  53. F-A-L-C-O-N says:

    So nouman did u get through dubai airport or u have any troubles pls share coz I m exactly in the same position as u quoted

  54. F-A-L-C-O-N says:

    Can any body tell me that who went through dubai airport after 1st of october while stating ur “Application is in process” is there is any hassle if u say to the authorities in dubai that ur application is still in process pls share!!!

  55. gaku says:

    No on arrival visa for GCC residents, spoke to UAE immigration department and they confirmed the same.

  56. jaffar says:

    me too waiting and mine is in still processing and hope i will get a reply in Sunday and will update you after that

  57. Angel says:

    Im also waiting for the visa, Im supposed to be travelling in the 16th oct and still there’s no update from them I tried calling the numbers they have provided and nobody answers the phone. I tried researchging for other numbers related to immigration and talked to one lady, she mentioned that they cannot do anything about it and its weekend… I tried calling again to enlighten me what is really going on? Because when I applied for visa for sep 29 I got it in less than 48 hrs… So she told me that first time it will be that fast but the succeeding application may take sometime… So what i did is apply another visa because its already oct 17…. I applied for the oct 18 (imagine? I paid twice for the visa) and called them again another lady told me that no need to apply twice I just have to wait for the approval and they dont know how long it would take.

  58. Xee Ali says:

    Dear All,
    Please apply through any travel agent and you will get visa in three working days. Only you have to pay some extra charges which should not be more than AED 100/=. or apply through Emirates Airline service if travelling through Emirates.

    All the best.

    • Leah says:

      What is the travel agency you recommend except for emirates. We are booked flynas and got a ticket already. Still 4days no visa. And no data found in the system. Where to call and inquire?

      • Xee Ali says:

        Any travel agent in your country of residence should help you out. They have their travel partners in UAE to facilitate the visa issuance. Extra amount will be charged. But remember it does take 3-5 working days once visa is applied.

        • Leah says:

          This Friday is our flight until now there’s no visa it’s tue already. What we can do? We are really stressed.. help pls

          • Leah says:

            Can we do another application instead? Or will they allow us to go and show that the visa is still processing. Kindly give advise. It will be a big big help. Where to ask or inquire about the visa?

  59. hannan says:

    my problem is much bigger than u all guys.iam applying on 14-10-2015 but still tha status is application posted but the real problem is when i fill my details to visa form online the column of profesiona i put managar becoz my profesion is manager after that i pay by credit card i see my profesion automatically change to CHIEF CARPENTER and i am confused how is come then i apply for my uncle his profesion is also manager the same problem.u guys face problem like that please let me no thanks

  60. Myrine says:

    Hi my flight is today october 21, and still my visa is still on processing, my husbund’s visa is approved. I dont know what to do, please help me.i applied the visa last oct 8 but until now no answer. I tried to call them but they kept in passing my call, all the hotline numbers has no answer

    • Yahya says:

      Myrine, just bring the print out of your online application. No other solution. Show to them to process your visa on arrival. You need to pay your visa again. Good luck.

      • hakeem says:

        Dear Yahya
        me also the same i apply for visa @ 14 October and my flight will be 22 and till now visa under process can anyone update the situation

      • Leah says:

        Hi yahya! What if it shows on the system no data found. But we call them they said it’s still on process. 8times we call still they saud the same thing. So can wejust go through our flight instead? We cannot print our application. But we paid for our visa. They send reference number only. Please reply. Can we just fix it on dubai airport?

        • Dan.J says:

          This is so frustrating. I am going through the same issue. I have applied TWICE I’m the past 2 or 3 weeks and the status of application still says NO DATA. I want to understand where can we go to get this sorted. The embassy had nothing to do with it coz it’s GCC residents and other travel agencies will go through the same Web. Can anyone assist please?

          • mags4ever says:

            Hi Guys,

            I too have same data found status..payment has already been deducted…how long till it shows the actual status?

  61. Myrine says:

    Hi they ask me to cancel the visa here first to get it on atrival, how do we cancel the visa application onlinw on the site. Theres no option of cancellation even refund request does not do.

  62. Myrine says:

    How do we cancel the online applocation?

  63. hakeem says:

    i try here many time no way to cancel the online visa you before create

    • Myrine says:

      Yes im from, we applied our visa online because they said theres no visa upon arrival starting oct 1, but then when we went to the airport they told us that there is still visa upon arival depends on youre profession, we eligible to have it provided that we will cancel our application online, but theres no way to do it, so we rebbok the ticket again and wait for our visa. What a messed up system.

      • hakeem says:

        i go dubai before more than one time i was impressed by their system , but now after all this lack of information and not answering calls i believe that there is a gap in implementing the new system , in the trial period which start from last may tell September i use it and next day i got the permit entry , at least we would be happy if they mentioned the maximum number of days it will take to get response from their side

      • Yahya says:

        Myrine, too bad…thanks for the info.

        • Myrine says:

          Yes my visa is 1week in process now, i dont know when it will end

          • Yahya says:

            We visited Dubai last Sept. 22. Until now, my wife’s visa on hold. maybe, next yr they will approve it so she can use it. Funny. Nw, good luck.

            • hakeem says:

              hhhhhhh you make my day yahya :)i reach up to if they jest say refused i will be happy .. now i just want to get response from the website and for the telephone lines
              office line is >>> out of service
              counter line >>>> no answer
              manager on duty >>> the mobile is closed

              • Yahya says:

                Hahaha, Brother, same sentiments before, i even ask someone from dubai to call their offices but no luck. What we did we try our lucks in the border. Thanks God. We enjoy our holiday to Dubai. Looking forward next year again and hopefully system 101% ready that time.

          • Yahya says:

            Just now i check their website and their giving new link. hoping this will end the problem.

            • hakeem says:

              :) i already apply using the new link…same issue

              • Yahya says:

                I noticed they add the raise refund request. but unfortunately may wife’s application still posted in the system. Haysss

                • hakeem says:

                  but this vaild only in case of application refusal

                • Yahya says:

                  Yes, before it was not there… i’m hoping to get my money back hehehe.

