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Sony PSP on Amazon.. Kinda

PSPI have been checking daily for the Sony PSP so I can preorder one for me. Today I just checked and their now is a listing for the Sony PSP on Amazon but you can’t preorder! I dont know if this will change or not, at the moment I have the Amazon PSP page as my browsers startup page so I will know once they start accepting preorders.

For those interested, this is the link.

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yeah the Japanese version. The american version also when it gets released will cost around 70KD.

BIG difference in price. Plus most of the bugs of the Japense version should be fixed.

shops in kuwait always sell any new system as high as they could , because they know there would be people buying it , like the ps2 , first 5 units were sold for 400 kd i think !!

everyday i do the same checking amazon to preorder PSP.
last week i think amazon put psp page but they dont accept preorder since that i check amazon every day to see if they accept preorder.
Btw i think aramex said that i cant order sony product it is ok to order psp or the custom will not allow it

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