Where Airport Valet Park Your Car

Post by Mark

Ever wondered where the airport valet park you car? I never did but a friend of mine with a dashcam recently gave his car to their valet, and the dashcam recorded the journey to the airport valet parking spot. It took around 7 minutes to get to the parking spot without any traffic, which explains why the wait to get the car back can easily exceed 20 minutes.


One thing this video made me realize is that the airport can build a large long term parking away from the airport and shuttle people back and forth. This would solve the current problem with not enough long term parking spots. I found the location of the valet parking on google maps and as you can see in the picture above, there is a large plot of land thats currently empty right next to it. That could easily be turned into a long term parking spot if they wanted to.

Just an FYI in case you’re curious, valet parking at the airport costs KD2 a day.

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  1. Nina says:

    I used the Jazeera park and fly recently, and although its a beyond shitty airline, the idea is so freakin convenient, it ALMOST makes it worthwhile to fly with them. It basically operates on a similar concept to this but the parking is 2.5KD I think a day. Valet parking, remote check-in and giving in luggage at their building like 5 mins away from the terminal, then you get shuttled to the terminal where you can go straight to Immigration.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Cheaper to take taxi to the airport.

    • Mark says:

      Salmiya to the Airport is what like KD4 by cab? Airport to Salmiya is KD8 by cab so the total for a journey is KD12.

      It costs KD2 per day to park your car at the airport. If you travel for a weekend the total would be KD6.

      So thats half the price of taking a cab so how is it cheaper to take a cab?

      And we’re not even factoring in the connivence and advantage of going and coming in your own car.

    • aceboy44 says:

      Taxi would cost me approximately 16KD round-trip from Kuwait City – Airport. Cheaper to drop car myself.

  3. Kuwait says:

    Wow, just realized (after 30+ years in Kuwait) that there’s a giant KUWAIT stamped right in front of the Amiri Terminal.

  4. Muzz says:

    I wonder how the valets get back to the airport…

    • Mark says:

      we were discussing it yesterday, our theory is they stay at the parking lot and come back when they’re delivering a car to a customer who has arrived. but that wouldn’t make sense say on a thursday afternoon when everyone is dropping their car off but not many people arriving.

      • X says:

        My guess is the driver has another driver following him. Probably in a company car.

        • Mark says:

          That wouldn’t be practical, a shuttle bus makes more sense, just keeps going and coming non stop from parking to airport throughout the day picking up the drivers.

          • Best option is to ask the Valet, next time at the airport. Or should take up the a valet job to find out ‘The ins and outs of the Valet job’ how they choose a place to park – because I still do not see a software being used for locating a vehicle. PROBABLY still using OLD SCHOOL technique.

  5. T-rex says:

    don’t you have friend to drop ya? atleast cap won’t cost as much then.

  6. OSS says:

    To marks friend: I’m wondering what dashcam is this, quality is pretty good. And if that’s the new landcruiser :D

  7. Rastapopulus3 says:

    I would be cautious before giving my car to the valet again.
    Recently, while collecting my car back, the valet damaged my boot and had the audacity to tell me I caused the damage and the company was not responsible.
    Finally, I was told that I should go and lodge a report in the Jleeb police station… by a cop :(

  8. Riba says:

    This reminds me…. a while ago I noticed a huge brand new parking lot just west of there, I wonder if this is going to be the long term parking with a shuttle? Location is here:

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