                • Myrine says:

                  Will the airline let you board in even though your application is still under process? What will happen if you’ll reach dubhai if your application is still underprocess? Will you be stuck on the airport? Will they ley you go back? Or will they cancel your pending application and give you a visa upon arrival? Because as for me the airlines did not let me in because my visa is under process, just wondering if i have gotten through it. Thanks

                • Yahya says:

                  Myrine, from your origin. The airlines will stop you as per my friend experienced which is too bad since ur application online still on hold. In my case, we traveled by road but somehow we managed to get visa for my wife at the border. Problem is we do not know which office to call? Best solution is ask someone from Dubai to get ur visa or thru hotels. double the price but hassle free.

  64. hakeem says:

    any one know almost haw many days we need to wait till that visa shaw up ?
    i will cancel the trip but really i want to know so next time i apply 2 month before lol

  65. Yahya says:

    HAKEEM : As per their website, apply only one month prior to your plan visit to UAE.

  66. Alka says:

    We have applied for uae visa online for me , my husband and my 3 yrs old son . For me and my husband we got the visa within 15 mins after application got posted and processed. However for my son mail has come to provide resident cards. However for child there is no resident card in Oman . In application for his profession by mistake we selected none instead of child. What to be done really don’t know.. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance.

    • hakeem says:

      hi alka when you apply recently ?

      • Alka says:

        We had applied on 22nd oct . They are asking resident card for my child .. In Oman no resident cards are issued for children below 5 yrs. even when we applied for my husband there was no option to select for accompanies.. We have attached my husbands resident card and uae visa in addition to child photo visa page and passport 2 pages. Still message is coming to trip load docs and required doc is resident crd of applicant. We are travelling to uae by rod on 12 th nov.

        • hakkem says:

          if you can upload any document which approve that the 3 yaers old child are added to his father resident card
          because recently in the new system which set up after 5 october as you mentioned “accompanies fields in application is deleted “

          • Alka says:

            Today one of my friend has gone to uae from oman through boarder ,they were having one visa in process for one of their child which they got on arrival , but they had to pay visa fees again

            • Xee Ali says:

              Dear Alka,

              One of my friend in Oman is facing similar issue for his 2 year old child. Please advise what happened in the end. Did you got the visa?

  67. hakeem says:

    Finally I get The E visa After 11 days from 11/10/2015
    but i will do nothing with it because i loss already hotel and airline booking i suppose to be there at 24/10
    also my kids application still under processing

    • Yahya says:

      Ouch….still headache… hotel booking no problem, try only they will not charge you and u can easily cancel but airline booking headache since u need to pay re-booking charges. Good luck to your Kids application.

      • hakeem says:

        lol >>>too much headache any way i cancel the trip idea because also i postpone the course i suppose to attend
        but now i learn a great lesson
        1- i have to apply for visa 1 month before any trip
        2- i will never make confirmed hotel booking or ticket booking before i hold the visa in my hand

        … Thanks Yahya and have a nice day….

  68. Thomas says:

    I have applied e visa from Oman on 22/10/15 and visa received on 25/10/15 ..

    System need more improvements!!

  69. Exasperated says:

    It has been a nightmare. First the payment gateway logs me out saying transaction not processed yet I receive an sms from bank that credit card has been charged. I go to the website and they say application not posted.

    I call the Noqodi team and they ask me to send them an email and lets see when they refund me. But after a while, my application disappears from DNRD website.

    So I create another application. This time everything goes smoothly but then I get a email that my residency is not valid for 6 months. On the DNRD website it clearly states that validity of 3 months for residency is required which I have.

    I keep trying to contact the numbers that I got on the email. The numbers remain engaged all the time and after a while the person closes his or her mobile phone as well.

    I connect with them Amerchat but after receiving my message it says conversation ended. I am traveling on 3rd Nov for my job and this is too problematic. The amount of money, energy and most importantly the time that is being wasted in this shit is simply not worth it.

    • Asad says:

      Hi, I experienced exactly the same. So, today I uploaded sort of a ‘To whom it may concern’ mentioning the validity of my passport and residence visa which conforms with their requirement and to review my documents. The status changed to ‘in process’ and within an hour, reverted to “further doc required” status with ‘less than 6 months’ remarks. I don’t understand how their system works cause I have nothing more to upload! Pl let me know if you could find a way out.

    • Frustrated says:

      Noqodi is a big thief. They will charge the money even if the application is not posted. The immigration telephone numbers never answer nor does anyone ever replies to the email. Height of incompetency. The entire business model runs around theft and cheating people. This is how they make money and keep the show running.

  70. hakeem says:

    all People has to know that the new link that will be used for apply to get gcc expats visa to dubai is the following

    * for people who apply after 5 october 2015 they can use this link for quary

    ** for those who apply before 5 october and still not get the evisa they can use the bellow link for quary

    *** for each member of family you have to apply for a separate visa for child you put profession = none for spouse you can put profession is = Housewife as per iqama

  71. xee ali says:

    I have said so many times don’t apply through this online system. For 100% results and piece of mind pls apply through Emirates Airline Web portal or through any agent in Dubai or through local travel agency in your GIC residence.
    It seems this system will take sometime to work in proper manner.

  72. Ahmed says:

    Hi guys
    i got this message although i uploaded the documents 1,2,3 should i have to upload the others.

    “DRFA requires further documents from you for processing Application Reference Number : 1150029413

    Remarks for further processing : رفض

    Please upload the documents by using the ‘Document Reupload’ link on the GCC Application”

  73. Jalyn says:


    I applied oct 23, until now nothing.. Says no data found. Paid already, anyone whose having the same issue? What happened?
    I got reference number same day but it says not posted.. This was oct 23 :(

  74. Asad says:


    I applied and received application approved within a day for my family members except for me saying “Documents Required for Further Processing” with the remarks اقل عن 6 اشهر.
    Well, I already uploaded my residency, passport and photo which are valid as per their requirement. In fact, my residency is valid for more than 3 months from arrival. Now, I am not sure what further document I am supposed to attach. Any suggestions please…..

