Graphic Designer Needed

Post by Mark

My advertising agency (JWT) is currently looking to hire a Graphic Designer. If you’re interested, send an email to

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  1. BAJS says:

    Judging by that logo, its obvious you need one ASAP :P lol jk jk.

  2. Mark says:

    /ban BAJS
    /kick BAJS

  3. BAJS says:

    :P On a serious note I have a friend who is looking for work. Hes a very good GDA so ill be sure to let him know :D

  4. Frankom says:


    /kick comes first then /ban

    :) you are getting old my friend hehe

  5. Mark says:

    Frankom, u ban someone first then kick so they don’t autojoin on kick. You’re getting old my friend :p

  6. gunsmoke says:

    !kickban Mark and let the bot do all the work, you old fools :)

  7. yikez says:

    lol owned!

  8. Frankom says:

    Technically yes !
    you set the address for “banning” and then you kick the victim !

    damn me :(

  9. Big Moe says:

    Bah ..
    /mode #248am +m

  10. Frankom says:

    whats +m ? (only men) ?

  11. Big Moe says:

    @Frankom +m = moderated

    That means only ops (@) and voiced (+) are allowed to talk in the channel :>

    Ahhh the old IRC days…

  12. Frankom says:

    English my friend :) hehe am lost here + we are off the main subject and topic hehe

  13. Akbar says:

    You just get the user klined. No need for a ban or a kick :-)

  14. Muneerah says:

    hey if u want a graphic designer, im a pretty good one, im still in High School though but im really looking forward to design something for anyone, graphic designing is one of my best and favorite hobbies , if u want me to show u some of my work ill be glad to show to u, but i just have one question, does the company want me t physically be there or can it be long distance?

  15. Krishna says:

    Same here as Muneerah . I’m asking the same question , too .

    Exactly the same .
    High school chap here . Really good at it .

  16. Aysha says:

    I called your agency last week to see if there is a position for an intern but they still didn’t contact me back. I’m a graphic designer by the way.

  17. c'est moi says:

    oh i didnt know you own JWT!amazing!best of luck:)

  18. Maged says:

    is the vacancy still open im looking for something for my wife

  19. Tariq says:

    Hi there Mark

    i just noticed the post today
    was wondering if the Job still there, Sent it already


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