Wataniya Airways to Launch Beirut Flights Next Month

Post by Mark

Kuwait Wataniya Airways announced launching flights to Beirut, Lebanon, as of November 9, with four flights weekly to and from Kuwait International Airport.[Source]

Has anyone flown with Wataniya Airways? If yes then how was your experience? They’re currently running a buy one get one free offer on all their destinations. [Link]

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  1. Khaled says:

    Flew with them to Sarajevo earlier this month and honestly, it was totally fine.

    I flew economy and, compared to their old configuration with leather seats, the new seats are grey cloth and can get somewhat uncomfortable on longer journeys as our four hour and forty minute flight, but as the flight was less than half full most passengers found empty rows to sprawl out in. Food was good [Arabic rice-based dishes with chicken, meat or vegetarian options], the staff were lovely to deal with and talk to and the planes are in good condition seeing that they’re new. All in all, a totally benign and pleasant experience; I hope they manage to go places and last a little longer than last time. The only qualm I have that admittedly didn’t affect me but could affect others is the lack of in-flight entertainment at every seat in economy; bring a laptop or iPad if you plan on watching something.

    Also, I definitely preferred Wataniya and even Jazeera [flew with them for the first time to Istanbul earlier the year] to Kuwait Airways; at least their crews were all smiling, their food was good [i.e. no salads served in sealed plastic bags] and their cabins didn’t reek of cigarette smoke seeping into the cabin from the cockpit.

    • Nasser says:

      When was the last time you flew on Kuwait Airways? I flew with them back in April and they were quite good. Brand new plane and the staff were fine

      • Rickstove Stunic says:

        True. Except that the planes, at times, seemed a little old I have travelled on Kuwait Airways during the past three years and the experience was overall good.

      • Khaled says:

        End of May; flew on one of the newer A320s [although at this point, I think all but two of their old planes have been decommissioned and removed from service]. The aircraft itself was perfectly decent if lacking extra space in the exit rows, but the negatives on my flights included:

        – Staff attitude was absolutely DISMAL – one of the flight attendants, for instance, woke a sleeping passenger up for the meal service by saying “Hello? HELLOOOOO yes I’m talking to you, do you want to eat or not?”
        – Food quality, which usually is a strong point for Kuwait Airways, was borderline inedible and extremely greasy. That the salad was served in a sealed plastic bag instead of a covered bowl was so memorable I had to take a photo.
        – Shortly after we took off, I smelled smoke in the cabin only to realize that it was cigarette smoke coming from the cockpit. I asked the cabin crew if it was the captains smoking and they got sheepish before one of them answered “You and I both know the answer to that question.” Point made.

        I know they’re trying to make strides in the right direction with their new aircraft/livery/uniforms, but the passenger experience needs to be dramatically overhauled if they want to be even remotely competitive.

  2. Nina says:

    Terrible disappointment. Made me want to cry. I posted about it on my FB mark, with pics….they used jam3eya type sambousak bags for the sick bags, just to give an example. Their uniforms were so cheap, everything looked and felt so cheap. They need to understand the difference between low cost/budget and CHEAP.

    • Mark says:

      Oh I didn’t see that post, will check your Facebook now

    • Omar says:

      What is the difference?

      Im not being sarcastic or anything. I, myself, would like to know what the difference is?

      I always thought low-cost and cheap were the same thing.

      • Nina says:

        Low cost means no additional benefits….they can offer reduced fares because they don’t have to build into the price the cost of the meal, luggage, etc. Thise are optional if you want you can pay for them… Take fly dubai for example…doesn’t mean everything is cheap

  3. zaydoun says:

    They would be well advised to also fly back from Beirut on Sundays, so we get the full Beiruti weekend. I was about to book but stopped when I saw they don’t fly back on Sundays

  4. mko says:

    I wish I could fly with wataniya but the days they offer the flights don’t work, I don’t understand why they don’t have thursday and sundays as options

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