    • hakkem says:

      hi asad

      6 month for valid passport

      check your passport may be it will be expire less than 6 months so you have to renew it before you apply

      • Asad says:

        Hi Hakkem,

        Thanks for your quick response. My passport is valid till January 2019. I am not a native Arabic speaker but translating the Arabic remarks اقل عن 6 اشهر online, does it say about passport validity or residency validity , I am not sure. And there seems to be no way to ask for clarification.

        • hakkem says:

          اقل عن 6 اشهر = less than 6 months

          but itnot mentioned passport or iqama

          but i think iqama must at least to be valid 4 month from the date you apply

  75. baher says:

    i have kuwait residence and i am planning to travel to dubai from Egypt not kuwait, can i still apply for visa through the GCC website???

  76. Raed says:

    Hi Guys,
    Please any one explain the application status ” not posted “!! I applied 3 days ago and after I entered my credit card details, the system logged me out, but received and from my bank that AED. 237 was charged to my card. I checked the status of my application, I found a ref. No. With my uploaded documents there but the status still Not Posted for the past 3 days!!!??? Please advise.

  77. Raed says:

    Hi Guys,
    Please any one explain the application status ” not posted “!! I applied 3 days ago and after I entered my credit card details, the system logged me out, but received and from my bank that AED. 237 was charged to my card. I checked the status of my application, I found a ref. No. With my uploaded documents there but the status still Not Posted for the past 3 days!!!??? Please advise

  78. Ashanul Haque says:

    Dear Admin.
    Please help me to finish my e-application. I have uploaded my documents 4 times, but again and again I am getting message: Remarks for further processing : اختلاف ف البيانات

    I don’t know whats the exact problem with documents. Could you please explain the term “sponsored passport page 1, 2….etc”

    I am really fed up with this. Even I tried to resolve this issue by E-mail, but they are not responding. Please suggest me what to do.


    Dr. A. Haque

    • MDeh says:

      اختلاف في البيانات I assume this means there is a difference (a conflict) in the data (name, occupation, whatever) between the residence documents and your passport or between the documents and the data you provided on the application.

      • Ashanul Haque says:

        Dear Deh,
        If this is the case then what should I do ?

        • MDeh says:

          Well, if you haven’t downloaded your application form yet, then please login first to Status Inquiry link, enter the required info and download your filled application form in pdf.

          Then verify that you have entered the correct name, occupation, date of birth, document expiry dates … etc, on the application form.

          Generally, at this stage you probably cannot re-edit the application form, So even if you spot a mistake in your entry, you will need to wait and see what happens, but you can add further/re-upload documents when prompted to do so.

          Now, Assuming that you are a GCC residence, if there is a actually a difference between the info on your Iqama (residence document) and your passport, then you have to fix this by going to the local passport office in the gulf country you live in(Like Jawazat in Saudi Arabia) and fix this by asking them to match the same spelling and info of your passport. Also double check your occupation on both passport and Iqama.

          if the last case applies to you then if your visa application gets rejected then you most probably need to fix it and match your info on both Iqama and Passport then apply again for the UAE Visa

          I hope I am clear. note that I am not an expert on UAE Visa, but this is what I assume and this is the logic with other country’s visa requirements

          • Ashanul Haque says:

            Dear Deh

            Thanks a lot for your kind and prompt response. Since Friday night, the status is “Application in process”.

            What is your opinion on this ? I mean this time everything seems to be OK and I will get my visa soon or any other thing!!!! Plz suggest. How many days it may take and what if I didnt get my visa before 11th Nov (date of journey).

            • MDeh says:


              I have the same case here, my application is still in process since October the 29th, so it has been 7 days now and I am travelling on the 8th of Nov. In my case if the visa doesnt get processed all I can try is to travel on Emirates or FlyDubai where there is a possibility that you get an on-arrival visa. You need to verify this with Emirates or fly dubai office. This used to work before, and I am not sure about now with the new visa regulations.

              • Ashanul Haque says:

                Thanks a lot dear…Please do updated whatever is the progress or outcome so that I can also plan like the same.

                • Yahya says:

                  Sept. 1 apply visa for my wife. Till now application posted. We got her visa on arrival on Sept. 22. Me and my son got it less than 24 hrs upon sending our application online. Enjoyed our trip to Dubai. Now, waiting for refund but still need to get application to be cancel. When and how? i’m clueless. Better to get visa thru emirates or any friend in Dubai. Have a nice day to all.

                • Ashanul Haque says:

                  Dear Yahya,

                  This is really a good piece of suggestion from you.Thank a lot dear!!!
                  So, according to you, its possible to apply for a new visa from Dubai through my friend instead of waiting…Isnt it ?

              • Ashanul Haque says:

                Hey Deh…
                How are you doing….

                What is the status of your visa and Dubai visit plan…..

                Kindly update!!!!

                Waiting for your response!!!!

  79. Ashanul Haque says:

    Is it possible to cancel my visa application ?

    Dr. A. Haque

  80. salah says:

    I apply and received

    Remarks for further processing : الاسم

    Please upload the documents by using the ‘Document Reupload’ link on the GCC Application.

    • Ashanul Haque says:

      Dear Salah,

      Could you please explain the term “sponsored passport page 1, 2….etc”

      • Hakeem says:

        I think the name you put in application is dufferent than passport
        You have to upload again page number 1 , 2 from the passport again

      • salah says:

        same. but might in Iqama family name English written some alpha different. where my name passport and Iqama in Arabic written same.

        when re-upload documents, with different format and Iqama different copy. after 10 minute received email need to re-uploشd required documents and remark الاسم

        • Ashanul Haque says:

          Did yo get re-upload E-mail today ??

          • salah says:

            yes, But when I spoken to Amer and explain to them they check my file and they told me in their system no any issue in my file

        • salah says:

          if in passport family name Al-qw. you have to write in application same.

