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Official PlayStation 5 Prices in Kuwait

According to the official Sony PlayStation Twitter page for the Middle East region, the new PS5 is launching this coming November 19th and will cost the following:

PlayStation 5 – KD166.9
PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: KD133.9

I’m currently undecided if I’m getting the PS5 or Xbox Series X, but as of right now I think I’m leaning towards the Xbox. But, at KD134, the PS5 digital edition is pretty tempting to get as well.

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It’s good to see launch prices very close to International prices with no price gouging. I remember those days where 1$ used to be 1KD till demand dies down.

The good thing, is that since the launch of the PS4, PlayStation has had an official presence in Kuwait, and stores like Xcite sell it directly from Sony with official prices

The other great thing is that there is no region lock now, unlike the PS3 and before, where you were kind of forced to buy from Rehab

FanBoys from both camps will pitch in here soon I’m sure. This year buys however are going to be decided by : 1) are you a follower of PS5 or Xbox console exclusives like Forza, Halo, etc which means you stick to it (Xbox has messed this up with releases pushed to next year) 2) Do you want the unlimited Game Pass and cross play in the Xbox 3) Is backward compatibility a must have for you. 4) Are you sold on the Dual sense controller to want to upgrade.

Specs wise I don’t see much of a difference despite all the reports on Xbox’s CPU and PS’ ssd. For me personally I’m going to resist the news, hype and wait (not going to be easy)

This is a great post with lots of good points. A basic breakdown gives the XBox an edge purely in stats, but each runs it’s hardware differently that makes it almost a dead heat.

Agreed…title loyalty is going to determine who buys what.

Or who buys both. ;D

Both? All who buy the PS5 will have to move out furniture. But both and you’ll have to get an extra room. They are both humongous especially the PS5. It’s an elephant.

It’s really about what’s important to you, I guess. Both of them combined are about the size and weight of a small child.

I have a couple of small children.

Hmmm…choices, choices. lol

I’m above the term “fanboy” and I don’t think 248am is a place where I would find fanboys. I like to subscribe to the notion of playing good games, wherever they may be- as long as they’re attainable by me.
If Xbox/ps5 meets your needs, just purchase it! no need to justify each system. Sure, xbox got you some exclusives and so does ps5. It boils down to what kind of games you’re into. What experience are you trying to have with those exclusive games. Sony proved to produce the best exclusives the gaming industry has ever knew (Nintendo doesn’t seem to be able to produce any new interesting exclusive IPs except for some 3rd party games from the likes of Atlas, Sequire Enix and Platinum among others)

For the last 2 years I have been buying all my PS4 games as digital downloads, so I am definitely going for the PS5 Digital Edition

Even after months of its launch, PS5 is not available in Xcite showrooms for walkin and buy. It’s still a hot cake!!

How apt. I’m just catching up on CDs I bought 13 years ago. They were mint in case. Half life and Command and Conquer to begin with!

100% same here. My PS4 only saw good use during the full lockdown. Otherwise it has been collecting dust both before and after lol.

The Xbox is way more tempting just because of Game Pass, you’re paying $15 a month for over 100 games. Some new, some old, but you’ll find a variety of AAA games and indie games. Xbox exclusives launch in Game Pass so you’re not paying $70 (this is at least what Sony and other dev’s are going to be charging) for them. EA Play is also going to be included in Game Pass, so you’ll have access to all of EA’s games for free.

So I think the decision comes down to saving money in the long run with Game Pass, or going for the PS5 for the exclusives.

I’ve actually missed Halo, haven’t played it since the original came out. Sadly the Xbox series x halo graphics look like they belong on the original Xbox 😞

Won’t God of War Ragnarok be unavailable digitally in Kuwait (same as God of War) therefore only viable option would be to get PS5 disc version?

For PS5 fans alone. I care for Forza myself and not much about Ragnarok for example and the 35 USD offer seals it. The undecided crowd are very much up for grabs and no one will decide in favour of one console for just one game. I’d really consider an amazing offer like the 35/month if I were undecided.

How is that being a fanboy?
Gamepass is meaningless if its just games that you’re not even interested in playing. I don’t know about you, but I approach gaming with attention to what I’m going to play. Sure gamepass seems like an excellent deal if I was 15 again haha. But now? With such limited time to actually play, I think I better have a vacation and dedicate it to that gamepass just so I exploit the subscription.
Give me one well crafted game but don’t give me 10 mediocre games!
You said it, lets talk in a year but again, I’m in favor of gaming and not in favor of a system. If xbox ever gets my attention, I’ll always have a pc to run their games haha

You’re under the assumption that the games on Game Pass aren’t any good. At the end of the day it’s obviously down to opinion, but there are people who don’t enjoy Playstation exclusive games and enjoy what games Game Pass has to offer. There are games I tried on Game Pass that I would have never thought of spending money on and I end up loving them (and then buying them on Switch lol). Plus another bonus of Game Pass is that you get AAA third party games, maybe a bit late, but with the amount of good games across all consoles, that’s not a bad thing, gives me time to beat the games I’m playing or bought first.

But if you do have a PC, a PS5+PC Game Pass combo sounds like the best deal.

Since we are still going, let me elaborate a bit more. Gamepass is an excellent deal for those who are planning on playing ton of games nonstop… granted. It might be also an excellent deal to a casual gamer who might finish two to three games per month (depending on the game, obviously). Or from what I just learnt, it is an excellent deal just because you’ll get new big releases on day one.
What I’m personally concerned about, is the habit of gaming itself. When you have such access for only 10$ you’ll find yourself either jumping from one game to another without really finishing and committing to any one game, or seeing yourself rushing your gameplay just to get to the next game (binge gaming?) I personally like to devour the game I’m playing specially when it comes to RPGs of all kinds. Which is exactly why I’m reevaluating my movies/shows habits as well. I don’t want to see myself over-consuming entertainment with no real value behind my consumption. At the end of the day, to each his own.

And oh yeah! I just read that Microsoft is (planning to) buying ZeniMax (basically Bethesda) oh this is gonna change everything. Skryim, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Doom, Dishonered are all gonna be instant xbox exclusives once this deal is done haha.

Honestly, I went through that phase when I first got Game Pass. I was downloading new games every day, but after a while you get used to it and download games only when you’re done with what you’re playing.

It’ll be interesting to see how the service evolves, especially now that they got Bethesda

What he said! The Game Pass is like Netflix. All the great games make it there – Gears, CoD, Boderlands, Forza, Assassins Creed. Thats the reason why a lot of people will find the Xbox offering appealing. Sony with its business model cannot sustain a similar offering. But yes I agree with Patrick – nothing like a PC and you can get a PS5 if you are in love with that eco-system.

i guess xbox series x now pre-order and all shops has it like it’s ur lucky day

unlike ps5 finished before 6am when i tried ;_;

Will rehab have the NTSC north america version that releases on the 12th of november instead of the PAL one that will release later officially? I really would like to get it asap.
Also what will the release games be? I just want cyberpunk 2077 and COD cold war and i don’t want to waste money and time buying them on PS4 first.

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