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PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders are Back!

If you missed out on pre-ordering the PlayStation 5, Xcite now has them back in stock (as of this post at 8:30AM). Only the KD166.900 optical drive version is available, the digital version is sold out. If you want to order one, here is the Link

Update: It sold out by 9:06AM.

Thanks Alloy202

8 replies on “PlayStation 5 Pre-Orders are Back!”

I am really torn between the digital and the other version. On the PS4 I do not use CDs anymore, but I feel its good to have the drive if required

I pre-ordered one last month I don’t know why since the last time I played it was more than 25 years ago when it came out.
My kids are into Instagram and snapchat and hate video games. My question is which VR goes well with this console just to make it more exciting?

The only one that would probably work isthe PlayStation VR. But since that was made for the PS4, I am not sure if it is compatible yet with the PS5, as I haven’t seen any mention of that yet

You can use PS VR on PS5, but it isn’t that great yet. Wait for PS VR 2, it should launch after the PS5 and you should expect a better refresh rate. The PS VR is a cool thing to try 1-3 times, then you will get bored because there isn’t any game that I consider a must have. Most of them look like demos

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