          • salah says:

            I spoken to Amer and explain to them my issue. when they check system they told me in their system no any issue and showing application under process

            • Alka says:

              Do anybody have any contact no check about visa showing in process.. My child visa is pending since 22.10.2015 and still showing in process.. I do t know if we can get visa for him on arrival at boarder.. If someone is having any information , please share

  81. Atiq says:

    I have applied my visa on 27th October and still 4 days no visa and now i wanted to ask i have selected port of arrival as dubai and arriving from jeddah and now as it’s delayed and flights are full…….so after getting my visa hopefully in a day or two can i travel to sharjah or there will be problem as in visa application i have stated port of arrival as dubai. . Thanks

  82. Kashif Sohail says:

    This is Kashif Sohail
    Working as General Accountant in Dammam.Had traveled based on arrival visa to Dubai but now since e visa service I started, my question is my family is planning g to travel to Dubai without me by getting e visa. Would they be allowed to enter UAE without me since their IQAMA would not be shot g any profession status.
    Please advice based on real time experience. Thx

  83. Yasser Baghabra says:

    i have got the following email and asking for more document for further processing the VISA
    Remarks for further processing : بيانات المرافقين

    the issue is that the passport is solely for me , and am single I tried to call their numbers but no one picked the phone

    how to further proceed in this case


  84. Nadine says:

    We are applying as a family and my daughter is included in mom’s passport. After applying for all members and paying the fees, we discover that we cannot apply for baby. We are stuck now, with 3 visas paid and status “Posted”. Anyone faced the same situation?

    • WAQAR says:

      Posted means, your application has been submited andnn
      Your visa would be issue soon.

      • Nadine says:

        What does soon mean

        What about my daughter who is on my passport!

        • Msal says:

          Soom means a month or two.. I applied for my e visa on 15th of october and its still under process. I believe they have eaten my application form. When I call MOI, they ask me to call 047074938 which I have been calling for about three days now but to my misfortune no one picks up. I again believe they have probably kept the phone on silent or are sleeping on it. I even tried to re apply through an agent in dxb but I cannot as I have an active visa which is under process. A piece of advice, just get a hold of local agents in dxb and ask them to apply for the visas. This would save you all the frustration that I am going through at the moment.

  85. Sara says:

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help or advise.

    I recently applied for an e visa being a British expat living in Oman. I checked my application today and it said ‘further documents required for processing’ and under the remarks part it had:
    الجنسيه عند الوصول I’m not Arab but used Google Translate and it said ‘Citizenship upon arrival’. Is this correct? What does this exactly mean? I also have already uploaded passport page with photo, residence visa and residence card.

    Any help would be appreciated – thank you :)

    • Hakeem says:

      Hi sara
      Because you hold britich nationality
      No need to apply bisa online
      You should take entry stamp upon arrival to dubai airport

    • Raed says:

      Dear Sara,
      British citizens are getting free 30 days visa upon arrival. No need to apply online.

      • Sara says:

        Thank you to those who replied to my query. I’m hoping they refund my e visa payment now :S

        • Yahya says:

          Hello Ms. Sara, i want to refund my wife’s visa too but the problem is how? please do share how you will refund it. Thanks

          • Sara says:



            Unfortunately I called Noqodi and refunds are only given incase of some rejection visas. Annoying as this visa process has been very unclear!

            On another note, I received an email from GNDRD this week stating I needed to upload documents for my e-visa. i am not sure if this is just a automated email though.

            If I am definitely eligible for a visa on arrival should I ignore my visa application online?? Will Fly Dubai still let me get on the flight?

            This process is so confusing.

  86. Rane says:

    Hi! What kind of credit card you’re using to pay the online visa? It seems that they dont accept my Burgan Bank knet card. May I know what other ways to pay the visa online?

    I really appreciate any help. Thank you.

    • Burak says:

      Rane, this may be because of your browsers setting or Java settings. It happaned to me also, I tried to pay with my credit card and but it was declined. I tried from my friends computer, and his Java and everything was updated and my transaction was satisfactory. I recommend you to update your programs like Java , internet browser or you may try from an another computer which has the latest version of Java and browser.

      • Rane says:

        Hi Burak, thank you for the reply. I just use my other debit card which is Mastercard and it worked. I applied night of November 10 and happy to receive the visa just the following day. Wishing for everyone to have the same experience with me. Good luck!

  87. Ruth says:

    Hi, I hope anyone can help and advise me on my present situation. I applied for e-visa last Nov.1 and it says in process , after 4 days the status changed to documents required for further processing and so I uploaded again the sets of documents. My flight date is on Nov. 11 and until now the application is still in process. Will I be able to get a visa on arrival even if the application online is still in process? I have to attend a major conference in Dubai.

  88. Ruth says:

    I applied for e visa last November 1 and until now the application is still in process my flight is tomorrow and I have an important conference to attend in Dubai. Will I be able to get a visa on arrival?

    • RAED says:


      Unfortunately you can not do that. I had a similar problem with this stupid website and I called Dubai immigration at the airport and asked if they will let me in if my application is in process? They said NO WAY, you have to have your visa before coming to Dubai!!!

    • Hakeem says:

      Right no way
      , i also 1 month ago canceled my trip due to same reason
      Now the golden rule ( 1 month before your trip time is almost the right time to apply for e visa )
      No visa stamp upon arrival any more for gcc expats

  89. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the info. I still wanna try to fly though, and apply for a visa on arrival. I’m just gonna take with me all the needed docs including the conference registration.. Well I hope Emirates will board me in the departure airport.

    • Hakeem says:

      So sad to say that
      But no way you have to cancel your trip
      i also 1 month ago canceled my trip due to same reason
      Now the golden rule ( 1 month before your trip time is almost the right time to apply for e visa )
      No visa stamp upon arrival any more for gcc residents

    • Teddy says:

      Still try it out. I suffered the same fate but was able to get a visa on arrival on the 7th of Nov. Emirates Airlines is still flexible and the Immigration Office in Dubai airport understands the situation if you will tell them your case.

