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LDK Game – Retro Gaming Console

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you probably already know how nostalgic I am which is why I also love old video games. Over the years I’ve posted about a variety of game consoles including ones that allow you to play old video games like the Pandora and Dingoo. LDK Game is a console I recently picked up and I’m so in love with it!

Firstly just a bit of background. My first game console ever with the Coleco which my parents got in me in the early 80s. Since then I’ve gone through everything from the Sakhr MSX2 and Commodore, up to the current consoles like the PS4 and Switch. My favorite console ever would have to be the Super Nintendo followed closely in second by the Sega Dreamcast.

The LDK Game is a pretty tiny portable unit that plays nearly every console from the 80s and 90s including a lot of games from the original PlayStation. For such a small (and cheap) game system it just blows my mind how well it does playing some of my favorite games. Out of the box, all you need to do is plug the unit into your computer via a regular USB cable and it will then show up as an external hard drive. You can then just drag and drop the games (roms) onto the unit in the proper folders, so SNES games in the SNES folder and PlayStation games in the PlayStation folder and that’s pretty much it. You then just launch the games using one of the many built-in emulators. If there is a missing emulator (like the MSX or Coleco one) you can then just download them and install them easily. Currently, I have games from the following consoles running on my LDK:

Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Sega Master System
Sony PlayStation
Super Nintendo

In addition to the above, I also have Doom, Quake, Wolf 3D and Duke Nukem 3D installed. I really have 90% of my favorite games ever running on this tiny console.

All the games I have installed run flawlessly. Older consoles like the NES and Gameboy obviously run flawlessly on many other systems but I used to run into issues running some SNES games on my previous game consoles. I don’t have that issue here, and not only that, somehow this unit can run PlayStation games. Not all of them mind you, 3D intensive games like Tekken run but aren’t playable on this but 2D games like Castlevania, NBA Jam and Mortal Kombat Trilogy run perfectly, and games like Ridge Racer, Tony Hawk 2 and GranTurismo seem to also run really well. Another surprise was the fact that it also ran DOS games. I managed to install some really old games like Prince of Persia, Test Drive 3, Captain Comic and even the original Need for Speed and they all ran flawlessly. Oh and even sprite intense NeoGeo games like Metal Slug and Mars Matrix run without a hint of slowdown.

The screen has a 4:3 ratio which means you can play old games without having awkward black bars on the sides like you do when playing old games on your new TV. The sound is also fairly loud because there are two speakers on the back but you can also plug in your headphones if you prefer. The LDK has 6 buttons, four on the front and two shoulder buttons which means you won’t have issues controlling SNES or PlayStation games.

The coolest thing about the LDK Game though is that it sells for just $56! That’s not a lot to pay for a game console that can basically run ALL the cool old games. In fact, if it only ran Castlevania Symphony of the Night I would have paid $56 to get it and not only does it run it and really well, but I can also play Super Metroid, NHL ’94, Neo Drift and a ton of other games all on the same device. I still can’t believe I can play Symphony of the Night on this! Even the battery life is great running at over 4 hours and because it uses a standard USB port, you can charge it on the go with any battery pack.

I ordered the console from the LDK website and shipped it to my US forwarding mailbox. But, the device ended up shipping from China so if I was to order it again I’d ship it straight to Kuwait or at least my Shop&Ship Chinese mailbox. If you want to get one, here is a link to their website.

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Test Drive, Wolf 3D and Prince and Persia area easy. There are a bunch of websites that allow u to play dos games in your browser. If u have a Mac (or pc even) check out they sell old games. I got sensible soccer for my Mac from there.

I’ve actually got the Bittboy Pocket Go, which is also an excellent console. But your review is persuading me to also get the LDK since I can get both and see which is better

So I looked at the Bittboy and was also close to getting the clockwork game shell but eventually chose this cuz of the price and the ability to play more games than the other two. The biggest turn off with the Gameshell was also the boot time which was too long for a quick pick up and play scenario

Play Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Arcade version only not sega genesis) and The Punisher (neo geo). Also try to play X-Men vs Street fighter for MAME, but I doubt it will work or you have enough buttons for combos

I love the arcade version of MJ but not a fan of The Punisher and didn’t install any fighting games on the console (other than MK) because I didn’t want to get any blisters 😀

But, I did read that X-Men vs Streetfighter plays flawlessly on the LDK>

Yeah, u can do normal game saves like u would on the original console or u can save a game state which is an extra benefit of going the emulation route

I think it came with RCA cables gonna have to check but I do know that it does connect to your tv. But would not recommend since the TV is HD and the games are low res so it won’t look good on the TV.

If you’re keen on PS1 emulation see if you can get hold of a PSP and install CFW on it. It play all the games that the LDK can and since it also uses a MIPS32 processor it is technically the best PS1 handheld emulator out there.

I remember being excited I could hack my Vita to play SNES and Genesis games, and then realizing I have about 8 different ways to play Super Mario World.

But I still bought a SNES classic

But yes the best PS1 emulator handheld is actually still a hacked PSP (Or a Vita, which has a much nicer screen but is a bit more of a hassle to get around). Perfect 100% emulation of all PS1 games.

Hi ‘ I follow your advice and I ordered from China. Issue was that they don’t send batteries from
China to Kuwait . So I had the battery removed and now I have the console with me but no battery. Do you mind sending me a picture of your battery to see if I can get something similar in Hawalli ? Thanks ! 🙁

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