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The End of the DS?

The PSP got released 2 days ago and already there are 17 games reviewed on Gamespot. On the other hand the Nintendo DS got released last year, and till now there are only 16 games reviewed on Gamespot. Poor DS, its Virtual Boy Redux.

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You still haven’t played the DS or PSP so you still can compare them. My cousin as both, and he said it the PSP in terms of graphics and the screen is amazing, but its heavy and big compared to the DS and the battery life sucks.

The DS has good section of games he plays Wario Ware and Metriod and the Urbz, he loves the touch screen and says it is different but fun. He can play the same game for hours on one charge.

So its a mixed bag, depends on what your looking for.

umm the PSP is SMALLER then the DS. Also Metroid is just a demo which leaves you with 2 games, Wario Ware and Urbz. I also dont need to play the systems to know which one has more games. I wasn’t reviewing the DS or PSP, read my post again.

Forza, check IGN same thing. Anyway I wasnt even talking about the ratings in this post. I was talking about the fact more people are designing games for the PSP then the DS and proof of that is the lack of quality and quantity of DS games since launch.

I am sticking with DS on this one. Most of the developer for DS are still thinking of new ways to use the touch interface it creates such new opportunities for them. My brother and I eagerly waiting for Animal Crossing and Advance Wars those 2 are going to just rock with the ability of the touch screen and wifi.

touch screen.. yawn, the idea has been around for a very long time with pdas and nothing good came out of them. nothing good will come out of it on the ds. its clumsy.

Nibaq, dude I’ve played the Nintendo DS, my friend has it, it really sucks, THAT’S bulky and heavy, not the PSP. I really can’t understand how people would think the DS design is better than the PSP, and speaking of battery life of the PSP, just wait a few months and the PSP battery life will be greatly improved and upgraded.

If you look at the games coming out for the DS, most of them are sequels or related to games that are already out on the Nintendo, like Mario, Metroid, Wario, Zelda, the PSP also has games that are related to already released games, but developers are creating new games that haven’t been seen before. That’s the advantage Sony has had over Nintendo, the only good games on any Nintendo system have been the basics, Mario, Zelda (even though the last Zelda game on the GC sucked), and Metroid. Nintendo will be dead by the end of this year.

Nibaq, I’ve told you this before (i’m pretty sure I have at least), Nintendo is going to die in the console industry like Sega did. The only difference is, Sega never deserved to die out like it did.


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