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Pre-order the New Xbox Now!

My brother just told me Geekay at The Avenues have started accepting pre-orders on the Xbox Series S and X. I was planning to pre-order mine from since I had success the last time when I pre-ordered my Nintendo Switch from them but I just ended up pre-ordering from Geekay.

They have the launch date set at November 10th similar to the worldwide launch and their price is a very reasonable. The Series X costs KD167 while the Series S costs KD104, both similar to the retail prices in the States. They have a super limited quantity of both available online so if you want one hurry up. Here is the link.

Update: Right after posting this the series X got sold out online. According to their instagram they still have a few units available for pre-orders in-store. The Series S is still available online.

Update2: Xcite have also started preorders. Link

8 replies on “Pre-order the New Xbox Now!”

Was afraid of that.

Do you know if

A) you get them on release date
B) what region they’re from?

I don’t know if it makes a difference as I am
Completely digital with my games and my existing Xbox one X is U.K. and with U.K. games pass and account.

I’m wondering if I might be safer importing from UK

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