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GTAV in Kuwait

It’s already available at Rihab Complex but their current asking prices are hovering around KD40 to KD50. Insane.

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Wow, was actually planning to drop by tomorrow to check for prices. I already expected the price to be high, but I didn’t think they’d take it that far. Ridiculous.

On a side note, the game will be available digitally (only on PSN) tomorrow, if anyone’s interested, it’ll cost you less than 20KD.


Suchs for 360 owners though lol. I own both and was thinking about getting it for the 360 but screw paying 40kd for a game, might as well get it on the PSN.

I saw thattoday, I wonser why, someone offered me ffxiv collector edition 78 k.d. told him to go **** themselves.

it’s 25 tops limit edition doesn’t even have action figure

All these stores with the wont sell gta notes will have to sell the game sooner or later unless they want to go broke HAHA

BUY IT ONLINE. You can get it digitally for half the price and you don’t have to leave your house. Digital Distribution is the best

Honestly, I thought Xcite would have pre-orders of this and they would be selling it there(like they did with other games)and also, that sign says that they dont sell GTA, does that mean they dont sell ANY GTA games?

Yeah it’s “banned” in Kuwait, which means reputable companies don’t want to bother selling it but the shady ones in Rihab will 😛

Got it for 270 Dhs here in Abu Dhabi , thats like 20 KD..there’s even a special edition with a box and stuff but thats 400 dhs though.

I doubt it, as it will not pass through the customs, or ‘جمارك’. It’s banned in Kuwait, and unless you have someone who works there, I don’t think you get it from Amazon. You can, though, download a digital copy for less than 20 KD.

Don’t Download The PSN Digital Version It Is Not Good It Runs On Steam While Playing Game Things Will Load Slow Like Far Building Will Be Looking Very Bad When You Get Close Then It Will Go Correct

I was at Al-Rehab complex, the other day, and the lowest price I could find was 36 KD. One of the stores actually offered it for 50 KD, which is nonsense! 50 KD is more than the price which would cost to get the collector’s edition! I would love to get the collector’s, or even just the special edition. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

Greedy bastards tried selling the Xbox version to me for 33-40 today! Bullshit! Microsoft better hurry up on that on demand digital download though gameplay would suffer a bit :/

PS3 version only which already has a lower price in Kuwait…Need an Xbox 360 version which is still priced 30kd!!!

when i went most of the stores were not selling gta 5 and the one that were selling were charging 35 to 40 kd, when i asked “why no one was selling gta 5?” they said that the game is too violent and sexual so it was considered ban.
it was the same case with god of war 3, banned and overpriced.
so i got my digital copy from the PSN store which was only $60 but 18GB in size, took me 14 hours to download but it was worth it

This game should be sold legally with ID check like in the US

Lol @ paying 50 kd for it because you have to get it from shady stores in rihab

I got it from Amazon for pre order before it was released in kuwait I got without being stoped in جمارك

Last comment almost an year ago. What about GTA 5 on PC, are these series still banned or what?
Also if i order it online, will i face any difficulty in customs?

Update: Thanks to P2P, i asked one of my friend to download it for me, and i have planned to purchase (DL version) from Rockstar
It’s for KD17/-, which i believe is worth it, and most importantly within my budget limit, this game deserves it.

Now i just need a descent GPU which can fit in my Dell Optiplex 9020 minitower, as all the GPS’s which can run this game on Ultra Settings are more than 10.5″ long. 🙁

Will appreciate if some one can share his/her review and GPU used for it.

King, you’r the KING. 🙂

@Mohammed Albahrawy,
I will try to get u a copy 😉
But make sure your PC is good enough to handle it.

Thanks KING, i like you but i don’t love you.😊 😉
Although i was planning to buy the original if it’s reasonable price (online original price is around KD15/- downloadable, but i got limited internet connection) i am forced to look into alternatives.
Once again for the offer. 🙂

Anyone looking for GTA 5 ?
It’s widely available in Al Rihab even tho it’s banned by kuwait authorities.
It will cost you maybe 12-14KD.

Hope this information helps someone.

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