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Tonight at 10PM local time Amazon had a special deal on the Xbox 360. The were offering it for only $100, the catch.. only 1000 pieces. I knew I didn’t have a chance when I saw that deal plastered all over the web including places like Digg and Gizmodo. Still, I decided to give it a shot and see if I could be one of the lucky 1000.

At around 9:45PM I started refreshing the offer page every 20 seconds. By 9:58 Amazon’s servers got overloaded and the page stopped loading. So using two computers I started opening the same page in like 20 tabs on each computer. Finally two of my tabs loaded and I saw the Get this deal button. I quickly pressed it but my other tabs started loading and I noticed the same page now was saying Sold Out. I was hoping that since I clicked the button already I would be counted as one of the first 1000. Around a minute later one of the tabs where I had clicked the Get this deal button loaded and Amazon was asking me what 11+16 was. I quickly loaded up the calculater (yes I suck) and calculated their question and entered it and pressed Get this deal for a second time.

Sadly, by the time the third page loaded around 10:13PM I got a message telling me the product didn’t exist. The 1000 Xbox 360’s got sold out in under 15 seconds. With our lousy internet connection here in Kuwait I didn’t stand a chance. But, at least it was a fun experience.

Here are some screen grabs of the two pages aftr I clicked the first Get this deal button.

Second page message
Third page message

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  1. busynow says:

    I tried to get one but the page loaded at 10:15

  2. Yup same here. My friend and I went to starbucks and each had 10 windows open reloading. By 1:57 EST the page stopped loading. By 2:01 it said they were sold out :).

  3. evolution says:

    If you knew what 11+16 was, you’d probably win…

  4. Lucky_Boy says:

    Was going to give it a try, but came home late..
    glad to hear that I wouldn’t have a chance to win either way :p

  5. getdown_4ever says:

    i tried it aswell great experince

  6. Jackie says:

    I know I was hoping to get one for my little cousin but no luck :/ 10:15 was when the page started working nicely, otherwise it was always down!

  7. mocman says:


  8. 3baid says:

    There were only 1000 units. We’re talking about being in the middle of a console war. The Wii had sold out within 2 minutes prior to this offer. What are the chances? :/

  9. holla says:

    I spilled wine on this chick’s laptop trying to order this shit. i didn’t stand a chance at all.

  10. jane says:

    is that all you spilled on her laptop holla? :)

  11. Laziale says:

    The page Loaded at 10:11 cause the traffic ( even with DSL ) !! what a deal that was :(

  12. Mo Hat says:

    mark you’re telling me you dont have a 360 yet?

  13. TweeZ says:

    fuck the 360

  14. Musaed says:

    How did you know about it?

  15. blue dress says:

    Does armex allow that…??
    cause they sell it in kuwait.
    which delivery company do you deal with?

  16. 767 says:

    does anyone know if theres going to be a 8mbps + speed in kuwait or coming soon in kuwait ?

  17. Lucky_Boy says:

    Talking about consoles, If anyone interested in PS3, this site have the Japanese version in stock(the PS3 games are region free so it plays them all US/EU/JP) :

    It’s above the normal price, but its waaaaay better than the prices in Kuwait or on Ebay.
    (The site ships directly to your house in Kuwait with superfast 2days shipping time).

  18. moocherx says:

    Lucky Sony didn’t try to sell them for $100 on Mark’s “what people are selling” page.

    I’ll give you $75!

  19. TweeZ says:

    Mark, who the fuck calculates 11+16?!

  20. Marzouq says:

    The servers went out everywhere! Even in the states.. a lot of my friends all over the states were all over it and they couldnt get it! The servers were overloaded! Damn!

    I bet people at universities got it!

  21. Menon says:

    Some guy is going to sue Amazon because he did not get the $100 Xbox 360. He going to waste $250 an hour hiring a lawyer. What an idiot.

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