Renderings of the New Kuwait Airways Terminal

Post by Mark

Not to be confused with the new and huge Terminal 2 airport thats being constructed, and also not to be confused with the new Jazeera Airways terminal thats also under construction, this third terminal that’s also under construction is meant to alleviate the pressure from our current airport until the new main terminal 2 is completed sometime in 2020.

This terminal will be exclusive to Kuwait Airways and is being built adjacent to the cargo terminal. It’s expected to be completed and in operation by Q1 of next year. And yes we currently have three new terminals under construction.

For more photos and information, click [Here]

Thanks ChaoticTranquility

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  1. Abdullah Ali says:

    Thanks for sharing Mark!

  2. AverageJoe says:

    I hope they only open local Kuwaiti businesses in there such as Arabica and other local restaurants and cafes. This would be a great change from the typical Starbucks and Mcdonalds

  3. D says:

    I’m sure they gonna pass a proposal to charge the expatriates for using the terminal .. lol …

  4. Twi8ted8un8hine says:

    It would be great if the airport management would open business spaces for local brands with less rental prices even for a 5 year term to start up with. In the Philippines, when City of Dreams Manila opened, the management gave half of rentalbspaces for local and SME business to have a balance and well rounded services, as they open the entertainment complex to all for free.

  5. Nasser says:

    Kuwait is charging expats much less for services compared to GCC or european countries, its not fair to bash the country on every occasion.

    • Sulaiman-COOKIEEE says:

      Note how foreigners get paid a lot more here than in many countries, don’t get taxed and have relatively cheaper healthcare (ask people around the gcc before u comment) and yet they get pissed over everything. There’s a reason why people like safaa al hashem became an MP… its cause u ain’t greatful for shit.

      • Sal says:

        Your first point is false.. salaries in countries usually correspond with how expensive or cheap a country is.. While Kuwait is getting more pricy as the years go by, expenses are not up to the level of areas that are a lot more developed like Dubai, London etc (for example). Because of this, salaries you get for a job here are a lot lower than those for the same jobs in places like London or Dubai.

        While I do love Kuwait and have lived here for a long time, things have been getting a lot more hectic. Foreigners are getting scapegoated like no other and this is why a lot of complaints have been swirling left and right.. Traffic problems can and should have been fixed long ago by actually developing the roads and not by targeting expats, revoking their licenses and causing them to renew those licenses EVERY YEAR.. But I guess waiting until things got unbearable was a better idea..

    • khan says:

      Of course there are positives to living in Kuwait, that’s why there such a large expat population here. However, expats have been feeling that Kuwaitis give them zero credit for any development that Kuwait has seen over the years, neither for building the country nor running it. And off late the attitude has taken a turn for the worse, or maybe its just the media which keeps highlighting every negative statement towards the expats coming from the Kuwaiti leaders.
      Anyway, its a symbiotic relationship, and I hope we can all go back to a time when expats were grateful for being in Kuwait and Kuwaitis were grateful for having them here.

  6. Hasan says:

    This is an amazing airport. Congratulations to the designers! Can’t wait to see it built.

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