Tidbits: British Airways, Qatar Airways & Etihad

Post by Mark

While we’re on the subject of airlines…

British Airways
Not sure how its possible but BA always seem to have the cheapest business class tickets to the States; at least to LA, and by always I mean whenever I want to go. And I’m talking like 40-50% cheaper than anybody else. So if you’re planning on traveling to the States check out their prices now since there is a promo running. [Link]

Qatar Airways
If you missed out on the Qatar Airways offers during Eid it came back yesterday. I got a ridiculously great priced ticket for a trip to Europe next month, literally half the price of competition. So again if you’re looking to travel soon, check their prices out as well. [Link]

Finally, in case you missed this bit of news yesterday, you can now carry electronics onboard your flights to the US if you’re flying with Etihad. They’re the only airline in the region which you can now carry electronics onboard US flights. [Link]

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  1. Dun says:

    I’d be careful about Qatar Airways, you never know if you will actually be able to land in Doha.

  2. aaa says:

    Qatar flights are slightly longer to certain countries now, worth mentioning. Ridiculously nice airport though

  3. forzaq8 says:

    i never got a cheaper ticket on British , its always 200-300 more
    even on economy

  4. Quintin says:

    been flying BA for about 4 years now, to the States and back. my ticket has always always been 232KWD and some, return! (Kuwait to Arizona, connecting in London) and i have been doing this more than 6 times a year. old planes, but hey :D it gets me there!

    the trick to get a cheap ticket with BA, is to try and fly out of Kuwait on a Saturday morning 6am to the states. Thursdays i usually pay extra with around 42kwd more.

  5. zaydoun says:

    Last year I got an incredible rate Kuwait – Los Angeles on BA Business Class but in the end I couldn’t go :-(

    • Mark says:

      how incredible? Cheapest I’ve been able to get is 1K, I can’t imagine it being cheaper?

      • zaydoun says:

        It was around 1K for Eid in September 2016… which is incredible when you compare it to London same period

        • Yazan says:

          You guys, when u want to travel to the United States, always go theough jfk, as its always cheaper.
          For example when I go to Toronto in business class, I always take the New York Route.
          The reason behind this is because the competition towards New York is high. When you Land in JFK you take the loval airlines to whatever destination u want.
          The average prices to JFK business class is 550 kd Egypt air (which is herrendous) Saudi Airlines is around 700-750 KD not bad at all with their new 777-300er) Kuwait airways 600-800 kd of course not in the summer, also the new 777-300er. Moreover, Kuwait Airways also have premium economy, but I think its still not in their system yet, but the trick is simply talk to the check in officer to sit in the premium economy class. Emirates, Etihad, &Qatar airways is around 850-1000 kwd. I personally never go through BA, as they have old planes, and I dont like their service much.

          • Mark says:

            Yeah but BA to LA is 1000 so why pay 750 for “they’re not bad” Saudi air to NY and then for another flight to LA? Qatar Airways to NY is 1300 with their current promo plus add a ticket to LA and you’re 50% more than BA

            BA also fly A380’s to LA so the planes are new

            • YaZan says:

              Yes very true, if your going to LA, but going to Toronto, Atlanta, Florida, Boston, Chicago or close Cities to New York that would be your best option.
              1300 because its the summer, as I mostly travel to New York through Qatar Airways and I never ever paid more than 900 kd through Qatar Airways, plus now Qatar Airways are introducing their new Business class, which is called First in Business!!!
              BA is always cheaper because there seats and service are just ok i mean i would pay 100-150 kd more to choose Qatar, Emirates or Etihad over BA (obviously).

  6. Sonia says:

    You can now carry electronics on-board Emirates n Turkish Airlines flights to the US as well.

  7. Amuq8 says:

    Mark, you should update this post. As of yesterday Emirates is allowing to carry laptops on all its flights to US now.

  8. hnirof says:

    to be specific you should type L.A since LA represents the state of Louisiana and since there arnt any direct flights from lhr to Louisiana i assumed u meant los angeles

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