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The Top Ten Handhelds that Never Made It

I just read an article on GameSpy about “The Top Ten Handhelds that Never Made It“. I believe the Sega Nomad should have been in the number 1 position since it seriously had a lot of potential and it was way ahead of its time. Gameboy is just so crap compared to the Sega systems (except SNES). I mean if Sega had solved the battery issue (6AA’s last 1.5 hours on gamegear) I think they would have easily won over the Nintendo. Anyway here is the list of the top ten:

1. Neo Geo Pocket Color
2. Bandai WonderSwan
3. Game Gear
4. GamePark GP32
5. NEC Turbo Express
6. Atari Lynx
7. Sega Genesis Nomad
8. Milton Bradley Microvision
9. Nokia N-Gage
10. Tiger


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The Nomad was amazing , just the option to play your regular Genesis/Megadrive games and be able to do it on the TV you can’t beat that. But bad marketing didn’t help it out. I think they solved their battery problem with the Game Gear which really was what killed the Game Gear. If they could have released a Game Gear 2 with better battery life I think that would have saved it.

I remeber playing with the Lynx when I had the Gameboy it was so much more cooler and looked impressive, but the Gameboy more seemed more practical in size and playing.

But what I still would kill for is the TurboGrafx man. I remeber reading about it in gaming magazines and just dreaming of one. It was the NeoGeo of portables back then. You dreamed of owning one and envied who had it.

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