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Let’s face it, we can’t help ourselves to when it comes to delicious French fries and juicy burgers, but do we really need the side of cholesterol to go with it? Good Stuff is Kuwait’s first fully air-baked restaurant that serves organic and natural foods such as wraps, bowls, salads, and burgers that’s all cooked through air-baking.

So what’s air-baking? It’s an innovative new cooking method that uses only heat and steam to cook the food. Air-baking uses zero frying, giving 60% less fat and calories when cooked (allowing food lovers to enjoy their favorite meals without the guilt!). You can now have your fries without having to worry about it being deep fried or drenched in high calories. By having a fully air-baked menu, Good Stuff is able to keep the nutritional value when cooking, without having to sacrifice taste. Ingredients used are all organic, natural, and fresh, giving customers the best quality. Good Stuff sticks to its core offering in giving people 100% taste, with 0% guilt.

Aside from serving wholesome organic meals, Good Stuff gives the public exactly what they need, a place to eat clean and live clean too. With the growing concerns over health and environmental issues throughout the country, Good Stuff holds a social responsibility for not just the community’s health and well-being, but for the environment’s health as well. Good Stuff is about being clean in the way that we eat and in the way that we live too. The store is designed using only raw and recycled materials, having everything as well be 100% plastic free. The brands mission is to be “simply green in everything”, aiming to provide the community with a healthier lifestyle overall. The lights and equipment are energy efficient, no paint is used on the walls to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, and biodegradable packaging is used to help keep the environment clean.

So do good, eat good, and come by to Good stuff to take a seat – because guess what, the chairs are recycled too.

Instagram: @goodstuff_kw
Telephone: 2202 5008
Email: info@goodstuffkw.com
Visit Good Stuff at:
– The Lake at Abu Hasaniya
– Al Maha Tower at Bneid AlQar

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  1. Kuwait says:

    Interesting! As a burger-lover, I will be passing by soon.

  2. khaled says:

    there interior is pretty nice, plus they seem to have a nice range of food

  3. Yazi says:

    Interesting! I’ll certainly give it a try.

  4. Ali says:

    Thanks but no thanks.

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