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PSP Games Score High

I was just checking some Sony PSP game reviews on IGN and Gamespot and was happy to see that most of the launch games scored pretty decent and high scores. When the Nintendo DS and Ngage released the first batch of games, most of the games scored terribly low. Actually, if you take the average score of the PSP launch games which is 7.7 on IGN (7.8 on Gamespot) and compare it to the DS which has an average score of 6.4 on IGN, you will see Nintendo isn’t doing that well at all. The DS has even been out for awhile now and very little games have been released. Even the upcoming games for the DS aren’t that exciting at all. With the PSP on the other hand they have a pretty decent launch lineup with RidgeRacer, Wipeout, Tony Hawk, Need for Speed Underground: Rivals and Lumines. Plus there are some cool upcoming games coming up like Metal Gear Acid, Colin McRae Rally 2005, Grand Theft Auto and Grand Turismo. I am glad Sony decided to release a handheld system. I hate monopolies and Nintendo hasn’t been very innovative recently. It took them what, more then 10 years to come up with a backlit screen for the gameboy? Come on..

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Im still waiting for amazon to ship my psp 🙂
Shipping estimate: March 25, 2005
Delivery estimate: March 30, 2005
PSP Bundle 5 Games
Grand Total: $493.67
As i said before i will sell 4 of 5 games that comes with the bundle (just keep wipout),
and i will buy ridge racer ,need for speed and lumines.
Mark buy PSP so we can try the multiplayer or the online.
Btw i sold the DS 🙂

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