  90. Sara says:


    It’s me again. I just would like to clarify again that I am British GCC expat in Oman. Are you sure I do not need a visa for Dubai?

    Only because I had applied originally as I assumed I needed one and just this week received an email to upload further documents and now my application has gone to ‘In process’ again. Should I just ignore that I applied online? Will I still be able to board my flight?

    I’ve tried calling all the numbers but none of them are answered and I fly in over a week.

    This process is so unclear and confusing.

    • Hakeem says:

      Ignore the email you recieve , go airport , take your flight , in dubai airport take visa stamp upon Rrival because you are british , be happy
      And enjoy your time :)

  91. Teddy says:

    Good day,

    I’ll just share my experience regarding the evisa. Just like most of you, my evisa didn’t arrive in time. It’s still in the “Application in process” stage. I’m a GCC resident based in Oman. I have applied last 28 Oct 2015 but until now, 15 Nov it is still under process.

    My trip was scheduled on 7 Nov 2015 for I have a weeklong training from 8-13 Nov. I can’t reached the numbers provided in the website but was able to get hold of the Amer services. However, they have advised that they can’t check my application since it was an online application. I was referred to another number but failed to get in touch. I was able to contact somebody from the UAE embassy in Muscat and was asked about my profession. As an Engineer, my profession was in the qualified list and was advised that I can still get the visa on arrival at the Dubai airport.

    I took a brave move and went on with my plan on the 7th of Nov. First hurdle was the check-in. The ground attendant hesitated to check me in not unitl it was escalated to their Supervisor. Fortunately, the Supervisor let me through. Reason being was that Emirates Airlines allow passage on similar cases. So it went well in the first hurdle. The 2nd hurdle was checking in at the Dubai airport. I went to the Immigration Office to tell them of my case. The Immigration Officer was very kind to check first my status. When he saw my application was active but was still under process, he just advised me to get a new visa on arrival and just wait for the approval of my existing application which I can use for succeeding trip. He did not cancel it. Consequently, I have to shell out 220 AED for the visa on arrival. But it’s better than no entry at all.

    I got through successfully as guided from the advice of those who has gotten visa on arrival. As expected, the Immigration Office in Dubai airport were kind, flexible and understanding. The challenge is the bureacracy before it. With the transition, for a GCCresident, I’ve learned:
    1) Emirates Airlines is flexible to allow this kind of situation (but have to check from time to time) plus they have separate queing line which is relatively shorter compared to “other airlines” combined.
    2) Visa on arrival can still be obtained at the Dubai airport (but this have to be checked; probability increases if your profession is in the qualified list).


    • Dan.J says:

      I’m glad to hear that you got in safe. Quick Qs, I am under my husbands residency, and he is British while I’m Arab. Now I have applied for the visa twice within the past 2 weeks and still both statues say NO DATA… I fly in 2 weeks via FLYDUBAI, do you think I’ll manage to board/get visa on arrival? I’m aware the Emirates still issues it and I’ve checked with FLYDUBAI and they said no problem flying, but I’m not sure if anyone knows what situation is with flydubai?

      • Teddy says:

        Hi Dan.J,

        I’ll clarify first your statement. You have already inquire FlyDubai and they have advised you that you can fly without the evisa, is that right? If that’s the case, then you can just talk to the Immigration Office (separate office from those in the counters) once at the Dubai airport. Your husband can easily get entry. It is likely that yours will follow suit (but I’m not in the position to decide). You can just talk to the Immigration Office once landed in the Dubai Airport.

        Another thing that I have learned is that the reason why your point of origin is not allowing entry to UAE without the evisa is because of the risk that they would pay a penalty/surcharge for mishap. If the airline is willing to take that risk then it is likely that they see that a visa on arrival will likely be granted and there’s only little risk (or none at all) of incurring a penalty.


        • Dan.J says:

          Can I get it done at an Agency in Kuwait? I have spoken to flydubai again and they said I can’t board the plain without the e-visa…
          3 applications later and still 3 of them say NO DATA…
          so is it possible if I applied through a tourist agency or something?

          • Rane says:

            Yes it can be done. You can contact Ritz Agency in Beirut St. Hawally. I tried to inquire about if they arranging visa for dubai and they are. They said it cost 38 KD for the visa. Thankfully no need for me since I got e-visa already.

    • Leah says:

      Hi do I need to cancel my visa if I didn’t used it since we missed the flight already? Thank you. Kindly reply :)

    • Dan.J says:

      Good morning,
      Just quick question, I have phoned immigration in Dubai and after 3 hours of trying to get a hold of them I finally got an answer about the visa issue. Apparently my visa has been approved but I need to wait for the confirmation email. They did mention though that because I have applied twice that it might become stuck and so I will not receive an email. Does anyone have any idea how I can print/get the confirmation email?
      i TRIED the web but no luck as it still states no data…

      kind regards,

  92. Kashif Sohail says:

    Hello Friends..
    Back Again.. This is Kashif Sohail from Dammam Saudi Arabia.
    I have arranged for my wife visa through some agency in Dubai and she will be flying on 5th Dec whereas I will be leaving to UAE on 11th Dec, I have not applied for e-visa because time is short and I’m afraid that I will not be getting e-visa on time.
    My question is, if I arrange transit visa ( 14 days ) from the same Agency and travel by my car, should I expect any issue in this scenario ?

  93. Kashif Sohail says:

    Hello Friends..
    Back Again.. This is Kashif Sohail from Dammam Saudi Arabia.
    I have arranged for my wife visa through some agency in Dubai and she will be flying on 5th Dec whereas I will be leaving to UAE on 11th Dec, I have not applied for e-visa because time is short and I’m afraid that I will not be getting e-visa on time.
    My question is, if I arrange transit visa ( 14 days ) from the same Agency and travel by my car, should I expect any issue in this scenario ?

