Nintendo Switch is Already Available in Kuwait

Post by Mark

Even though the Nintendo Switch officially launches worldwide tomorrow, they’re already on sale at Rihab Complex. I was just there (technically I’m still there since I’m posting from my car in the parking lot) and they’re selling the Nintendo Switch for KD200 which is double the retail price. They don’t have any accessories yet, just the console and three games which include Zelda. They’re selling the games individually for KD20-25.

According to one salesman I spoke to, there are currently only 31 Nintendo Switches available for sale and they’re spread out across a few stores in Rihab.

The two most popular shops haven’t gotten their shipments yet. Game Center should be getting their shipment tomorrow and they told me they will be selling for less than KD200 (but still at a high price). Kuwait Center on the other hand will be getting their shipments on Sunday.

If you’re not a gazillionaire and don’t urgently need the Switch this weekend, then wait a week or two until their prices settle down.

Last minute I personally ordered another Switch but this time from Geekay in Dubai who agreed to overnight it for me via DHL. It already shipped this morning so should hopefully get it Sunday when customs get back to work. My Walmart order arrives to my US mailbox on the 9th, while my brothers Amazon order arrives to his US mailbox tomorrow.

Update: The best deal as of Friday, March 3rd is Best Electronics, they’re selling the Switch with Zelda and the Pro Controller for KD200 [Link]

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  1. Khalid says:

    I just wish I got the one from Geekay before it went out of stock :/ GamesQ8 & Q8-Assassin are selling it for 195-200 KWD … this practice just piss me off …

    • Mark says:

      why does it piss you off? they’re getting it off the gray market, they’re impossible to find since they don’t even go on sale worldwide until tomorrow, and they’re wanted. So obviously they’re going to try and sell high. Once they become readily available prices will go down.

  2. Ahmed says:

    That is 654.20 dollars. In america its 300 dollars and they are saying it is expensive.

  3. Wael says:

    Does anyone have a used Wii U they’re willing to give up?

    I know this isn’t the place, but the sole reason I was considering getting a Switch was for Zelda, which is releasing on the Wii U as well.

  4. kiraster says:

    i just ordered mine from for 90kd + 10kd tax lol..

  5. Jon says:

    These guy’s cut one open with a water jet machine.

  6. Vimal varghese Jacob says:

    its best to wait for a hardware revison here. im sure in a year or two this thing will have pokemon, monster hunter .. and better hardware specs in terms of display and battery.

  7. izzyq8 says:

    Mark, do you happen to know if they sell cases for it in rehab?

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