Senior Arabic Copywriter Needed

Post by Mark

My advertising agency (JWT) is currently looking to hire a Senior Arabic Copywriter. If you’re interested, send an email to

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  1. Holla says:

    Helo my name is mit7at 3bd el metwali and I am 35 years old best arabian cobyriter in egpt and curently in this one famouse ajency caled GWT and i want worked for ur good cumbany. 4 u i sended my CV if u can kindly replay thanks u.

    urs truley, Mit7at

    PSplz escuse my englesh i am arab only.

  2. HMG says:

    Lame! Your attempt at humor has failed miserably. Ya3ny Shoofoni bas ana ilee atkalam ingalaizee. That wasn’t the least bit funny – not to mention that it’s overly cliche and somewhat racist.

  3. monera says:

    What is a copywriter? I googled it but still can’t grasp it.
    What do they study in uni?

  4. Hielda says:

    Do you need a full timer or a part timer?

  5. Sara says:


    A copywriter in Advertising is the one who come up with leteral / letreture side of the ad. Like the creative slogons, messages , and sometimes the jingles & poetry.He – she should study the client and all the things that they want to deliver through their Ad. and write the Ad’s text in a creative way accordingly. He is the one responsible of everything that’s related to ” words” in the ad.

  6. desertdude says:

    Holla made a similar comment back in 2008 when they were looking for an Art Director.

  7. monera says:

    thanx a lot sara :)

  8. J says:

    Hello Mark,

    Im a marketing student and i need to do my internship in order to graduate in june. i was wondering if your company offers an internship program.

    i am really stuck because there aren’t many firms here that take non-kuwaities.

    i would really appreciate it.


  9. Bobader Alsarkastiki says:

    Helo, I like your advertising, I am 38 years old from q8i, I am son of strong man I like to get jop to make coby baste righter and make combany stronger with years, bleese trai to photograf what i can provid to your combany oo i work hard on every days. Im not a fun boy like go outside blay and go behind women cars to make talk, instid i like to go home eat compressed on big blate then go to sleeb. I sent my cv if you want, just whistle for me and I run to you, very fast, i bromise.

    good regard,

    PSplz ekscuse il english, i am son of her stomak

  10. Mark My Words says:

    I may have some passes for you only it’s not all that clear to me if it’s an Arab copywriter you need (who will copywrite in English, Hinglish or Arablish) or anybody who can copywrite in Arabic.

    Please clarify.

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