  94. Ghassan says:

    Hi all.
    I applied yesterday for myself and my wife (separate applications). On the same day I checked the status for both applications and it appeared to be under process (as expected). Of course in both cases the on line payment was successful.

    Today I checked again the status and for both application the site return No Data !!!
    What does this mean? Does this means that the applications were lost somewhere? Please help.


    • Ghassan says:

      I have sent an email to in the early morning. So far no reply from them. Any suggestion please? Is there any other email address that they have?


    • Dan.J says:

      I had the same issue for almost 2 weeks.
      The best shot is to get your airline to phone immigration in Dubai otherwise you will have to wait. It is not lost but it takes ages (for some odd reason) to process!

      • Bobbie says:

        Currently having the same issue. Where u able to resolve it?

        • Dan.J says:

          Hey, yes after a whole day trying to reach immigration, I went to the airport in kuwait and asked fly dubai to phone their office in dubai to check my visa, they told me that it is ready and I got it on the system 2 days later

  95. Faisal says:

    This eDRND is a very bad service. No follow up is possible through either email or phone. Disastrous service. I have applied twice cuz once the application didn’t go through and second time I’m just waiting for the visa. My flight is on Thursday and these people refuse to provide me visa.

    Does someone have any idea about a solution to this issue?


  96. Xee Ali says:

    Dear All,
    The latest update from Emirates Airline is that visa on arrival facility for GCC residents at Dubai Airport has been extended upto 31-Dec-15. All Travel Partners have been informed. Please check with your travel agent.

    All the best.

  97. Teddy says:

    I got this reply from MOI when I inquire them on the status of my evisa. I have already filed a complaint/inquiry on the website.

    “Please kindly submit your inquiry through our web site “” by filling up the “Register a complaint, appeal and petition” and submitting it to FMS (Feedback Management System) team for taking the necessary action.

    Hence, you can contact FMS team via tel. phone number (00971) 600525555 from Saturday until Thursday (from 7:30 am until 2:30pm) for further inquiry.

    In addition, you can submit your inquiry/ complaint through our mobile web application “UAE – MOI” via email “” or contacting us via our toll free number “8005000”.”

    • Teddy says:

      The system auto-generates a response “Thank you for using the feedback management system(FMS), expect a response to your case # xxxxxx within 5 working days for routine complaints, complex will take longer.”

  98. Salah says:

    Hi, for Yemen resident in GCC can get visa on arrival

  99. Sheju says:


    i applied in October and i didn’t get on time, After my travel date visa was aproved. Still that Visa is Opened. Now i want to cance that vis. Please advise me the procedure.

  100. Surya says:

    I have applied online UAE Visa [GCC resident of Qatar] and the Application status is “Documents Required for further processing”. AS and when i tried to upload the documents again i found the remarks as الاسم. I have reupload all the necessary documents again, and the status chaged to Application processing. But unluckily it went to the earlier status again with the same Remarks الاسم. Pleas eanyone help me I have to travel in the next week and still no-visa. Any contact number or email Id which respond immediately> please help me. Thanks in advance.

  101. Manoj says:

    Hi. Just wanted to update all. I applied on 2nd December and all 3 applications were approved today, 8th December. I didn’t receive any email though, had to check online.
    For dependents please make sure to upload the sponsor’s passport and residence permit….I was asked to upload it. Also, better to upload sponsor’s visa application.

    • Manoj says:

      Sorry, they were approved on 10th December.

    • Ray says:

      Can i ask what did you put in the Profession field for your children. I could not put student because the site did not accept. There is an error shown Profession required. Thanks.

      • Manoj says:

        You need to select from the available options. As I couldn’t find “child” in the list, I selected “Housewives/students/retired”. Anyway, it got approved.
        There is also an option “student / not allowed to work “.

  102. Amer says:

    Can someone please tell me what “DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR FURTHER PROCESSING” mean and how to go about fixing this issue?

    • Manoj says:

      Go to the document reupload link and search for your application. At the bottom there will be a short phrase in Arabic as to the document required.

    • Mads says:

      SO I’m a GCC resident with engineer as my profession and I have always gotten a visa on arrival. I’m going to Abu Dhabi with Etihad Airways on January 3rd, 2016 and I applied for an e-visa. The first time, the system charged my credit card; gave me a reference number and then said no data found. So, I panicked and applied again the second day. Now I have applied twice and I still get “no data found” when I search on status enquiry. The amer chat people have said to wait since the application is under process.

      My question is, is it better to just apply for a visa through Etihad at this point as opposed to wait because there are no guarantees that a visa will come through using the e-visa system. It would mean paying the fee 3 times but I’m desperate for the visa. Will Etihad have any trouble because I already have previous applications in the system? My understanding is that the UAE MOI visa system is separate from the airlines visa since they dont require you to put your residency.

  103. Mohammed says:


    I already applied for visit visa, status show application posted on 14th dec 2015 till now i didn’t receive any email from MOI ,

    Arrival date : 25th dec 2015

    Air ticket already booked.

    Kindly please reply …

  104. Mohammed Majed Khan says:


    I already applied for visit visa, status show application posted on 14th dec 2015 till now i didn’t receive any email from MOI ,
    Arrival date : 25th dec 2015
    Air ticket already booked.
    Kindly please reply …

    • Kat says:

      Same case with you. Please advice me of what to do. Thanks.

    • Kat says:

      Did u receive your visa already?

      • thara says:

        hi Mohamad Khan, pleasant morning but not so pleasant since our visas still on process, huhuhu.
        our flight is tomorrow already. my worry is if i cancelled our application will i get a refund? i am willing to shed the visa fee good for 1 person but not for the whole family. thats more than a thousand dirhams. all our hard earned money turns to nothing.
        i cant seem to get info on whats taking them so long..not even info on who should i talk to or what i should have to do when we get to the DBX. lets keep our fingers crossed.
        best regards

      • thara says:

        dear kat,

        still i dont have the visas. they are telling me that its no problem since we are under husband sponsor. we just have to pay again in the airport. but what will happen to my 1130dirhams that they credited on my bank the day i applied online.
        the reason i applied online is to avoid the line in the immigration since i have kids with me. i guess it made the situation even worst.
        support agents are no longer chatting with me. numbers to call is just consuming my load, i cant get to talk to someone who can help me.
        feeling sad, annoyed, desperate…

  105. thara says:

    could someone please advise me what to do. i am now getting soooo desperate. my husband got his visa approved but as for me and our 3kids still on process. why? how come? we are under his sponsorship, our online application was done the same day, visa fees for the whole family has been credited from our bank account and our date of travel is on the 25th, thats the day after tom.
    i have called several numbers but no one picks up.

