Kuwait laws you don’t need to know: Who let the dogs out?

Posted by Fajer Ahmed

As inspiration from an app called “The Dumbest Laws” I have decided to make a series of posts called “Kuwait laws you don’t need to know” so I could inform you on things you don’t need to be informed on. I don’t know how many of these posts I can come up with but one of my favorite things to do while working is finding and reading these weird laws.

So anyways, here is the first one, it’s an excerpt from an officially translated version (ignore their grammatical errors) of Law No.9 from 1969 “With Regards To The Possession of Dogs and Preventive Measures Against Rabies”:

Article 1
Possession of dogs is not permitted unless a license is obtained from the Ministry of Health

Article 2
License of one or more dogs requires an application to be submitted to the competent veterinary center giving the following details:

1- Name of applicant, title, age, nationality and address
2- The location where the dog will be kept
3- Breed of dog, color and distinctive marks
4- The source of where the dog was imported

Article 5
A collar with a metal plate shall be put around each dog, giving the serial number referred to, the plates are obtained from competent veterinary free of charge, the dog owner should request a replacement, in which case he will have to pay 250 fils.

If a dog is arrested without a plate it will be sent to the Dog Detainment Center, and will not be handed to the owner, unless he requests so 7 days from the day of arrest, and pays a fee of KD1

Article 6
All dogs of all types shall not be left in public places without being controlled with a mask on their mouth

Article 15
The provisions herein apply to Kuwait City. The City of Kuwait with regards to the implementation of this article means the vicinities surrounded by the third ring road, the Health and Educational Areas and the Sulbikhat area, unless the dog belongs to a Bedouin as watch or hunt dogs, whether the owners live in the city or the desert

Article 16
Violators of this law will be liable to a maximum term of one month imprisonment maximum and/or KD30 fine.

Keep in mind, this was back in 1969.

Post by Fajer Ahmed – Legal Counsel
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  1. Ali says:

    i have had a dog in Kuwait for 8 years… never had any problem with it, i walk her twice a day, buy her the right food from Sultan Center and the people on the beach walk way don’t have a problem or scared of her because shes a small dog not like the big husky dogs this Kuwaiti’s walk on the walkway without a leach.

    don’t even get me started on the Tigers and Lions.

  2. Ramez says:

    how about MICROCHIP ?

  3. Qster says:

    Hi, do you know if there are any laws restricting where one can walk their dog in Q8?

  4. me says:

    I suppose this is a recent picture of your dog Geo? You’re not posting about him these days :)

  5. 3azeez says:

    “Article 6
    All dogs of all types shall not be left in public places without being controlled with a mask on their mouth”

    Just to show how we have some really good laws but no one to implement them.

    “Article 15
    The provisions herein apply to Kuwait City….unless the dog belongs to a Bedouin as watch or hunt dogs, whether the owners live in the city or the desert”

    So if you’re not a Bedouin and happened to live right next to one in the city, rules that apply to you wont apply to him. lol

  6. Keith'O' says:

    Question; How do you arrest a dog? What are the consequences if a dog refuses to be arrested???? LOL!

  7. Youppie77 says:

    Kuwait should have a centralized way to deal with lost pets. too many pets get lost and then destroyed/kidnapped (errrm Rescued) needlessly. its a real shame. rather than have many shelters and “pet rescuers”, it would be much better to have 1 hotline/website/twitter/fb.

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