Sponsored: The Best Solution for Hair Transplants in Kuwait Using the Latest Technology

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Are you suffering from noticeable hair loss or balding? Why put yourself through the hassle and cost of traveling when the best and most effective treatment is available right here in Kuwait.

The Istanbul Hair Transplant Center provides a modern day solution to an age old problem using the latest techniques and technology. An average of 40% of men suffer from hair loss by the age of 35, while women have also experienced hair loss issues due to hormonal, chemical, and environmental changes. Other hair loss issues include eyebrows, eyelashes or beards as well as for those who suffer from a traumatic accident or injury that has caused loss of hair in specific areas. The Istanbul Hair Transplant Center includes a team of qualified and trained Turkish doctors who have had extensive experience in addressing those hair loss issues and are able to complete the entire procedure in just one day with a high success rate.

Please call our center in Salmiya, Amman St. for more information on 18821883 or visit our website [Here]

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