    • gasser says:

      Same happen with me from 1 month and i get the recent family member visa after i receive mine 2 days later

    • Ammad says:

      Thara you can travel with him as yesterday I checked with Fly Dubai & they confirmed that Dubai again started giving Visa on arrival which they stopped few months back. I am also travelling tomorrow i.e 24 dec & was already applied online visa which is still under process. The only thing is in grey area that wat will happen to already applied application & fee paid as i will not needing that anymore if i got Visa on arrival.

      Best of luck

      • kat says:

        Please let me know about your experience. i will be traveling on december 30, 2015. I hope the airport in KSA will not hold me because i dont have visa. and they will let me get to dubai because i will get my visa on arrival there..

        please tell me of your travel experience

        • Ammad says:

          Well it depends on Airline too. I traveled through Fly Dubai & they had no issue. I also double checked with them about Visa on arrival at airport & they confirmed it. So no need to worry, enjoy your trip & New year in Dubai.

  106. Ammad says:

    I have applied E-Visa two days before & tomorrow I am traveling, just came to know that arrival Visa at airport can be issued as they are still giving Visa on arrival without online application. My question is if i will be able to get visa on arrival then how can i get refunded my online application which is not yet approved?

    • kat says:

      Please let me know if flydubai let you board without a visa.. becaus ethey said they ask in the airport your visa..

      • Ammad says:

        Yes Kat I just arrived back from Dubai through Fly Dubai & they confirmed Visa on arrival will be issued at airport & they will let you board.

  107. Joe says:

    I had same issue with my Wife’s profession………….When I tried wife/housewife ….no luck…..but I proceeded with ‘Teacher’ as she works as one here in Jubail………….I am going by road so selected Abu Dhabi ……Port of entry…..
    ‘AL GOUIFAT’……….as we travel through Ghuweifat International High way………..

    I have not heard anything… acknoledgement mail….nothing….

    Best Luck Folks

  108. Chaminuka says:

    i applied the visa on line on 18th December this year till now it has not been approved the systems indicates the visa is posted or is under process . Can i get visa on arrival with a another visa still pending in the system.

    • Yahya says:

      Chaminuka : Yes, you can apply unless visa on arrival they are still providing. To make it sure print out the copy of your pending application. Good luck.

  109. Eunice Cantimbuhan says:

    Hi Guys,

    I was reading the posts here. I was getting worried about my visa.

    I applied for it today Dec 28, 10AM and then i received my visa after 1 hour! That’s great news right.

    I am living in Saudi Arabia and currently under my husbands sponsorship. I filled up the form as necessary and uploaded my Passport, Photo and Iqama copy.

    That is!

    Good luck to you all!

  110. Nijil says:

    I have applied Dubai visa for me and my wife.She got visa but I didn’t get so far.Status shows documents needed for further processing even though I uploaded my all documents such as
    Passport first , last and visa stamped pages with resident card copy and photograph.Please let me know if anyone can help me out.Currently I am in Oman.

  111. Ashraf says:

    I applied for the visa through online before one week and when I check the status it shows NO DATA FOUND. Please advise me what to do

  112. Salah says:

    You might enter wrong info

  113. Salah says:

    Hi, if you got visa through online and not use and expire and apply again any issue.

  114. Mijo says:

    Hai Friends

    Today i applied gcc entry visa for dubai by online. But unfortunately i didnot add my spouse name into the respected visa application. Is it possible to modify the application after submission. Otherwise i have to cancel the existing application and apply for new visa. because i already paid the visa charge by credit card.

    Please give me reply if anybody know the answers.


    • Yahya says:

      Hi, no need. You only need to apply new visa for her separately.

      • Mat says:

        Hi Yahya,

        I am planning for a road trip from Kuwait to UAE as what I understand after getting the UAE visa online. I am asked to get it stamped in the passport in order for me to apply for the transit visa via Saudi according to the Saudi Embassy. I been to the UAE consulate and they are saying they don’t do that here in Kuwait. Any advise or info in this regard?

  115. Salah says:

    Hi, I need help.

    I got visa and will get expair by end of February, but my meet has change to next month. If I not used my visa and applied new one after expiry. Will be any issue

  116. burak says:

    I applied for e-visa but still didnt get it and my travel in 2 days. Does anybody know if they still issue visa on arrival for GCC residents? And how to call their helpdesk number “8005000” from Oman ?

  117. MUNNI says:




  118. richard says:

    hi i applied visa for my daughter and to my wife, transaction completed even the payment is okay. but when i check the status no data found. its already 2 days since i apply. please advise.

  119. MAT says:

    Is UAE authorities giving on arrival visa for GCC residents at Ghoifat border. please advise.

  120. sandy says:

    Hi. I applied online for visa and was told i already have a valid visa in my name and i have never applied before and neither do i have the E visa. Please what can i do?

  121. Jyoti says:


    I have applied for UAE visa for myself and my son separately.
    I got my visa whithin 1 hour but for my son it shown “PLEASE ATTACH A PICTURE OF THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE SPONSOR”

    what does that mean?
    i have attached my issued visa copy,
    Copy of my Residence Card
    Copy of my passport 1st page.

    But the message still shows.

    What do I need to upload more?
    Please help

  122. Muhammad Omair Siddiqui says:

    Same Here

    I get this for message when i applied for my son


    I already added my issued visa copy,
    Copy of my Residence Card
    Copy of my passport 1st page.

    Still same error

  123. Joseph says:

    I’m being asked the same question.
    Have you resolved this issue yet?

    Thanking you in advance for your response.

  124. Muhammad Omair Siddiqui says:

    Actually for me when i recieved


    I have added my passport, dubai visa and GCC residency (being a sponsor as father). I get same message in one hour. I had no clue what to add more so i added my picture just to update the case :D

    Today i get same message for my wife and provided all information. Let see what happen next.

    • Joseph says:

      Thanks for replying!

      Don’t understand why they’d ask this question for your son who’s a dependent.

      My understanding was they wanted a picture of the place I work;
      Picture of the establishment (building/office) of the sponsor.

      Though, I haven’t submitted anything yet.

      Please give me an update once you get a reply.
      Thanks again!

  125. Rajesh says:

    I have applied the VISA in below way for my Child and got the visa. You may please try this. Create Separate Application for child and in Marital Status mention as ‘CHILD’

    Upload the Passport Details of Sponsor, i.e. the PARENT details.

    Upload the following.

    1) First Page of PARENT’s Passport
    2) Visa Stamped Page of PARENT’s Passport
    3) Passport page with Address Page Details of PARENT
    4) Resident Card Copy of PARENT.
    5) First page of Kid’s passport carrying their Name ( In Other Page 1 link)
    6) Kid’s Picture
    7) Kid’s VISA Stamped page/ Resident Card Copy if any .

    Hope this helps

  126. Michelle says:

    This is with respect to UAE Visa application.

    My Visa application, Michelle Victor Lazarus, status shows “Posted”.

    My brother, Michael Victor Lazarus, status shows in process after re-upload of documents

    My Neice, Ariana Myra Lazarus, is just 7+ months and thus does not have a resident ID card which is issued to children 5 years and above. And since there were no proper profession to choose from the drop down menu, We selected the students option.

    My Sister in Law, Shaalini Joycee Lazarus application shows not approved. Since created under the accompanies application.

    Could you please tell us how to rectify in order to process our Visa Applications.

    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.

  127. vadivel says:

    I have got an entry permit visa for dubai.I checked my visa in website..but I seems the error like unable to prcess your what can I do for check my visa.

  128. rhea says:

    Can anyone help me my visa status is saying further documents required but my travel agency already settled it they already fixed this in the immigration in dubai but in my status is still the same.

  129. Javad says:

    i got uae e visa,now i change the trip. how to cancel it. nothing in gdrfa

  130. Muhammad says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Is anyone getting late e visa through Travel Agent or self?

    Please answer I applied my visa 1 week before through travel agent the application shows in process but taking long as compare normal.

    your answer or comments will highly appreciated please?

  131. Jane says:

    i already applied for visa last July 18, 2016, and i still dont have my Dubai tourist visa approved and my flight schedule will be tomorrow July 24-27, 2016.
    i dont have any idea on what to do without Dubai tourist visa upon arrival in which i already applied for it several days before my flight schedule.

    pls response

  132. Shaukat says:

    I am applying for UAE Visa. Please advise what to attach in ID card in attachment section. IQAMA copy or national ID card of home country.

  133. Mobeen says:

    I applied for visit visas of Dubai for myself and for my wife. I stated that I am arriving on 12-Sep-2016. I applied on 22-July-2016. I got two problems.
    1. They issued me a visa valid from 24-July-2016 to 24-August-2016 which is way before the date I intend to travel to UAE. what shall I do? shall I wait for its expiry?
    2. My wife visa is still not approved. comments are coming as “Picture of Establishment of Sponsor is required”. I do not know what does this means.
    Can any1 help me in these matters


    • Joseph says:

      Mr. Mobeen,

      I faced the same issue back in May. They asked me for “picture of the establishment of my sponsor”.
      So, I took a picture of my place of work (sponsor); specifically the entrance along with the PACI No.

      A few hours after I sent the picture, they issued the visa.

      Also, there’s online help on their ministry of interior website. You can chat with them and clear any other doubts you have.

      Hope this helps and you guys have a great time in Dubai!

  134. Aayat says:

    (1)passport name and residence permit name (iqama) not matching so does it matter of I put my passport name.iqama is required to upload later.
    (2) there’s an option of converting your name automatically to Arabic so should I select that or put the Arabic name I think is correct?
    (3) electrical engineer option is not coming in the form as a profession option so what should I select? There is a option of just engineer.

  135. John says:

    Hello Everyone,

    For article 17 ( ministry visa) from kuwait, is their different procedure?
    Any one applied for the same kindly reply.
    As application showing still under process.
    Proffession is Engineer.

  136. Naveed says:

    Hi, i am a resident of Saudi Arabia. Applied online visa today. Just one query. In my application, I selected Arriving From: Jeddah. I am intending to travel to Dubai on my return from Pakistan. Will it be a problem? I selected the entry port as Dubai and thats where I’ll be traveling from but will it be ok if I arrive in Dubai from Pakistan and not Jeddah???

  137. Olga says:


    I applied for UAE on the 1st of Jan with Im planning to travel to Dubai on the 6th. My husband is already there. We are GCC residences (Bahrain) both of us.
    I was checking my status today and its next – Documents Required for further processing. Does it mean that i just have to wait or provide some kind of documents?
    Appreciate your reply!

    • Don says:

      Hi, Olga, maybe you need to upload again copy of your residence id, passport copy, your photo and better the copy of your husband dubai visa. Good luck.

  138. S Alurkar says:

    Post approval of my UAE VISA I realized that my birthdate mentioned on that is incorrect. What should I do ?? Is there any way I can rectify the same or Do I need to cancel that and apply for the new Visa??

  139. JOHNSON says:

    i have tried to apply online my dubai visit visa, i am not getting my profession (auditor) for selection. can you please advice us the reason. on an earlier occassion i had used same profession and got the visa too

  140. Robin John says:

    If your application is under process for more than 3-4 days(probably you have made some mistake in the application),You can write to them at or call +971600522222

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